Before the New Year went with friends to a restaurant for an hour. Opposite the entrance — an imitation of the village winter window. And somehow remembered childhood and fashion jewelry beneath horsemen between frames.

For these purposes, first used pine branches, cones. And yet — Christmas shiny balls. They laid on a bed of cotton wool, they sparkled and glittered in the sun lures us children fairy tales.

But then my mother began to grow especially in the summer flowers — Helichrysum, stick them in groups or singly in cotton wool between frames, decorate their icons.

The first fall near the house steps slowed and even stopped to stare at an unprecedented window decoration of our village ladies and girls. Closer to spring, they began to run into the guests, as if casually inquire seed «cones.»

The name «bumps» was assigned to the gomfrenoy spherical. She was the first-born. Then came the white gelipterumy, and after — orange gelihrizumy. And they began to assemble bouquets, which put on the shelf and dresser.

As a child I was not very fond of these bouquets, because they do not smell and nose tingled when I once again tried to smell them. And the name «Immortelle» a little scared. Later happy grew many varieties of static tse and other types of dried flowers, different in coloring, height and timing of flowering.

Children with my help, made them lower the composition in combination with a sprig of maple seeds, brush with elderberry, mountain ash, snowberry. They complement their high bouquet of autumn leaves and twigs in outdoor vases.

inserted into the box, to get a picture of flowers and the whole branches. We often were in manufacturing these simple but very effective and long-lived works of art school exhibitions and competitions.

Then craze has passed. And this kind of frame recalled childhood, cute mother’s hand, delights children of their own from the victories at competitions, the joint cultivation of flowers, realization of ideas and admiring bouquets and paintings.

Thoughtful and a little sad, I went on snow-covered city. Then he opened the door to the flower shop and bought a lot of different packets of seeds.

And now on beds, rabatkah, dried flowers adorn the lawns. And eager to get into a winter bouquet or a picture frame. And I tell them: «We’ll have to wait a little, ladies and gentlemen.»

L. Alontseva, Novokuznetsk.

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