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On the basic requirements of the new hunting regulations for the use of hunting firearms and airguns

On the hunting field again change -15 June 2012 came into effect rules of hunting in the wording of the orders of Ministry of Russia from 10.04.2012 №98; 05.09.2012 №262 and №373 from 08.11.2012. At the same time we lost the power of three decisions of the Government of the Russian Federation from July 18, 1996 «On the rules, terms and lists permitted to use tools and methods of obtaining of fauna»; on January 10, 2009 №18 «About procuring wildlife, ascribed to hunting» and on February 25th, 2009 №171 «On Amendments to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation on January 10, 2009 №18».

It should be noted that in all three canceled decisions of the Government, obviously, attempts were made as the ordering of important parameters of the process of the hunt, and perform, even fifteen years later, the specific requirements of the Federal Law «On Weapons», 1996 (Article 24, Part. 4), which states that «the right to use sporting and hunting guns are set by the legislation of the Russian Federation.» However, these attempts, possibly because of low professional level of these documents, there is no space even ordinary common sense, or for other reasons, did not last long. Again, like the best, but it turned out as always. Remember how it was covered with writing paper and broken copies of the ban, while the notorious well-deserved «automaton» hunting cartridges 7,62×39, «brother» combat 7.62mm cartridge sample 1943 during production of large ungulates, bear, as well as » for the company «somehow got here the wolf, jackal, lynx and wolverine. And what’s the point? Today, once again no such prohibition may have had nothing to «fuss»? Moreover, today again removed almost all weighty and logical restrictions on the use of weapons in hunting: Now back to the moose or a bear (if tired of living), you can go with the usual «melkashki» in the hands of forbiddenness Surely no longer return times, which are so figuratively Turgenev wrote: «In general, hunting is peculiar Russian man let peasant gun ropes though related, but a handful of gunpowder, and he will go wandering in some laptishkah the marshes, so the forest, from morning till evening. And do not think that he shot some ducks: this gun, he goes to watch the bear «at oats» …

Of course, the right to the hunter, the management of knowledge, experience and common sense, the lifting of restrictions does not prevent successful hunt. But another part of our hunting fraternity (not matter how large) — «Anarchy — the mother of order.»

We, the old hunters, it has many times passed when razdelyvaya carcasses of large hoofed animals and a bear to get out of them «melkashechnye» and pneumatic pellet, small caliber bullets, shot, chopped nails and buckshot.

It is common sense, the pursuit of the proper and humane production of game animals can be seen in the requirements of various regulatory documents to the use of hunting weapons and ammunition in many countries of Western and Central Europe, or even closer — in neighboring Belarus. Moreover, the law «On the hunt …» (Article 22, Part. 2) requires that our hunting tools of international standards. So we at least one eye, but mowing towards European neighbors. Then, if you do not thinking, why not take into account the accumulated experience of their regulation of these important issues? In Germany, for example, to hunt deer allowed cartridges with minimal kinetic energy of 1000 J at a distance of 100 m, ie starting with the .222 Rem. and higher. For deer hunting set the minimum size of 6.5 mm at E100 least 2000 J, and so forth. Or look in the hunting rules of the Republic of Belarus — solid, reasonable, taking into account national traditions of hunting and hunting culture regulatory document We have all the preconditions have the same, but we see is something invented and few needs.

And now, in the first instance on the basis of the specifics of the weapons magazine, make an attempt to briefly survey the main requirements of the new Rules of hunting in the wording of the above orders Russian Ministry of Natural Resources in 2012 in relation to the lawful use of firearms and hunting airguns on our hunt. However, a list of requirements will not be exhaustive for the country because the law «On Hunting» and Rules indicate that a higher official of the subject of the Russian Federation (head of the supreme executive body of state power of a subject of the Russian Federation), along with certain types of permitted hunting is entitled to set and parameters of the hunt in the territory of the RF subject, which may also contain restrictions on the use of hunting weapons. Confirmation of the possibility of such a «regulation» is Article 22, h. 1 of the Law «On Hunting», which determines the «establishment of acceptable for hunting guns …». A tool of this law recognizes hunting firearms ascribed to hunting weapons in accordance with the law «On Weapons», as well as ammunition, traps and other devices, appliances, equipment used for hunting. Thus, hunting weapons including Fire smooth, including the length of the threaded portion of not more than 140 mm, firearms with a rifled barrel, fire combined (rifled and smooth-bore), including with replaceable and supplementary rifled barrel; pneumatic with muzzle energy of not more than 25 J, and cold bladed (the law «On Weapons» 1996, Article 3).

