Alexander Belyaev

Music critic, journalist and music fan the famous Moscow admitted that although his life was shoveled the rock ‘n’ roll, but most of all he loves free jazz … and CDs.

What is rock ‘n’ roll shoveled your life?

Yes I do not know. I, like all children, he wrote music on a tape recorder, but all it takes, and I have not gone. And rock music, I discovered quite late. I was about 13 or 14, and I have a neighbor heard something like Scorpions — I immediately liked it. We listened to the house or the stage, or classical music, so I did not know and was not interested and when he heard the hard rock, and began to demand zafanatel parents recorder. My mother was just some little mono turntable «Accord», which, incidentally, the entire collection of vinyl and ditched safely. In general, I crook bought the infamous tape «Electronics 302-1» and began to write. Oddly enough, I began with Queen. I went to the tape recording of his father, a classmate, who was collecting vinyl — it was the album «Game», and on it I fuse. And my grandmother was the head teacher of the school in Ochakovo, and she was a student music fan. She asked him to write something for his grandson, and he wrote on one side of the cassette Modern Talking, that was cool, and cool, and the other a certain album, Queen, which has added fuel to the fire.

While it seems unlikely that it was so disastrous for your life.

Well, first of all, the parents reacted very badly to my hobby. My father even antimeloman and can only listen to songs, and then because of the word, let alone rock hates fierce hatred. This is despite the fact that my grandfather had played the seven-string guitar and sang beautifully as high tenor. I think that’s why I love singers with voice. For example, Coldplay — all spit and say it’s shit, and I listen, and I remember my grandfather. And on the rock theme, I started a lot of friends, and then, already in his student years, began to go and see Gorbuhu, change and haggling. At first I was interested in the old hard rock, but in the 90s it started and I heard Nirvana, that is in the 90, I listened to all 90, from Britpop to the trip-hop. The only thing, what I did not drive it into electronics such as Apex Twin, but overall the music captured my life.

But the moment you have not thought only deal with it?

I studied to be an economist, and when I arranged the bank clerk, it was already a complete failure. The work was such a promising and money, but I got in the back office to register the transaction with the Securities and real money and business relationships did not have. And then in the 98 th there was a crisis, and even the day after the Rolling Stones concert at the Grand Sports Arena I was fired along with the entire department.

Well, well, I thought, now I’ll do just what I like. And rolled.

First, write reviews, then I hit the company «Gala Records» became a professional music journalist, in general, devoted himself to music entirely.

In what time you went from rock to jazz?

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I had a friend who knocked me to buy a bass guitar and play with him in the group. Of course, I do not know how to go and learn a little bit. And there I was told that here there is such a good bass player — John Patiguchchi and Marcus Miller — listen. I went on and bought the album Gorbuhu Marcus Miller. When I turned it on, I had a feeling that there is nothing better in the world is not there. But more and more — I discovered the Blue Note and began to dive into the wilds of the best. In general, it seems to me, the transition to jazz was developed in our generation of trip-hop. He is full of such non-square and syncopated — from jazz it up a step. And that’s why the festival «Manor Jazz» as many 30-year-olds.

A when you started to pay attention to the sound quality?

I remember the first blow for me was the discovery of a stereo. First time I have included something with strong spatial effects in the headphones CBS-5. And the second time I gave one to listen to your music player with a record of my friend Pink Floycl, and I realized that obviously something not listen to his mono tape recorder. Then I also bought a headphone, but cheaper — TDS-3. And then, in the 91 th year, I came to the United States on the exchange, and it takes me in the house of the family stood machinery Player CD. They struck my fancy. There I fell in love with CD, still love — I love their bright treble. Much later, when I began working in the magazine Play, we surveyed a bunch of disks, and the publishing house were even magazines that were engaged in the hardware — and the boys went to listen to them at a normal sound of wheels. It was a time when technology has affected my taste. I brought back some free jazz, and when it all sounded in good panorama realized what his beauty. I became interested in avant-garde jazz and jazz unassumingly out of love «songs with a guitar,» because there’s actually nothing but sound. But in the gloomy free jazz opened beauty — it was seen as all penned, all twisted and thought. For this, I have to say thanks to the hi-End.

And what equipment you had?

After the tape deck «Beacon 233» I bought a banal Philips Music Centre with cassettes, CD and radio, listening to CDs. It was a disastrous decision, and very quickly, when the music has a collection, I realized that urgently needs to get something decent. And the first thing that came into the house, this column Jamo, which I bought on the installment plan for wild money from a neighbor. He also took a set of CD-player and amplifier Technics. Then just come this life crisis — the work of the bank and experiences in this regard. That time has passed in a blur, and I remember at one point I had even some Soviet amplifier, which was stupid player Disc-MAP. And then, when I came to, the system began to take shape. Receiver JVC me will laugh your colleague drove audio journalist by the name of Elbaev. He came to us in the «Gala Records» for the disks, and I asked him about the equipment, because they do not understand. But when this unit is turned on, the difference felt — was much better. And then I bought a DVD-player, because we started to carry DVD and had them as something to watch and write about them. Since then, he and I have all the plays, but people in the know say that you need a separate CD-player to have … But as long as that’s the case.

Nevertheless marble slabs under the speakers you have found the strength to deliver?

I just read somewhere that it is necessary to unleash the speakers from the floor, and when I Dima Petukhov, a collector of vinyl, which is also in your journal wrote, tailored specifically to the acoustics of the cones, I felt that I was definitely playing better. And then I decided to put on something hard, and someone stole me from the construction site two facing tiles. They sounded much better — the bass was quite different.

Are you satisfied with your system?

In fact yes. But at the same time, I know how these records should sound in reality. We ought to go to a salon, povybirat components for compatibility, check how and what my music sounds. But it is in theory, but in real life it has neither the power nor the free brain.

Well, as a music collection, which media you prefer?

Vinyl I have never really been only my mother’s plate with classic, well, a couple of discs with Soviet rock. And a normal player I have ever had. Here in the early 2000s decided to try to return to vinyl and got hold of this simple Marantz. But honestly, I blamed me somehow does not touch — the treble I miss. But the CD, I really love it because of its brightness. And I intend to keep the entire collection to a CD. Moreover, jazz releases continue to buy and buy.

And what about modern technology and downloading?

I’m bad to the music from the Internet. Although I had a iPod, and now Samsung phone with AKG headphones for 2500 rubles, which is not bad play. But I downloaded Breda Meldal — like all is well, you can listen, but I feel that it is necessary CD. That need is all. Download as a trial order — this is normal. But to listen to, you need to have an album in the normal way.

So you, too, are skeptical about the reality of audio and music culture?

Quite the contrary. All because in the view of the beholder. If you want to look at the TV and spitting, what vulgarity, — live in this world. And I live in a golden age. I do as a journalist never in my life did not write anything about Stas Mikhailov. I can just ignore. But now all the great music reissued, everything is accessible and often almost free. Why go crazy on what is now a bad pop music? It has always been bad. Let’s enjoy the opportunities that we have today.

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