FOR Albula on South Caicos.

FOR Albula on South Caicos.

Description of fishing: the trade winds usually blow from the south-east; Most shallows under the cover of the wind from the west side of the island than and different in terms of benefits. In the autumn and winter months, South Caicos is exposed to cold fronts coming from the Bahamas, but they are so strong that they do not stay long and largely dissipated by the time of occurrence. After the cold front throughout the day can blow westerly wind, which soon, as a rule, changes to the southeast. It is interesting to note, and this is particularly important that, even with strong winds over 35 knots, with a storm or tropical cyclone shallows stay clean — no turbidity, one does not leave the fish. This phenomenon is uncommon in the world of fly fishing in salt water; it’s really your bonus and your can justify access to the sea in bad weather.

Recommended gear: multipart 9-foot (4 or 5 knees) rods 7th or 8th grade with fast action that gives the cord a high speed that allows you to catch even in the wind. Reels for fishing in salt water with a minimum capacity of 150-yard spool 20-pound Buckingham. Cords for fishing in saltwater type WF. Tapered undergrowth of clear monofilament or fluorocarbon with a breaking strength of 10-17 pounds a length of 9 feet. It is desirable to have a set of leads as transparent monofilament or fluorocarbon with a breaking load of 10, 12, 15 and 20 pounds. Recommended flies: flies for bonefish: McVay Gotcha № 2-6, Clouser Minnows № 2-4 (colors — gray / white, zheltovatokorichnevy / white, pink / white), Crazy Charlies № 2-4 (mother of pearl or white), Mini Puff № 4 (with the eyes of a chain and without eye, colors — pink, yellow-brown / orange, chartreuse), Enrico’s Spawning Shrimp № 4 (translucent and yellowish brown), Supreme Hair Shrimp № 2-6, Miheves Flats Fly number 6 (tan), Rabbit-strip Gotcha № 4 or 2, Bone Crusher № 6, Squimp № 6, Bone Voyage № 6, Turneffe Crab № 6 (cream). Magnum Mantis Shrimp № 2; fly fishing for barracuda: Paulson’s Ka-Cudda Fly. Service: day begins with a base of the cup of ground coffee at 6:00. After a hearty breakfast at the buffet — is at 7:00 hours. After breakfast — descent from the hill to the boat. Out at sea — not later than 8:00; most of the way to the shallows takes no more than 5-20 minutes.

Lunch consists of sandwiches, shrimp, gourmet, fruit. Soft drinks and bottled water are always left in the refrigerator. After returning to the base will be plenty of time on the shower, and drinks and something to snack before lunch will be served at 19:30.

Package fishing Turks and Caicos includes travel (there and back) by car from the airport to South Caicos accommodations, all meals, soft drinks, fishing license, boat and instructor. Not included flights for international flights to / from Providenciales Flights from Providenciales to South Caicos, strong alcoholic drinks, tips and personal care products.

Other activities: scuba diving.

Getting there: to Tarks and Caicos is relatively easy, especially with the seaside flights Midwest or Eastern. American Airlines offers three daily flights from Miami and one flight a day from the airport JFK, as well as direct flights from Boston. Delta offers six weekly flights from Atlanta, a US Airways offers daily flights from Charlotte, Boston and Philadelphia. Air Canada offers direct flights from Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. All flights arrive and depart from the national single Providenciales International Airport (code designation PLS). Immigration and customs procedures are simple, fast and does not cause trouble — staff of these services are friendly and agreeable.

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