Referring to the hunting regulations. Rules set (p. 3) that the implementation of hunting with hunting firearms and / or pneumatic gun hunter must have permission to keep and bear hunting weapons and to show it, as well as hunting tools on-demand to the officials concerned. It also noticed that now guard ranger, hunting expert, director of the farm or other authorized person in the exercise of ohotopolzovatelya production control hunting have the right to verify the hunter only permits the extraction of resources and hunting tours (Sec. 3.3.1 Regulation of hunting). That is, permission for weapons and weapons of getting yourself checked hunter this category officials do not trust rules — leave without comment. Only I can not give here a statement about this one very important at the time and a very great lady, later turned ministershey caught stealing, one of the TV channels: «Yes to me (!) Each egerishka checked …». Today, it is already out of work, and even on the run abroad, but it sounded principle applies today. The official word documentary and such — «ranger» — today, probably no longer as «game manager.» Private hunting ground guard guarding and security guards; ohotustroystvo biotechnological and often — on paper, but in the bodies of regulation and supervision of the use of some «experts». And somewhere in the range of a single hunter rushes … sad picture is …

From the old version of the Rules of Order of the Ministry of Environment 10.04.2012 №98 out of the question turned out to be important for the hunter paragraph 3.5, specifies that in the case of moving from hunting with firearms (air) guns for hunting grounds, or other areas, is the habitat of game animals, without the permission of prey hunting resource, not to be able to hunt, should be transported separately from the ammunition uncharged, unloaded at the store zachehlёnnogo hunting weapons. Such movement of the hunter on any lands to the place of the upcoming hunting, for example, or ohotbazu or to the railway station and the like, of course, was not considered hunting. And now the Rules do not provide guidance on this, one of the most urgent for the everyday life of hunting, and for legal practice aspect Indeed, the extremes — the extreme. And the fact that para. 49 of the Rules allow the presence of the hunter in «foreign» lands without a permit for the extraction and tickets to them, with zachehlёnnym weapons in the event of search and revocation of hunting dogs, pushed for an animal or bird to another territory — in fact considered above question nothing It does not change the Hunter heading for the forest or field track with all his hunting belongings and dog on the hunting or returning from a hunting trip in the transport hub, the stop state hunting inspector, police officer or forest protection, conduct inspections of all things, and in the absence of authorization to production and vouchers, would remove guns and hunting products, constitute an administrative offense with all the consequences. And all just because of the fact that the legislator, namely — Ohotdepar-partment MNR has not entered into the rules of the relevant standards and how to be here, and whether Mr. AE Bersenёva explanation for this?

Let’s look at the list of measures — restrictions to ensure safety in the hunting set out in paragraph 16 of the Rules. Not quite intelligible to me seems a requirement of the first subparagraph, which prohibits «to mine hunting animals with hunting firearms and / or airguns closer than 200 meters from the property.» Mining, according to the Federal Law «On the hunt …», it is «catching or shooting hunting resources» (Article 1). In this connection the question arises — is it possible to carry out the hunt, and simply — to hunt within 200 meters of a dwelling, as hunting, following the law — is «activities related to the search, stalking, harassment hunting resources, their extraction, primary processing and transportation» ? Or is the logic — is permitted that is not forbidden?

The next four chapters Rules: «II. Requirements for hunting hoofed animals «; «III. Requirements for bear hunting «; «IV Requirements for the hunting of fur-bearing animals»; «V Requirements for hunting upland game, steppe and field game, swampy meadow game, mountain game and other game» the use of firearms and airguns are not regulated, except for one requirement in Sec. 42, «Woodcock hunting is carried out with the use of hunting Fire smooth-bore weapons. » Agree, a fellow hunter, it is not the most topical installation. Requirements for hunting with dogs hunting breeds and birds of prey: in Chapter VI of the Regulation contains provisions for search and recall hunter his dog from «foreign» territory — he «must have ammo (ammunition) separately from zachehlёnnogo and discharged hunting firearms (air) weapon with the exception of the transoms wounded game animals. » «Shells» in this case, perhaps, be understood as pellets for an air rifle …

And finally, the head of «VII. Requirements for catching and shooting of game animals «, two points which regulate important aspects of the use of hunting weapons. Thus, para. 52.6 prohibits shooting shot or buckshot on ungulates, or bears, except for the use of the fraction (canister) with a diameter of at least five millimeters for shooting musk deer, roe deer and wild reindeer, ie fraction smaller than №4 / 0 (0000). Incidentally, the diameter of the canister for our guests and always more than 5 mm. Therefore, the second part of the requirements would be more correct to state as «… except for the use of the fraction with a diameter of 5 mm and grapeshot …». Well is not how it happened.

Paragraph 52.8 prohibits «the use of crossbows, wary of fire, air and missile weapons falling peak hooks, trapping pits,» undercut «,» shoes «and other samolovov that can harm a person.»

Also completely banned the use of loops (n. 52.9), which in some cases have been resolved in the old version of the Rules. Of course, it prohibited the use of explosives, flammable liquids, gases and electrical power (Sec. 52.12).

