Enja pleased that three decades after the release of my film remained in the memory

The film lives longer, if modernity is not momentary. The breadth, depth of thought, feeling perspektivy- is what prolongs its age.

Thirty years of «Big Family» -radostny term. Maybe because his fate so enviable that we tried after the novel V. Kochetov «Zhurbins» for the first time in the postwar years may reveal the deeper theme of the working class, to show something new, that burst with the technological revolution in his personal and human connection. A large family of hereditary naval with its strong traditions was the most capacious environment, which is closely intertwined all the «life line». The film is, in practice, all its shaped cloth proved indissoluble link trudv and life, plant, and family law contradictory unity of generations.

For all of us working on the film was a wonderful lesson. There is no doubt that the film is closely linked with the glorious traditions of the so-called «Leningrad school» thirties, created at the time the famous «Counter». We have tried to reconcile his work in a productive and social «background» with the personal fate of the hero, worldly ease relations and pathos, drama and life-affirming humor. All this gave a good, expressive material for the actor. The work on a new film opened many of the actor’s personality. I am still happy and bright and joyous debut Alexei Batalov. His Alexei Zhurbin for many years has established itself as a brand new, free from stamp «shaggy Komsomol» type of guy working the sixties. I can not forget the work of talented Boris Andreyev, Sergei Lukyanov, Nikolai Gritsenko, Paul Kadochnikova, Nicholas Sergeyev and others

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