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Alexander Vershinin

It seems that the situation in Ultima Online a little stub lysed. Sorry users stopped shouting that the game is impossible, as its defenders stopped offering offenders diapers and Klerasil. I calmed down and the team Origin, ceasing to release new patches each day. In the online Bagdad all is quiet.

Behold, it was necessary to know the beginning, has already been discussed earlier (see. # 2’98). Many things change from patch to patch, but the essence of the game remains the same, so the current focus on things descriptive hints — such as the characteristics bipdeop’ov. In addition, in this text, you will find information that is not quite obvious — for example, the ability to purchase nobility. That’s the table of contents. To business!

Good bad evil

Unfortunately, the title of «evil» has not yet become an official in U0. But the good and the bad guys are found in large quantities. The algorithm for generating the title is designed so that your rank could also tell how experienced your character and what areas he specializes. But, like all medicines, this system — a double-edged weapon, and in some cases it can bring you.

The task of programmers UO easily and clearly be classified as a Player "good" or «bad". The simplest function that enables you to determine the course of the title character, called AIINames. When activated, above all visible to you alive Ob-ektami, that is, players and monsters, their names appear. You can learn, but the motivation is somewhat different — look at the color. If the hero’s name is derived pale blue, then it is either neutral or has a positive title. Gray’s name do you think is the player with Dishonorable- or Dastardly-reputation, and red will indicate the Lords Dark, Evil or Dread. In addition, before the name of the Lord, regardless of its "positive «or» negative «, will show off the prefix» Lord «. Monsters configured hostile to you, as are bred red names. Well, neutral creatures like huge reptiles idly hanging out in every dungeon, shaded.

Suppose you want to buy the highest rank in either camp. To do this most quickly and effectively, you must know the same algorithm that controls the title of player. It is equally important to carry out actions that would benefit your class.

Notoriety-counter brand-new hero, has not yet had time to mischief, it is zero. Making «good" or «evil" business, you either add, or take away a certain number of points on the value of this counter. The maximum counter value equal to 127, gives you the types

Hardened fighter online Scar continues to share his secrets

Ultima Online Toole Grand Lord’a and one of the virtue-schi- comrade. Accordingly, -127 is the maximum (in absolute value) for a negative character and provides a rank Dread Lord. Well, actually roster looks like this:

Neutral (with no title) (-23.23)

Honorable (24,47)

Noble (48,71)

Lord (72,95)

Noble Lord (96,119)

Great Lord (120,127)

Negative personality have exactly the same list but on the other side of zero, that is:

Dishonorable (-24, -47)

Dastardly (-48, -71)

Dark Lord (-72, -95)

Evil Lord (-96, -119)

Dread Lord (-120, -127)

Received the title of Grand Lord, you can count on a 25 percent discount at all stores in Britain. Well, be virtue guard’OM, that is, simply put, get Order or Chaos Shield, is possible only with exactly 127 points nobility.

As for the negative of Lords, they are not popular. Dark Lords can not sell or buy anything from NPC-characters. But unhappy Evil Dread and even denied access to areas under the protection of «guards of Lord British". In other words, in any city of the bad boys and girls are killed at once

Rainy day without explanation. By the way, free from recovery healer’oB they also can not count on. We have to manage on their own. Therefore, all serious RC have a spare character messenger who goes for supplies, reagents and all domestic workers.

How to be a good

Now directly on the algorithm. To the players are not moved too fast in rank, Origin programmers made one important og straints — nobility- each new point is added only once in fifteen minutes. That is, making every good deed, do not rush immediately takes the second — makes no sense. You spend energy and resources, but accomplish nothing. Another subtlety is that when entering or exiting dungeon’a time counter is reset. No matter why you came, if you had to use the recall, to get away from enemies, or just want to relax: after leaving the dungeon should pass exactly fifteen minutes. Why is this so important? Look at the ways by which one can influence the nobility-flag.

A universal method for raising his title is a continuous hunt for monsters. The principle elements, commentary, one «bad», marked in red, monster gives you another positive point. But only once for fifteen minutes. That is why we must try as much as possible to remain in the dungeon without attacks upstairs for provisions. Enough of character development can remain in good, that is rich in the dungeon monsters for about an hour — the optimal time. Killing monsters is the only way to achieve higher titles Lord. All the other tricks work only to Noble.

Another effective technique, spo-bodied help you, is in sacrifice any amount of money, pre-products or objects with NPC-personnel Zham. Money take literally everything, but things take only sellers, spe-tsializiruyuschiesya in this area. Weapons and chain mail are gunsmiths and blacksmiths, magic items inhabitants mages guild. Any donation gives one point.

Before the title of Noble you able to «lift» the implementation of small quests for NPC-characters. View a list of available jobs can usually be in the tavern or inn on the bulletin board-effects. Upon successful completion of the job, you get another coveted spot.

How to become poor

Can not believe it, but the villain become much easier. Firstly, far more ways. Secondly, some of the ways you take away not one, but several points. Third, many of the techniques reduce your notoriety, not referring to the fifteen minutes timeout flag. That’s how many benefits!

The criminal career can begin with the most innocuous things — such as begging. Once you use a while begging skill, as your title falls to Dishonorable. However, further exercises in this craft Tats the results do not give. It’s time to do something below whether a criminal. Theft fit. Each stealing from positive-enforcement character takes three points. But thieves do not go away on Dastardly. But then you have to fight. Any attack a PC or a positive NPC can take you to 25 points again. Only this activity is able to bring you to the proud title of Dread Lord.

