FOR trout on the upper Varzim early in the season.

FOR trout on the upper Varzim early in the season.


At the pool «Goltsovoye» (Char), located below the «Aquarium», we were due to force majeure circumstances which have arisen as a result of scrapping weather.

Climatic conditions on the Kola Peninsula have been and remain a major factor in by helicopter.

In the evening we were divided into Vitali Kozel — this site has been familiar to us for last year’s trip, and we did not expect from him any surprises. But in the morning, already being in a helicopter, we learned that the visit duct Cosel this time we are not fated. The captain felt the visibility in the area Cosel insufficient, and the final destination of the flight was re-appointed as our pool yesterday — «Aquarium». Well, that was in the helicopter Camp manager Alex Tchaikovsky, who promptly directed us to the pool below the «Aquarium». So we had to oust the Spaniards, who now went to another place.

Below «Aquarium» is to reach almost stagnant water, drain with the reach of this is just the beginning of a bullet «Goltsovoye.»

Under the left bank, where we were, it was a cascade of underwater trenches with an ornament in the form of alluvial boulders, sometimes forming small sills. Under the right bank was relatively tihovode to which I did not get it. To save time, Vitaly changed underwater camera and went to inspect the right bank of the pool, and I began to catch on with the drain Reach.

While Vitali was busy, I decided to experiment with flies, and this time started with streamers. Trout reacted to Wooly Bugger no less favorably than in the previous bullet. Capture began almost immediately, well worked two colors — black and olive flush. Extra large «Vulik» in my box was not the biggest were tied on hooks №6, but I got the impression that this is not a huge amount of bait improves average weight caught specimens. However, the number of captures was not sufficiently representative to make definitive conclusions, therefore, fully admit that if I started fishing with dry flies and nymphs, the result would have been worse.

In any part of the amount of trout river course, and soon I had to stop fishing so that the shoot was when Vitaly finished to examine the right bank. Moving to the bottom of the pool, I went fishing, but on a dry fly, good prevailed in this part of char in quantities, it explains the name of the pool.

Soon sailed Vitali, saying that nothing is fundamentally different from previously seen in other pools, it could not be found. Everything looked as usual: loach in small flocks examined surface separate instances defiled trout close to the bottom but on the border of the main stream and tihovodya, the stones had a lot of diversiform trout. The only surprise was that it scared tihovode salmon, which clearly exceeds the weight of 10 kg, and therefore, contrary to popular opinion of some individuals still reach Enozera.

Now that Vitali prepared to shoot, you can get back to fishing on the ditch, but dry flies. In line with the ditch under our bank boulders lying across the current, we created several promising opportunities for experiments with dry flies and emedzherami.

Compared to the morning weather has not changed much, and because of the low cloud day decreased activity of trout we hardly felt. Works great all sorts of variations Klinkhammer, Super-pupa, Bivisible — anything that even remotely resembled the imago caddis or mayfly. The only limitation was the size of a fly — on bait hooks longer associated №10, the reaction was very mediocre.

Do not live up to expectations and major Stimulator, so happily spent the fall on a goat. Trout in the beginning of the season is not as aggressive as it is closer to the fall, when in addition to the food reflexes to her behavior begins to affect the approaching spawning.

The main feature was the abundance of pool Char char that, once again, confirmed the assigned name. On average, the capture of a single instance of trout accounted for between 5 and 10 captures char — respectively, and the change needed flies often enough. After several captures even treated flotantom fly, no matter how washed or dry land and its idle abandoned, begins to sink.

In a situation where the number of the desired size is limited to lures, flies such as Super-pura and Bivisible were irreplaceable. On both trout often reacted and after flooding. At a time when the cord under the action of the flow starts to pull the bait in the surface layer, often followed by an attack of trout.

Targeted hunting is on the trout was only possible on the «gnats» instances. If you managed to notice kumzhevy exit, then gently suggested gunpoint grip followed immediately.

On «Goltsovoye», as well as in the «Aquarium», the frequency outputs trout to the surface after 16 hours increased, and catching only seen on fish has become more effective.

