Cowboys on the boards

Cowboys on the boards

We continue to acquaint readers with the participants of the Internet project «Young talents of this great sport.» In this room are representatives of the Metropolitan School wakeboarding Victoria Sosulina and Roman Ovodov. «Big Sport» went to wake Park «In The Club» and captured the best moments of the training team members in Moscow.

Roman Ovodov — of himself as an example to follow

About wakeboard as a way of life

Wakeboard called just entertainment, carousel. For the majority of the board is like a ride on an inflatable banana Turkish or flight with a parachute over the picturesque lake. But for many of us, like-minded, wakeboarding long ago has become a way of life, and the most persistent climbed the professional level.

About retraining from a boat on the cable

I initially did not like towing a boat rider. That’s not cool. With cable wakeboarding have courage, dynamics. The winch is easier to perform, she and Youth. And by the way, is cheaper. A big plus — the number of variations: while driving on a special cable car athlete can jump, do rotation jumps.

For boat just you ride from wave to wave. Nevertheless, in both types of any increase in the level of skating is given very hard. So much so that many are broken.

The strength of the Germans

Most wakeboarders equal to the Germans, to develop an effective system of training, which in addition to the main activities on the water including training on land and in Trampoline Hall. In Germany, the development of the present school wakeboarding, where we, Russian, assimilating the best of everything. The Germans — most masterovitye, even the first winch and figures they have started to build.

About nezanoschivosti stars

It’s nice when people recognize you. Especially those people who are considered to be top wakeboard riders: They Sam, Daniel Fetz, Efi Levi and many others. Communication with them is a pleasure: over their heads is not an imaginary crown, and inside — the notorious star. It attracts, find a common language is much easier: children help in the development of the program, suggest how best to fulfill this or that trick.

On the role of mentor

I want to raise a generation of Olympic champions. While wakeboarding struggling with softball and squash courts for the right to be included in the program of the Summer Olympic Games, I coached children budding. At the moment, the official school wakeboarding there — during training is the usual prompts. But it can not be called coaching: because of age, I can not teach and take out the guys on the charges, but I have three years experience and medical education. I see that the children want to be with me, then I have to improve their own level, to be an example to follow. In my youth I was different: I was wakeboarding blind from their mistakes without prompts from a competent senior.

Victoria Sosulina — progress as a lifestyle

On the quest to become the best

In Russia, there are about 300 skilled wakeboarders. Our level is growing steadily, but keep up with the representatives of other countries is really hard: my foreign rivals already performed three mob of speech! Nevertheless, we strive to be better. In the championship of Russia come strong teams from St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Miass. For the first time on August the European Championship did not go 3-4 riders and the whole team! Maybe we did not get the victory, but a great experience — for sure! I realized this last year, being the only representative of Russia at the world championship in the category Pro.

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