«For myself and the garment should not be taken too seriously.»

& quot; To themselves and to the clothes should not be taken too seriously & quot ;.

How would you describe your style?

Sensual Minimalism. Never really thought about it, but, when asked, I realized that it is the same style as in my interior: brevity and simplicity of form, but rich in texture, the particular importance of the material, the combination of colors in the painting — and always a little bit of irony. For the interior, clothing, and indeed to themselves should not be taken too seriously.

The most favorite article of clothing.

I feel a weakness for trench coats, I have five of them, despite the fact that recently handed five girlfriends and every season norovlyu buy another one. Beige Burberry — classic of the genre, dark blue long — as a child wanted to be a flight attendant, with leather sleeves — a whim, with yellow brim sixties — a tribute to the trend. One problem — the off-season, we almost there, so I do not have time to wear them.

Favorite designers and Mark.

Stable names I have no preference. Designers are different collections, one year is close to you, and the other — no longer exists. Besides, I’m a man of extremes. On the one hand, always in awe in front of such luminaries proper minimalist cut as Jil Sander and the other — I love the irony of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and color lightness Sonia Rykiel. But when I’m rich old grandmother — the most Hermes, than Chanel.

Who is your style icon?

It seems to me to qualify for an icon of style, it is necessary, in addition to skill beautiful and stylish dress to be very charismatic, strong and extraordinary personality. As an example can be called Renata Litvinova, Tilda Swinton, or have recently left the grand lady of French design Andre Putman.

Where do you like to make purchases?

To my regret, I am a shopaholic — manage to fly anytime, anywhere. On the Internet, in Paris, in Riga. The clothes often buy in the COS, but this democratic brand has a problem: it is very loved our architects and designers, so the work is better not to put on the event, if you do not want to face the Twins. I like to rummage in vintage stores. In Paris, be sure to go to the Bon Marche — there is always a good selection and even if you do not buy, just enjoy aesthetically. Even I’m a fan of tissues. Ever walk into a fabric to find some trim, and go out with a cut of colorful silk, so my wardrobe a lot of things sewn to order.

MUST HAVE in your wardrobe for the summer of 2013.

All kinds of prints, with a strip cell, flowers, yellow and white.

WHAT COLOR The clothes you prefer?

With special sympathy to the green, but the color of one’s favorite clothing will not mention, rather, it will be a combination. In the winter I can sometimes dressed in black from head to toe — a calming effect, slim and elegant looks.

Does YOUR STYLE latest trends and fashions?

I think I have a sense of modernity. Very often I start something to wear, and then it becomes fashionable. My profession is connected with fashion trends. There is a style that every season takes on different shades.

How you feel about second-hand clothing might buy something there for yourself?

When we had a flourishing second-hand, I managed to buy a jacket vintage Yves Saint Laurent a very ridiculous price. Unfortunately, there is a collection of mass-market and it is difficult to find something interesting. Abroad often go to thrift shops for vintage markets where you can buy interesting things. This year, I stumbled on Fur second-hand in Riga and found there a gorgeous astrakhan fur coat, which slightly altered, wear with pleasure!

SHOES always been an important attribute of any wardrobe. What do you like to wear?

For every day I love flat shoes I have to force yourself to wear heels. It happens sometimes wears into holes have become the favorite ballet flats and in the presence of 150 pairs of shoes can not find a replacement. Pink hairpin with rhinestones or shoes Louboutin — it is certainly not mine! I really like the style of men’s shoes — Loafer, Oxford, like the classic pumps, espadrilles.

Accessories and Bags in your wardrobe.

I like original and bright accessories, constantly buy jewelry and scarves, but have not taught them to wear themselves. Jewellery, which is not separated, all made to order, according to its own designs, it probably has some kind of amulets. The bags I love again, laconic forms, the lack of spare parts and decorations. My profession requires me more creative in style.

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