«CMH to a new level»

& quot; CMH to a new level & quot;

Journalist Vladislav Viktorovich, fair to the view that the management team headed by you Karacharovsky mechanical plant — crisis management team, which should help the plant to cope with the consequences of the financial and economic crisis?

VV Samokhin: That’s not entirely true. First of all, who is the current management team, came to the plant before the crisis. And I’m including. I’m working on CMH since August last year, was still on the crisis there was no question. So I do not think that our crisis management team. And secondly — the current crisis has affected almost all industries, and CMH is not in a more difficult situation compared to other companies in the sector. Our factory, so to speak, is going through a process of restructuring. There are a number of things that we think need to adjust, and the crisis has become a catalyst for these activities.

Journalist: After 1998, the year when the country suffered a default, some Russian companies managed to use the situation of crisis as a kind of impetus for the development of production. And what are the prospects for overcoming the current crisis? Can we expect a similar rise, or it is too early to say?

VV Samokhin: Regarding Karacharovsky mechanical plant, for me is absolutely clear: the crisis has helped to critically assess the situation of the company and its place in the market. We analyzed the operation of the plant as a whole, the structure of the company, the location of shops, all business processes — and made sure that everything is not as good as we would like.

However, despite the crisis, we have actively participated in the May Exhibition «Lift Expo 2009», presented a new elevator and received the Grand Prix for the best design of the elevator car. Obviously, there would be no crisis, the process of developing a new elevator would occur much faster. But in any case we do not stop, and although our plans slightly receded, they remain in force. The next year, we will derive a new product to market and will participate in almost all segments of the market where the only sounds the word «lift». Maybe projects with high-rise buildings, where high speed and large floors, postpone for the future, but everything to do with medium height of lifts and elevators without machine room — from economy class to premium — it plans next year.

Reporter: What are the new developments and technical solutions to implement your plant requires to implement these plans?

VV Samokhin: Next year we will bring to market an elevator without machine room. This is our own development, a completely new plant for the elevator. This is a very serious project, and there is every reason to believe that it will allow the plant to create competition to the leaders of the global lift business. Now they are firmly seized this market segment. In the majority of retail and office centers, hotels, airports and railway stations are only set imported elevators without machine room.

Journalist: Housing Reform Fund recommended the subjects of the Russian Federation to the implementation of regional targeted programs overhaul to take into account the position of the Ministry of Regional Development, which provides support domestic lift manufacturer. In your opinion, this measure is sufficient?

VV Samokhin: Basically, it is enough when it comes to measures of state support. But the fact that across the country the number of accidents and / or the end of their statutory term of elevators has reached a critical point. These figures are known to all, we are talking about tens of thousands of elevators.

Program for Housing Reform Fund provides not only the replacement of lifts, but also a number of other activities: repair of facades, roofs, etc. However, we all have different priorities, and not always in the plans is included the number of elevators that need to be replaced. Someone is more important to change the roof, someone wants to update the facade. About the elevators do not always remember the first.

Those funds are now allocated specifically for the replacement of those in need is not enough elevators. Therefore, in my view, require targeted state program of replacement and / or upgrade of elevator fleet of the country. It is this targeted program for the elevators would help our plants much more.

In some cities, these programs are. For example, in Novosibirsk do not rely only on the 185th federal law. This city has its own special program, on which I have hundreds of elevators annually. This program did not start the year, but three or four years ago, as a result of change in Novosibirsk succeeded in more than a thousand elevators. At the same time according to the law number 185-FZ of the whole of the Novosibirsk region in 2009 was an application for 13 lifts and 383 lifts in Novosibirsk replaced or upgraded only under the city program. You see, what numbers — 13 and 383. This means understanding the problem.

The federal target program actually replacing elevators and uploaded to Russian factories and other suppliers of elevator equipment — everything would be enough.

Journalist: Perhaps the government should listen to the opinion of the lift manufacturer in need of systematic work, no jobs involving all hands, and, as they say in Soviet times, without campaigning.

VV Samokhin: The country needs a long-term federal program for the replacement of obsolete equipment. Otherwise, it may happen collapse because produce elevators — that is one thing, but still need to dismantle the old elevator and a new mount. To do this at the same time a large number of lifts, it requires a huge number of professionals. And because the process of replacing the elevator takes an average of one month, it is clear that it is impossible to stop immediately all require replacement of elevators, even if the scale of a district. Imagine: in dozens of homes people can not use the elevators, because they are disabled and are replacing them. Many cities in the country massively built up 25-30 years ago — then lifts that these cities have not yet been replaced by new ones, must be stopped at once, it’s hard to imagine, so the population will continue to use potentially unsafe equipment.

One could argue that such problems are now not only liftovikov. Naturally, it is necessary to repair the facades and roof patching leaky, rusty pipes and me … but the elevators are all sometimes a lift could be the salvation of human life, the real salvation, and for some categories of citizens — the only way to go out.

