Recently, «Yandex» has decided to entertain their members fashion infographics. On the basis of the annual gathering information about the auditions was compiled «star map» with the celestial bodies of various sizes. On four scales scale has thousands of the most sought after audience, «Yandex. Music «artists of all time.

The results were somewhat surprising. No, in the top ten, as always, feasting voice Chthon — Stae Mikhailov, Leps, Vaenga — all in the family. But this is only 30%, then begins a fun salad — or rather, the New Year Olivier. Ok, the presence of «Cinema» and Zemfira saddened, but not surprised, and that’s what this Niusha? I do not know, I have become blunt, probably will not follow the trend. Meanwhile, the volume Nyushinoy stars even more than Vysotsky, which I really have not heard too. Three overseas visitors (the same 30%) is represented by Rihanna, the group with the logo of the Kurgan Bus Plant, and Linkin Park (attention!) Michael Cretu unforgettable project with groans, sighs from the 90 — Enigma! We go ahead and increase the scale by one point.

The second tier is headed by Eminem — almost Enigma by volume. Next DJ David Guetta, children Justin Bieber with Selena Gomez, whose performance is even higher than that of Lady Gaga. Sour «Russian rock» in the face of «Spleen», «B-2» and «The King and the Clown» is still here. Strong people "Hands up! «And gentle female singer Maksim share. There is even a «Gaza» with their spouses Circle. But in general, the presence of Atlantic standards grows stronger — Basta, Noize MC, listen, Ivan Dorn already exceeded the audience of «Aria»! This is something unthinkable happens!

Unknown to me right now three of them — some American hip-hopper Flo Rida and a couple of local — Polina Gagarina and «Christmas». I forgot lovers of all sorts of «good old» — is only Queen. Other «good old» gets only in the next approximation.

By the close Queen perched retired Depeche Mode, and yet once they were registered under the category of «young frivolous music.» There was a place for humor — have stranded toiler Madonna audience is the same as that of a Murat Thagalegova (again, do not know who it is!), And the duo of guitarist Didula «Butyrka» perceptible elegant mustache, which would be the envy of Freddie Mercury.

Great is the power ballads school late 80s: Scorpions overtaken Pink Floyd, Sting, Muse, Nirvana, and even Roxette, under which also slowly circling, but already in the 90s. The «skorpionovsky» shows the result of one-hit (and he is nauseous) wonder band Nickelback. It’s amazing. Deep Purple divides his little clearing with mummers Marilyn Manson, Evanescence and Nightwish — to all of them and the road. Inflated layout Lana Del Rey butting with joy cassette Mylene Farmer. Wink and consumers of classical music — Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi and the lead is not as one would expect, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with a capacity audience, like Depeche Mode.

On the last level there is a full diversity of opinions, and analyze its leaders is not that interesting. On the contrary, it is revealing to meet here people, who by all accounts had a rocket to go to the second world as a minimum. Well, let’s say that fans of Alla Pugacheva not too friendly with streaming audio service, unlike judges Denis Maidanova. But how to explain of outputs svegera-samosvyata Timothy comparable with sweet Queen Victoria in a leather cap? Or even a complete lack of results at the «Time Machine»? Perhaps the only universal justice.

And finally, one more observation of the sensible «Yandeks.Muzyka.» Map is constructed in such a way that a number of artists found themselves with the general audience. So, guys, will look for his Pink Floyd, it’s just surrounded by Enigma, Didula, «Leningrad» and Vanessa Mae. Widest your internet channel!

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