Cruel ring writer — IOAN Grigorescu director — Sergiu Nicolaescu operators — Nicholas Girard, Mariana Stanciu artist — ADRIANA PEUN composer — ADRIAN Enescu


Sergiu Nicolaescu, Constantin Brinza, Marin Moraru Mihai VASILE BOGITSE Marian Kulinyak, Michael Vogler, Laetitia Gabrielli, Iurie DARIV Sebastian Papayani


The film is dubbed in the Gorky Film Studio

Dubbing director — B. Tipping

Color. 9 parts, 2-183 m. R /

Number 18003985.


This film — a just retribution that overtook one of those who during the Second World War, tortured people, sending them to the gallows and the gas chamber, mocked and humiliated disenfranchised. About retaliation, which happened in the boxing ring, which came together in a duel ill many years after the war, a former prisoner of a Nazi concentration camp and his sworn enemy — in the past the SS guard the same camp.

The executioner and the victim. They met for the first time in the camp: a young, sleek Untersturmführer Gebauer, a professional boxer, and a handsome young Romanian Andrei not had time because of the war to become a professional boxer. German raved about the crown of world champion and trained hard. But not enough practice fighting due to lack of worthy opponents. And suddenly such luck! Better sparring partner than this strong Romanians hardly find. True, he is exhausted camp life, but nothing, it can feed. And began almost everyday boxing bout in which Andrew soundly battered by its ill-trained opponent. However, it was still better than the camp work, and the relatively privileged position of the athlete made it possible to help the camp underground. His party was a girl, myvshaya floors in the boxing gym. They did not say a word to each other, but the whole life Andrei remembered her face, and more than once it came to his memory, and in peacetime. The death of this girl was a direct wine Gebauera — he gave her the camp authorities. Himself Untersturmführer anyone personally did not shoot, do not hang, do not try, but how many were shot, hanged, tortured by his order! Meeting him in the ring, Andrew put his punches in all hatred of the killer, but the forces were unequal. In a short night of rest the young man dreamed of revenge, a boxing match on an equal footing. Yet it Gebauer gave him a chance to escape, a chance rather mocking, ghostly than real, but the guy was able to use it.

The whole camp odyssey with particular sharpness and clarity again recalls an elderly Andrei, when the fate of a driver working in the international avtolinii, and brought him to West Berlin. There one of the participants in boxing matches held over large sums of cash, he learned Untersturmführer speaking the name Gollema can be seen, the fate was not so kind to him, if in his old age he was forced to earn money this way. However, he opposed the daredevils tend to have little knowledge of boxing, and former Untersturmführer was with them as ruthless as with the camp boxers. Convinced that Gaulle is none other than Gebauer, Andrew decided to enter the ring. Exit to accomplish a just act of revenge on the executioner …

The film «Cruel Ring» staged one of the most famous Romanian director Sergiu Nicolaescu, who played the role of the elderly in it Andrew. In the August issue of «new movies» in connection with the re-release in theaters the movie «Duckie» — directorial debut S. Nicolaescu — we talked about this interesting work of director and actor.

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