do not hurt burnt shoulders and neck, has his hands do not smell the fire, and ringing in the ears is not an accordion, quickly swept the three days of the holiday, and I want to say a few words about the festival: it was a success as never before. I hope, will agree with me all the participants, it was the best festival in its history, and will be very difficult to make it more interesting Yeshe. And it’s not just Tim and Kathy Radzheffe, not Sasha Rybkin is not in perfect weather, no prizes and competitions. I think the fact that we have got what they say in the old Russian proverb: «Do not have a hundred rubles, a hundred friends!» This year we had a lot more than a hundred.

Still about Tim and Kathy — a huge thanks to them. By inviting them, I did not know that they are ready for a hard work, while keeping such an openness, a willingness to help, and not focusing on his own brand Echo, simply rejoice with all enjoy being able to communicate. Sasha Rybkin this year just surpassed himself. Such dedication I have not seen from people for many years, just Stakhanovskaya work. So work without love for his work impossible. Well done, titanium!

In fact, you do not want to speak for themselves, so bring a text written by one of the participants, with the consent. Here’s how to evaluate the festival Eugene Apolchenov from Tula, a private party:

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