Unfortunately, the happiness did not last long, close to the 18 hours it was time to put forward to the landing of the helicopter. He is based in the lower camp — «Varzina lodge», and the weather on the coast and in the upper reaches can vary significantly, so its arrival is not always guaranteed. This evening was just that — the helicopter did not arrive, and all lovivshim on the upper pools had to return to the camp on foot.

We were burdened with Vitali baggage, to keep pace, given the others, we had no chance, therefore, our return was delayed. We walked slowly, stopping at interesting places — Vitali rested until I caught on streamers.

I am frankly sorry that in the early days did not go up from the reach plate. It was found that between pools and Char Cliff just a lot of great places. In any case, the largest specimens of brown trout caught on this trip were caught that night, during our return to the camp, and it was on tape drives. Probably, these sites are the least attendance — bottom fishers usually reach the «plates», and on top, with the «Aquarium» or «Goltsovoye», it is necessary to bring himself down to escape. Fish in these pools so much that the reason for moving there must still search — except for the tour. During our stay, these places were once fished only by the Spanish, and then only because the force of circumstances we had to push them to «Goltsovoye.»

«Home» (Home). This name usually gives the closest to the camp section of the river — and have done so on the Upper Varzim. The camp is usually chosen for reasons of convenient access to the most interesting points. However, there is a certain psychological moment — the fisherman, his first visit to the camp, it always seems that the best seats are in the distance and near the camp everything is thoroughly fished. Alex Tchaikovsky in the first evening we have a potentially interesting place near the camp, but if not worsening weather, we would have not taken advantage of the information received.

According to preliminary plans, our trip was to consist of two stages. The second phase involves visiting another camp of SPORTFISH TOUR located on another river. But after a radical breaking down the hill weather fog, and the scheduled movement could now take place only if sufficient visibility, and this question is the responsibility of the commander of the crew of the helicopter.

Now that our expected departure calendar lost certainty, we should be in the vicinity of the camp for a possible urgent departure. So the next morning, Vitaly, dressed in the camp, went to survey the nearest plesik, located just 150 meters from our tent, I began to collect their belongings, and ended with the charges, he went to the shore to ask Vitali its success.

It turned out that my partner further 10-12 meters from the water’s edge is not removed. To our sincere surprise, the place was populous — dominated, of course, char, but also present and trout. The depth of the relatively calm water was small and gets you closer to the parking lot discovered almost came. However, brown trout as avoiding close contact and try to maintain a distance, trying to adhere to quite specific shelters. Loach also differed on this point some special courage, and because it was on plesike Nemer, created an absolutely unique opportunity to shoot. Caught and tempered specimens changed in terms of parking, but did not leave the limits of the reach.

It was quite interesting to experiment, trying to find out whether the fish re-tempered attack flies. And it was quite possible to make as to identify specific instances of the problem was not — surprisingly, most individuals are quite different from each other in size and proportions of the body.

Ichthyologic Recent studies have questioned the long-term memory of fish on pain of familiarity with the hook. However, this assertion is likely to be a differentiated approach, according to the species and the phase of maturity of sexual products a particular instance. Calculation of the fact that at the beginning of the season, tempered instance trout a day later a desire to meet again with the fly, turned out to be overly optimistic.

Apparently, in the early season trout behavior is largely determined by food reflexes. Spawning community has not yet been formed, and territoriality is expressed not so bright. The level of aggression to the tribesmen small, and full of forgetting capture Kumzha requires significantly more time than in the fall.

On the same char, everything was a bit different: after the release of it into the water re-flies attack occurred no more than half an hour. Of course, manifested and individual characteristics — some specimens were ready to attack after 10 minutes, and often not even required replacement bait, trout re-grab the same fly.

Arctic char.

On this trip we were facing a very specific problem related directly to fishing for trout and char there is not very much and fit. However, neglect the possibility of plenty of fishing with such extraordinary color was beyond my strength.