Journalist: On the basis of the Russian lift association created self-regulatory organization for the three types of activity: production, installation and maintenance of elevators.

VV Samokhin: This will be our industry Samora guliruemaya organization. And, in my opinion, that’s fine. The most important thing now is, first, not to break our industry. Secondly — and this is also important — how our industry is quite significant protection against unfair assembly companies, operators, equipment suppliers, etc. How to do it?

We had a system of Rostekhnadzor, which regulate the industry. There were rules of safe operation of elevators, which define how we work. Now many of the concepts are beginning to blur. This is a separate issue. If we are able to «recapture» our installation, the next step should be the development of measures to protect our industry from unscrupulous providers of elevators.

Journalist: And if the industry is united, it will make it much easier.

VV Samokhin: Of course. Moreover, there are prerequisites for this. We already understand how to build the structure, the main thing in our industry, which is the main organ in our industry, that it will determine. All now depends on us, if we can agree and go in the same direction and we will not put their personal interests above the interests of the industry as a whole.

Journalist: With proper organization of the market lifts work enough for everyone.

VV Samokhin: Of course. The crisis is over, and once again, I hope, will come the happy days when we do not deal with orders and work in two or three shifts.

Journalist: Comparison of course, is not quite correct, because the Western-liftostroi teley big head start in front of our, because they started much earlier. Still, is there any chance at CMH, other Russian plants grow into multinational companies such as Otis, Kone?

VV Samokhin: Of course, they were pioneers lift business. But we have a chance, if appropriate quality elevator. I am absolutely convinced that the future of Russian companies have.

Journalist: You said that Karacharovsky factory introduced the same management system as in Western companies. How this helps in your personal experience in Western companies?

VV Samokhin: I’m almost 10 years at KONE, the last 2 years as general director of CJSC «KONE Elevator Moscow.» The difference with Karacharovsky mechanical plant is very decent. «KONE» — is a multinational company and its plants operate around the world. The company occupies a leading position in the industry, it is well developed staff training, and it would be foolish of me not to use that experience in solving the problems faced by the plant, our affiliates.

Journalist: As far as I know, the branches not only sells.

VV Samokhin: Branches just doing mainly maintenance and installation. Thus, at the level of Russia at the CMH is built the same structure as that of the world leaders.

Journalist: In other words, you reorganize the operation of the plant in accordance with international samples?

VV Samokhin: Of course. At the moment, we go to the next level — open an entity in Ashgabat. In Karacharovsky mechanical plant will branch in Turkmenistan, an office in another country. Thus, we have already gone beyond the borders of Russia. For CMH — is a new experience. Turkmenistan is a company that is engaged in operational activities. Its head will be responsible for the whole business of CMH in Turkmenistan: sale, installation, maintenance of equipment.

Journalist: Please tell us about Ashgabat detail.

VV Samokhin: The topic we have developed a long time ago, it was necessary to assess the market and its potential. Turkmenistan — a country rich in natural resources. I went there a few times and noticed that there is not really felt the crisis. And from the point of view of the outdated elevator Park there is the same situation as we are absolutely identical. We all were built almost one year, Ashgabat was built about the same as the Russian city buildings fairly standard. Very pleased that Turkmenistan has considerable potential and for new construction, there is real money, serious plans to build a five-star hotel on the shores of the Caspian Sea. There you can develop not only in terms of replacement, but also in terms of the delivery of new equipment. And our new elevator without machine room, we hope, will seriously compete with foreign producers, who are well represented in Turkmenistan.

Journalist: organize production was not supposed to?

VV Samokhin: Not yet. At the moment the volumes there are hundreds of units.

Journalist: Once in an interview with our magazine, General Director of «Otis Russia» V. Avakian said that Otis is a self-sharpening such a system, for which, in principle, it does not matter who is in it occupies the post of the head. Do you think it makes sense to build a Russian company on the principle of self-sharpening systems?

VV Samokhin: I believe in this power. Vartan Nahapetovich correctly says. If the company is so constructed that its operation does not depend essentially on the person, whatever position he may hold — it is a really strong company.

Journalist: As you know, next year Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant will celebrate its anniversary. What the company meets the 60th anniversary?

VV Samokhin: The main achievement of the outgoing year — that we emerge from the crisis unscathed. And that’s good. The second achievement — we have established in the market operation of elevators, despite strong opposition from competitors. Third — hope for the anniversary, we will be able to offer our customers a new elevator.

Journalist: And how will you celebrate the anniversary, broadly or in working order?

VV Samokhin: We are currently developing a program of the festival, including award will be distinguished employees of the plant. And, of course, this holiday we invite all friends Karacharovsky mechanical plant. Those who sincerely and with pleasure take part in the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the plant.

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