For quality must fight!

For quality must fight!


I work at JSC «Kyrgyz-lift.» Catered accommodation, a variety of organizations, including the White House of the Kyrgyz Republic.

We in Bishkek different lifts «karacharovtsy», «Shcherbinka» old «Samarkand» many more. Recently, the Belarusian party mounted a Frequentists «Danfoss». At the White House have «Sigma» the system «Panorama», also assembled themselves. Technology class. The revolution, however, they kicked a little bit, but we have restored, are working properly.

Of course, not all of us radiantly, but not as bad as it is fed to the media.

Many of the city elevators that need to be replaced, have worked 25 years or more. But, I think this situation is not only with us.

Now a lot of construction of commercial property, houses like mushrooms growing in the city. Painting with elevators in them motley. Many CMH. The «karacharovtsev» In my opinion, the most worthy of elevators, my favorite service. There are Turkish, Chinese. There Mogilev different model years.

Now there is a modernization-old «Samarkand» was changed to the new Belarusian. Here on these elevators, we are not enthusiastic, they call each other «grave» — ​​derived from the Mogilev factory, forgive our brothers Belarusians. LPA fee, they borrowed from the CMH, a little altered programming floors. But the mechanics made a blunder. First, the poor-quality metal, bends. Every day these lifts applications. Residents are already joking that we give them back «Samarkand» set.

For quality must fight! Observations have all the manufacturers of elevators — small, different. Probably a good idea to show them the shortcomings. Here’s what we can say, for example, Mogilev elevator with a slowing of the shunt.

Let’s start with a key to release. By itself incomprehensible design. Archimedes would have been unhappy. Inefficient use of leverage — you need to make a huge effort to disinhibited, and at the same time we must also turn the steering wheel. But it’s not so bad. The main problem — it’s metal. With a thickness of 3 mm it can be easily bent in an arc.

Second — this chain cockpit security doors and landing doors. On the doors of the cabin open-established contacts. The contact fingers that are installed there, too, are made of soft metal and semi-annual period of operation erased half. This results in the movement of the cab to rattle contacts and, consequently, to stop the cab (to break the chain of safety), often with passengers inside.

We thought this construction to replace the MIC — the tried and tested method of CMH in the elevators. But afraid to make changes in the elevator. God forbid that happens — all the blame on the mechanics. On the door is also open shaft contacts. The pressure is minimal, if contaminated — no contact (fault protection 44 mines), the elevator rises.

The third — a car door. A complicated system of mechanics, kinematics. Without the participation of electromechanical lifters are often unable to evacuate the passengers. It is unclear why reinvent the wheel when it has long been invented. For example, in the old «Samarkand» — everything is simple and reliable. Unfortunately, most of the residents do not protect elevators and help opening doors by means of physical force, resulting in the displacement of a rope. The plate, pressing wire, also made of soft metal saws and rope in just a few shifts. In order to somehow compensate for this, it is advisable to install the mechanical reversal yet (see. Photo) fotorevers. It somehow compensates for the efforts of the residents are not very smart.

Fourth — a cabin lighting, gathered at the electronic circuits and LDS20. By the electronics no complaints. But fixing the lamp base — normal and intended for stationary operation of the lamps. At movement often lost contact, have to deal with (otherwise it will not name) the cabin ceiling to fix the lamp. But the problem we have decided. We remove all the lighting sector and set ordinary cartridges with incandescent lamps of 40 W, included through the diode, and you can forget about lighting.

Here are the main shortcomings that hinder normal operation.

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