Writer Mikhail Prishvin once mentioned that if the forest does not hear the voices of birds, the forest, he does not believe it’s not wood! ..

When you read the government’s draft of the Forest Code, it did not believe that government officials presented to the attention of the Russians is the Forest Act. They Forest Code is not a single word about the inhabitants of the apartment and-minute-groves and pine forests that make the forest alive, healthy, helpful — of birds, animals and insects. Ask any student to draw or give a verbal image of the forest, and he immediately demonstrate truths: forest — it mushrooms, pine trees, ants, owls, belostvolnye birch, wolves, foxes, swamp and so on.

In addition, the developers have managed to forget the law, and particularly about the valuable parts of the forest, windbreaks, protecting forests around water bodies, as well as about who and how to deal with forest fires and pests, who and where to grow seedlings. The Code makes it possible to cut down trees around the cities and towns — where the rich people comfortably place your beautiful cottage.

After the reading there is no doubt — the environmentalists did not write the law. The ecological role of the forests lost in it consciously.

But if the environmentalists did not participate in drafting the bill, then do scientists foresters cleaned of all Forest Code spirit ?! Have they not noticed that in the Code under the ax fall and particularly valuable, protected forest lands before the law, because of which, together with relict forests start to disappear, plants and animals listed in the Red Book.

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