For a good high paying RABOTU-

For a good high paying RABOTU-

Our farm «Tashtagol» — the first in Siberia specialized beekeeping farm. It was organized in

1960 and 3100 had then bee colonies. Now is the winter of 6600 families.

In 1962 he was received on 53 kilograms of the gross honey and 800 grams of commercial wax with family. The State sold 1,470 quintals of first-class honey. Then the net profit amounted to 131 thousand rubles, and one family gave the product 74 of the ruble — it is almost 30 rubles of net profit.

The farm has increased the load on a beekeeper with 73 families in 1960 to 103 families in this.

We have adopted the following remuneration. Beekeeper receives a monthly advance payment in the amount of 43 rubles serving 90 families, and if it serves more than 90 families that receive a supplement of 20 cents for every family. Product honey bees, provided that the feed of at least 25 kilograms per kilogram paid 20 cents for a kilogram of wax of the first grade — 80 cents, the second grade — 60 cents per new family — 3 Foul 60 cents. Such remuneration contributes to the fight for getting more products in the apiary. For example, the head of the apiary apiary A. Syrgasheva increased from 102 to 123 families and was at 79.5 kilograms gross honey and two kilograms gross wax, for which she was given 2,187 rubles. Advanced beekeepers at the farm a lot, and at such remuneration they try to give as much as possible products.

Migrations apiaries in the taiga conditions difficult, but it is always more than pays for itself. But our facilities are poorly equipped with machinery to carry out migrations, but because the farm is losing 60-70 tons of honey, although the cost of one ton of honey is equal to the value of the tractor. So we have to move with the help of road transport.

The farm is necessary to increase the number of bee families to 20 thousand as honey land very rich in our seats.

Despite the heavy beekeeping season this year, our beekeepers handed over to the warehouse of the farm around 1100 quintals of honey, fulfilled the plan detuning honeycomb frames and exceeded the plan to increase the number of bee colonies.

In conclusion, I want to say on behalf of all beekeepers farm «Tashtagol» that we will make every effort to successfully complete the seven-year plan for the development of beekeeping and will do our farming model and profitable.

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