On the Kola Peninsula, Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) is not uncommon, it is meant a form of the lake, which is quite common and relatively numerous in all the large lakes and the lakes located in the watersheds of the rivers. With a passing char a bit more complicated — he more or less significant quantities comes only in certain rivers flowing into the Barents Sea.

River Varzina interesting by the presence of both forms, but fishing is very attractive residential enozerskaya form. Lake char form, go to the river for feeding to the Kola Peninsula, though not unique, but still quite rare. Enozersky loach it is that — it is included for feeding into watercourses lake system in the open water period.

According to literary sources, enozersky trout spawn from September, therefore, in August in the river there are only a few instances. At the beginning of the season, in June — July, the amount of char in the river can impress anyone. I can not say how far down the Varzim down loach I below the «home» did not go to the pool, but on the information provided by Alexei Tchaikovsky, and the lower pools still painted a handsome present in sufficient quantities.

In most cases, lake trout Kola peninsula is just not prone to migration in the river-no for that neither cause nor conditions. The large lake — Imandra Umbozero — ample food supply (there is a small whitefish), and in the system of lakes in the watershed preconditions for migration No — streams are shallow and have a significant height difference.

Typically, individuals form the lake spawning in next autumn (from char, like trout, spawning not annual) during the open water will parade along the coast in shallow water, the line fell into the depths. It is possible that the maturation of sexual products a higher temperature. In addition, the main food supply of alpine lakes is concentrated in the littoral.

Out enozerskogo char in Cosel and Varzim are likely to have the same nature — the river includes only fish spawning in the coming autumn. Most ponds are heated in the summer only to a small depth, and it is clear that the temperature in the rivers flowing from the lakes, will be the same as in the surface layer of water. Anyway, all the loach caught me during our stay on the Upper Varzim, have a bright color, typical of copies, ready to spawn this year.

Distinctive features color enozerskogo char are relatively light background sides (whereby orange color on the sides of the belly rises high enough), gill covers golden and red edging jaws. Items weighing more than 1.5 kg I did not come across — it’s probably the maximum weight for enozerskogo char. Based on published data, pass char r.Varziny larger than the lake, -byvayut instances and under 3 kg. Sea offers quite different possibilities for feeding, and the results are relevant. I loach of this size does not come across, and Vitaly nothing like the water did not meet. Quite possibly, pass char at the beginning of the season in the river does not go further, as that section to reach the Upper Varzim only a few individuals, which we simply did not see.

By and large, lake trout, fish for fly fishing difficult. On the lake it appears not so often, there are several conditions must be met: calm, mass emergence of insects, a certain level of illumination. Outputs char on the surface with «moshkovanii» sufficiently characterized, and catching fish is seen quite effective. On the contrary, catching random, given the length of the shoreline of the lake and a few char tend effectiveness is different.

If you browse the Internet offers on the specialized tours Goltsovoye, most of them anyway be associated with the passage char fishing. There are suggestions and by catching the living form char — usually the lake, who came into the river. The reason is simple: it is during feeding in the river density of char on an abstract unit of water surface area is quite high, there is no need for a search. Among other things, the living trout in its deepwater biology, lives in oligotrophic lakes at depths virtually eliminates the presence of dangerous predators. Accordingly, the conditions of formation and evolution of the species has led to the fact that the protective reflexes of the lake is not too developed form — in other words, lake trout totally fearless. If you still remember the lake is not too rich food resources, it becomes clear why the trout so unassuming in the choice of baits. From the foregoing it can be concluded that the lake trout, who visited at the beginning of the season in the river, it can compete with the absence of the pool Varzim grayling for the status of «most Fly Fish.»

Of course, today’s Upper Varzim and goat catching object №1 — is, of course, trout, there is no doubt can not be. The reasons are clear: although the trout to the Kola Peninsula — the most common species, populations comparable to varzinskoy does not exist, and program Upper varzinskogo camp is positioned as kumzhevaya. However, fishing for arctic char, especially early in the season, no less interesting.

