End of space vacations.

End of space vacations.

As you know, these guys are hot Canadian started his career with Ghastlier giperpankovogo blekushnogo roar and rattle, diluted for greater joy nightmarish screams of someone clearly torn by the clamp apart. However, everything becomes clear only one of the group’s name, borrowed from some tribe of cannibals prowl in search of prey at the edge of the gloomy Morgoth in ancient times.

However, over the subsequent decade music Voivod has undergone quite tangible change, to mutate from a rabid furious thrash in a mix of punk, avant-garde and psychedelic rock, comparable except that only the early Pink Floyd, whose fans, by the way, Voivod, and are almost from the cradle.

But these lads would not be ourselves is, if it continues to drive the continued used once found the chip. And their expectations, the eighth album of the band with a formidable name ‘Negatron’ should explode into thrash scene for at least an anti-mine. A device of this explosive devaysa ridiculously simple: new — it is well forgotten old.

The impetus (and not the toilet) for such a drastic step was the separation from permanent gorlopanit Voivod Denis «Snake» Belanger.

«Snake definitely could no longer remain in the group," — Says the drummer and mastermind Michael Lanzhevin. "After our last LP, he suddenly began to move to some blurry style, something like Iggy Pop. And it is in no way combined with the material that we wrote with Piggy."

New vocalist Eric Forrest Narula manager Voivod, pulling him out of the basement of some groups, where the long and methodically dug into the ground at least a guilty sinner talent.

"Even ten minutes of the first test rehearsal we realized that it

— Just an integral part of Voivod"- Continues Michael (or just Aywaille). A guy on the move kerf in all our troubles, and have offered us their ideas. Eric, as it turned out, and wrote the music and lyrics, which we will soon do with it, the result is a plague! The fact that Eric is chopped by the type of music Sepultura, which again gave our songs a tough aggressive base, energy and power."

According Eveya they guitarist Piggy and without Eric Forrest has decided not to continue the theme song ‘Angel Rat’ and ‘The Outer Limits’, to tie cosmic chips. With the advent of the new fighter issue resolved once and for all: back to the ‘Killing Techology’ and ‘Dimension Hatross’!

"In short — a typical Voivod ‘, — says the drummer. "Although this definition can be characterized by absolutely all our records, none of them is a copy of the previous one. This also applies to ‘Negatron’ and even our next album, despite the fact. I have no idea what it will represent."

It remains to add that with the arrival of a new singer, Voivod killed not one, or even two birds with one stone! It is known that after the resignation of bassist Blacky residue group decided to replace him not to look, and as a result suffered a much without it for three years, while continuing to record, and even give concerts. Now, however, it became clear that a recruit Eric Forrest "and knows how to embroider on a typewriter". So apparently, Voivod is now fully staffed and again challenge us. One word — gather forces and meet

— Primitive savage cannibal finished his space vacation!

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