Follow the white rabbit.

Follow the white rabbit.

Recently, the renowned German studio Daedalic Entertainment has chosen a very interesting vector of development. Each new game they sing a kind of ode to madness in all its forms and manifestations, from hilarious absurd thoughts and actions of characters in the universe Dcponia to clinical — literally — psychopathology in most characters’ Edna & Harvey. In his latest project The Night of the Rabbit German inventors examined harmless and light form of escape from reality, namely the care full of magic and naive genuine magic world of children’s imagination.

In this context, it is appropriate to look the visual style of the game, giving credit to the already almost forgotten the days of hand-drawn animation.

The Night of the Rabbit reminds both the best works of Walt Disney and Hayao Miyazaki, which departed involuntarily associated with carefree childhood. And humor is exactly the same — bland, good-natured, without the now customary cynicism and bile satire. Ironically, it is the main drawback of the game. The highest bracket, which Daedalic set the previous projects, the user can play a cruel joke. The Night of the Rabbit — a children’s fairy tale with measured and unhurried rhythm, touching characters and even some moralizing. In it there is no trace of the irrepressible internal energy sparked Deponiya. If adventure Rufus excited as grasped by burning firecracker, then The Night of the Rabbit — it’s a children’s book, by the light of a lamp that reads Grandma’s soft voice.

And it’s not that bad, just painfully unlike previous works Daedalic.

With respect to the gameplay The Night of the Rabbit is much more conservative than, say, the recent Chaos on Deponia. There’s authors do not hesitate to «fool around» with the gameplay — stylized puzzle for real fighting, if not within the next puzzle send the user to delve into the settings of the game. The adventures of Jerry Hazelnut nothing like that — most of the puzzles are not only pretty uninteresting, but the tradition is not too logical. Even magic tricks that the main character learns in the course of action to affect the gameplay slightly, likely playing a supporting role to the narrative. But, as with any decent modern quest, all active in the area locations can be illuminated by pressing the space bar. Daedalic gracefully beat it: at the beginning of the game, Jerry receives a magic coin with a hole in the middle, looking through which you can see around you magic. Why not? After all, in the wizarding world Myshelesya possible almost everything.

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