Defending world, protecting childhood.

Defending world, protecting childhood.

First of June — International Children’s Day. It was installed at the Moscow session of the International Democratic Federation of Women in 1949 to protect the younger generation from the threat of war, saving the health of children, the implementation of training and education on a democratic basis. But nearly a quarter century ago, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. But now, many children in the capitalist countries are suffering from starvation, overwork, lack of access to education. Soviet children is not in danger, but they are all children of the world need protection — from the war, from nuclear destruction.

We live in difficult times. Relations between the two social systems is not easy. It is important that progressive people to join forces in the struggle for peace, for the happiness of the younger generation.

The USSR Constitution defined «internationalist duty of citizens of the USSR — to promote the development of friendship and cooperation with peoples of other countries, to maintaining and strengthening universal peace.» This is the noble cause of the Union of Soviet Societies for Friendship and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries.

It includes the Association of literature and art for children, which brings together writers, journalists, artists, musicians, scientists, educators and other professionals working in various fields of aesthetic education. They consider it their duty by all available means — together with foreign colleagues — to fight for peace. This helps to solve the most important tasks and you, dear young artists taking part in international exhibitions and competitions of children’s fine art.

Many of you will remember, perhaps, about the success of the eight-year Lena Obraztsova, pupils of children’s art studio of the House of Culture of the city of Elektrostal near Moscow: the 2nd Kanagawa international exhibition of children’s drawings of her gouache received the highest rating — «Grand Prix». As one of the winners Lena invited to Japan.

Lena to win both children and adults: wondering told them about the Soviet Union, she sang in front of a large audience, «Let there always be sunshine», read a poem with a sense of «How to start a Homeland» … And when asked, «What would you like to take Japan? * — replied: «Friendship.

Now, while we are small, between us will be a little friendship, and when we grow up — and the friendship would be great. » Undoubtedly, Japanese children believe in the sincerity of those words. We believe and adults.

During the decades of Soviet Association of hundreds of children awarded in different countries. And the first of the Soviet children, who received the award for best foreign picture was Viktor Ivanov. His work directed in 1936 in Paris, was awarded the «Grand Prix». Now he is a well-known Soviet painter.

In 1952, for the victory in the international competition held annually by the Indian magazine "Weekly Shankarz". Most of the gold medal was awarded to Marina Voskonyants — now one of the leading artists of the film studio «Soyuzmultfilm». Since there was no case to young artists whose paintings were sent abroad, the association remained without awards, the awards of the highest rank.

As a rule, the exhibition of fine arts of Soviet children enjoyed considerable success abroad. How can this be explained? It seems that your works are sincere, truthfully reflect the life around us, the romance of Soviet reality. Open, candid, filled with sincere love for the country, telling about the heroic events and everyday reality, your watercolors, gouaches, drawings of great interest, serve the cause of mutual understanding and friendship between peoples.

Children from foreign countries, too, do not remain in debt and send their drawings to the Soviet Union. For example, young Austrians showed *? in our capital exhibition devoted to Moscow. Language fine art is truly international, clear small and large, literate and not knowing how to read and write. In this language, the children talk about the joy of life, their dreams, the desire to make friends with their peers from the most remote corners of the planet.

But they angrily denounce injustice, war, social inequality. Remember the children’s drawings of Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Nicaragua.

It’s nice that the magazine «Young Artist» treated with great attention abroad. I remember the interest in it in the House Indii- Sankara, in colleges, among artists, educators and journalists. And in Bulgaria, Hungary, the Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Japan and many other countries, this magazine is very good attitude: after such a publication does not exist anywhere in the world.

The cooperation «young artist» with the association. The magazine provides her assistance in the preparation of exhibitions sent abroad, is hosting foreign guests — experts in the field of art education and aesthetic education, publishes materials on the work of foreign children.

During the XII World Festival of Youth and Students Association invites young cultural professionals to share experience. Hall of the House of Friendship with the Peoples of foreign countries, where the meeting will take place, decorate pictures of young artists.

Protecting the world for future generations — that’s the most important goal, which is in front of us, the entire Soviet people.

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