Huge areas Enozera and inaccessibility create conditions for the existence of a completely unique to quantify the populations of these two species. Perhaps the only significant difference in the period of the river comes from the difference in their life strategies. Activity trout closer to the fall, if not increase, it certainly is not reduced. In char, on the contrary, the peak of activity occurs at the beginning of the season, closer to the fall of the river he leaves. Fishing for brook trout in the river does not require any tricks with masking and selection of lures, and I have not noticed changes in its activity during the day. I can not say that because they behave absolutely everything char individuals who have come into the river, but it is the most certain.

All flies for catching trout from Alexei Tchaikovsky, suitable for fishing brook trout, and it fit even more unpretentious.

In my opinion, the basic requirement to fly fishing for brook trout in the river enozerskogo is the possibility of multiple use. There are two ways. The first — the replacement fly after one or two captures per copy, so they should be sufficient in the box. The second way, in my opinion, is more pragmatic — is the choice of baits structurally less complex, with elements of hardening allows to keep the flies attractiveness after numerous captures.

The easiest way to implement these requirements when using wet flies, streamers and nymphs, as it is in their design most often used as a reinforcing element wire. Winding her body fly over less stable elements, of course, allows you to extend the life of a short fly bait.

As I mentioned, in the wardroom of the camp there is always a flayboks to put up for sale by flies, particularly related to the conditions of the Upper Varzim, there always exists the drive Wooly Bugger in different color and size options.

After last year’s visit Cosel «Vulik» in my box considerably added in quantity and diversity. Of course, «Vulik» like any other fly, will not last forever, but, so to speak, reusable no doubts. The main advantage Wooly Bugger is that after the next catch, he is immediately ready for reuse, even wash the mucus it is not required.

With dry flies and emedzherami things are little more complicated. First of all, they have to swim, and hardening the wire here is not acceptable, and the numerous contacts with the fish taking a toll on their ability to keep on surface water film. Any variations to the CDC dry flies are good, but only in the case of single-use, yet classic with a feather of a cock scalp reliable, well flotantom not out of place to sprinkle.

For emedzherov type Klinkham-mer best way to increase the buoyancy — is the use of «skin» as a reference wing. You can certainly use the most well-known version with tightened into a tube of the «skin» of the synthetic yarn, but you can do without yarn.

We unusually, incredibly lucky — we were able to visit twice in the origins Varzim — absolutely unique Reserve.

From the «skin» of the carton package is cut triangle, it will support the wing on which a ruff is fixed parachute. Option with yarn, of course, stronger, but the weakest element in this is to fly this very ruff, and the fly lives, yet it is this element intact. A couple of simple options flies that worked well for me Goltz in this particular trip to the Upper Varzim, shown here only as an example — the options may be countless.

In the same Wooly Bugger does not necessarily follow the canons. Depending on the conditions under which the bait is assumed to apply, the following design options: brass or tungsten head or no; with additional weighting lead wire or without; with different densities and different winding Palmer him of his value. Color solution can also be both monotonous and combined.

As has been noted, enozersky loach not too finicky about baits, and, of course, any other suitable flies, the main thing — to conform to the requirements of safety.

Goodbye, Varzina, hello, Drozdovka!

Before the state of a flight and the weather did not improve, and we spent the rest of the day Vitaly pool in the «home», taking the missing subjects. By 18 o’clock began to catch up campers. We also came to wrap a couple, the evening session was all clear.

As usual, after dinner hosted distribution customers camps pools, but we Vitali has not taken part in this process every evening. Alex said confidently that the next morning we will take a flight to the camp on the river Drozdovka, ended our stay at «Camp Varzina.»

It’s time to sum up the interim results of our stay in the camps of the company SPORT FISH TOUR.

We unusually, incredibly lucky — we were able to visit twice in the origins Varzim — absolutely unique Reserve, retaining its fantastic quality indicators for lake trout population. Of particular value to our trips gave that they were held at different times of open-water season. And, of course, fishing for arctic char added some bright strokes to the overall picture of our stay in this fly Eldorado.

…And it was morning, and the long-awaited helicopter arrived, and was sad farewell to Varzim and joy in anticipation of the meeting with the sea trout river Drozdovka.

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