Located up high, clerestory windows are typically a band of narrow windows that allow light into a house without compromising on the privacy of those inside. They also maximise airflow, which is important, especially in warm climates. At the same time, they add an element of architectural interest to a space


Located in Sydney’s beachside haven of Manly, this renovated home by James Cooper of Sanctum Design uses clerestory windows to bring in the beach vibe and capitalise on the indoor/outdoor lifestyle. With tall apartments next door, the home had to respond to overshadowing and capture as much of the available sun, which it does with these windows. Natural light is also enhanced through skylights. Simon Wood Photography. Sanctum Design,


This southern Sydney home was small, dark and cluttered and its structure was deteriorating. Following extensive renovations, a new double-glazed, rendered rear extension features high-level windows to promote air ventilation throughout the interior and maximise the penetration of natural light into the space. Huw Lambert Photography. Project designed by Interior Arc,


The concept with this Gremmo Homes’ creation in Sydney’s Hills District was to construct a home that embraces energy efficiency. It boasts innovative environmental designs such as these glazed windows which can provide either sound insulation or thermal comfort, depending on their arrangement and location. Ian Mainsbridge Photography. Gremmo Homes,


The addition of clerestory windows here allows the homeowners to see what the day is doing outside. The large array of windows ensures that sunlight fills the interiors. Window placement prevents the full force of the summer sun from hitting the home while still permitting the lower-angled winter sun to penetrate deep inside. It’s now a light and vibrant space during the day. Steve Back Photography. McNally Architects,


High ceilings ensure the home stays cool in summer. Traditional methods of heating and cooling were translated into the build, providing a more energy-efficient home. Harkaway Homes,

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