FORGET Mnemosyne? ..

FORGET Mnemosyne? ..


Prosecutors intercede butterflies

Once upon a butterfly. Fluttering over the meadow from the beginning of May to July, feeding on nectar and pollen of meadow flowers. And no idea that people call them so beautiful — Mnemosyne, and even black Apollo. (Because they are similar to other species of butterflies, sailboats — Apollo, but without the red spots on the lower wings and smaller.) And what they considered to rare, protected species of insects included in the Red Book of Russia, butterflies, too, did not know. They simply lived. The area is ideally suited for them: hvoynolistvenny forest where finicky plant Corydalis found caterpillars, which are fed and perennial meadow vegetation under high voltage power lines. Butterflies could feel safe, and ecologists for them not to worry: the habitat of Mnemosyne, and scientifically — a geographically isolated population, was part of the specially protected natural areas (PNA) «An array of old-coniferous-deciduous forest near the village of Oaks.» The plot transmission line also applies to it — includes individually identifiable. The people there do not idly wandered, overfishing beautiful Mnemosyne could not. (For some reason, people are pretty eager to acquire ownership. Prick the pin put in the box. Put in a vase. Hung with toys. We were pleased with the three-re-couple days and then throw …)

But it happened irreparable.

In the buffer zone of transmission lines should not be higher vegetation that between the lower wire and the tops of the trees were no less than four meters of free space. Therefore, every year should be performed planned clearance. Makes it should in consultation with forestry; it is necessary to write out the logging ticket, which indicates the way to clearing — sparing in relation to a monument of nature. You can let the brush cutter or hack-sawed by hand. All works are prohibited during the spring nesting birds and autumn slush, because you can damage the layer of fertile land. It is best to let the technique of winter, snow, frost when the ground is constrained and can not be damaged.

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