And there are other ways of reducing his title. Having a positive-tion status of the characters can not prac-tikovat healing and protective magic on the holders of negative notoriety. Very few people IC enjoys a convenient battle-field-seal naniya. The reason? The fact that somebody may accidentally wander «in the line of fire". Outside depend-ing on why it proizosh lo, the author spells are immediately ryaet-nobility-glasses.

There is an interesting way to destroy Grand Lord’oB, wearing virtue shields. We know that if for any reason the number of nobility-och- Cove is not equal to 127, the carrier exotic

Versatile way to lift the title is a continuous hunt for monsters. "Poor" Monster gives you one more positive point …

ray shield loses its toys. And how! Shield explodes in the hands of the bag or accident, in no time killing him. So rare virtue guard can afford to fire field, energy field, poison field or paralize field. Another interesting option, but the destruction of carriers boards suggests that at a minimum there is an incident-polo-tive title. Seeing that the victim had just realized the spell Magic Reflection, you immediately attack him with magic. Spell affects you — it is considered that the fault is Grand Lord. Shield explodes … Voila!

One important conclusion from the ska-bound about titles. Notoriety is only indirect evidence of the fighting qualities of your character. Of course, Dread and Great Lord’aMH just do not get. But attacking modest Dis-

Rainy day honorable, always remember that it may be the former Dread, concurrently turned Grandmaster Mage. Titles can be changed at your request, which only adds to the excitement the game.

Parks UO


This dungeon is located just north of the capital city of Britain. The path to it lies through the extended narrow gorge, a favorite place of the attack RK. In fact, it is the favorite RKSheg’ami dungeon. There come mostly newcomers, which are so easy to kill. Companies Kazakhstan collected either at the entrance or in the «waiting room» with two dungeons

The ground floor greets us with a standard set of rats, skeletons, zombies, and one or two water elemental’oB.

Stairs to the stages. Last fraught, since you can not see the ambush until you enter inside.

The first two levels of the dungeon is clearly designed for beginners. In the first live mongbats, rats, slimes. The second floor offers a little more — zombie, skeletons, ratmen. All of them are ideal for training fighting qualities svezhevylupivshegosya hero. A word of caution: in the northern corner of the second floor before walking lich, very bad thing. The third floor is inhabited earth elementals, giant scorpions and a pair of drakes. The latter approach does not recommend under any sauce. Killed.

Covetous Covetous located in the mountain range to the west and south by Vesper by Mi village. Earlier, one of the best for a dungeon’oB Borok monsters. After installing the patches the first floor was rather simple, but the second … On the second floor there are the hordes of rats continuously and harpies. They take an exceptional amount. And so well that sometimes you just can not move — even before his death. Near a small lake there is always a water elemental, and the transition to the third floor guarded by a pair gazer’oB. These, incidentally, are not gifts. The third floor boasts a dungeon set skeletons, ghouls, slimes, rats, zombies. In the great throne room always hanging lich. If you go down the stairs to the north-west, it will show up on the fourth floor of the famous «room lag.» The name is not accidental, as inexplicably in this small room are born constantly new monsters. You just can not walk! As a result — a monstrous «inhibition» of the game, killing more than a dozen notable voite-lei. Rather, here!


It is located on the remote north-eastern island. For unknown reasons, it is a favorite destination for the amusements of Kazakhstan. That’s where they hunt monsters. The ground floor greets us with a standard set of rats, skeletons, zombies, and one or two water elemental’oB. The second level of the dungeon is new heroes — skeleton knights. This is a very strong guys that can threesome «persuade» experienced hero for a few seconds. Below, on the third floor, is improvised, «swamp», which constantly is on the line, are born lich. Insanely dangerous place. Communication is turned off for a few seconds — and you’re dead.


The northernmost dungeon, Wrong is located west of Minoc. The idea is that in this cave inhabited by the big guys such as ogre, trolls, ogre lords. Nevertheless, the time of the visit, he was free of monsters and special interest does not cause. It may be that the latest patches have changed this boring situation?


The most beloved, most native dungeon! Why is that? The almost complete absence of the Republic of Kazakhstan (located on the southern island) and a good selection of monsters to help get the most pleasure from hunting. Besides here live orcs and their relatives, who are always a lot of good things, and gold. In the first phase you meet only rats, slimes, ores. Random respawn can bring and hell hounds, but mostly they live on the second level. That’s where the fun begins. Good character without problems puts a full orc respawn: several ores, ore lords, certainly one orcish mage and ettin. Often, with them wandering gargoyle — a serious contender (thanks to its magic). But the worst part of running into a wolf pack. One hound — a sacrifice, two — issue of three — death. In respawn’e their eight pieces. Judge for yourself. The third floor, separated insidious trap-teleporte- rum, flooding daemons, fire elementals, gazers. In general, the heavy artillery.


Abode of the spirits to the west of Britain. Here are all kinds of elementsl’oe: earth, water, fire, air, blood. Below are found quite unpleasant NPC-machine gi. Yes, they too are killed! The first two floors are too boring — the last was too dangerous.


Located to the southwest of Trinsic and is the most dangerous place in the UO. Already on the first floor you are met drakes. Here, where they will get only a few, live dragons. No comments. It is death itself.

P.S. Perhaps all of Ultima Online. Perhaps some time will only report from Test Center, where the authors of the game run in new ideas, so then voppotit them to life on all game servers. By the way, there is almost ready an entirely new, complicated system of titles, absolutely similar to that used today. Will it be put into practice? Read about it in the next room Game.EXE!

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