And the penultimate chapter — «VIII. Restrictions on hunting. » Here, n. 53.1 of the Rules prohibits — literally, «being in a hunting area in (on) motor vehicles, aircraft, and swimming facilities with the motor running, including not stop moving by inertia after turning off the engine with uncovered or charged, or having cartridges (shells) in the store hunting firearms (air) weapon … «. Everything is loud and clear. Further, it prohibited «the use of firearms hunting long guns with rifled barrels and rifled hunting firearms combined weapons for hunting game birds, except for the implementation of the hunting of mountain and upland game within the time specified in paragraph 41 of this Regulation.» Let’s see, on what concretely and when birds can be hunted with a rifled barrel. By the mountain game these Rules referred partridges and ular, but to upland — capercaillie, black grouse, hazel grouse, white and tundra partridge and woodcock. Woodcock is excluded from this list — p. 42 determines that hunting is carried out only with shotguns. In terms of the use of rifles to hunt the mountain and upland game (except woodcock) applied the requirements of para. 41 — «Other terms of hunting for game birds», which means — only permitted summer-autumn and winter hunting (by region and set hunting seasons, pp Rules 41.1-41.6).

Regulations prohibit the use for shooting game birds fraction (canister) larger than 5 mm in diameter, as well as a bullet — a very important point, especially for fans of «heavy duty» shooting, especially when hunting geese.

The requirements of paragraph 53.5 it is determined that any collective hunting (two or more hunters — p. 5) prohibits the use of semi-automatic weapons with a magazine capacity of more than five rounds. Many fans of the self-loading weapons will have to reconsider its arsenal with respect to compliance with this requirement of the Regulations. It seems to me reasonable demand and long overdue. Any amateur «postrelyalki» and some small sport — one hunting still more.

And now the most interesting. This refers to the question of the teeth on edge, artificially imposed, fictional, which stretches from the time of the adoption of the law «On Weapons» — the inclusion of airguns up to 25 J in the category of hunting. Russian hunters never hunted with pneumatics, not for that, no traditions, no accumulated experience. It may not be someone and common sense. We must believe the deputies and the creators of the law for themselves, loved ones worked. Well, we sometimes — Give only, we will go on a bear …

So, the rules of hunting allowed to use or how they interpret the «apply» (in fact the weapon used in very different circumstances) pneumatic hunting gun (to me and it is not clear — only a rifle, or also guns) only for hunting squirrel, flying squirrel , chipmunk, turtle doves, grouse and crows, in the case of the latter referring to the laws of the subjects of the Russian Federation of hunting resources. What can I say — the law is the law. Just to have enough common sense themselves have these «hunters».

And finally, the most popular (among officials, apparently) «hunting» with a trustee name — «regulation of the number.» The text of the Rules of the «type of hunting» is named 10 times, it can be practiced throughout the calendar year, during the hunt for the wolf, jackal and fox are allowed to use motor vehicles and any aircraft. When hunting for other objects of hunting are allowed to use electronic Manco, as well as any lighting devices for hunting birds. I raised the issue of an ulterior motive about this kind of hunting, as well as on the other two, very specific and narrowly targeted — for research and educational activities. Practice has shown significant, to say the extent of abuse occurring in the issuance of permits, the organization and conduct of these «kinds of hunting.» But this is a separate issue.

Pleased with the fact that the compilers of the Regulation had the wisdom of this time is not taken to regulate the use of this type of hunting weapons as cold bladed and not laugh hunters.

In other many aspects — terms, regions, game species, the methods, the special conditions of hunting, etc. Rules contain specific rules and requirements of the hunt, and their addition and completion of this Charter may be hunting.


Minded taken and repealing rules and regulations governing hunting activities in Russia eloquently characterizes the professional level of management of the sector, which actually lives in itself, as a set of certain self-regulating community in the worst sense of the word organizations razdёlёnnyh on a territorial basis with their traditions and unwritten rules.

In some area of ​​hunting rules common sense to some — greed, but somewhere — lawlessness. But chaos and affect hunting on adjacent businesses. For example, trade in civilian weapons and ammunition.

For that year, mess with the summer fires, or rather the failure to prevent them, to anticipate and to stop, adversely affects the situation with the presence of a proper range of hunting ammunition in regional stores that are careful to place advance orders for ammunition factories in anticipation of the opening / no the opening of the autumn hunting. In turn, the cartridge factory deprived not only of orders and scheduling capabilities, which is detrimental to any production.

So when, in a rare Fortunately, a week before the opening of the hunting takes place team «can», hunting sometimes bandoliers filled with a random set of cartridges on the principle of ‘what is’, despite the fact that the proposed domestic plants range of seasonal rounds incredibly broad.

Did someone in the bureaucratic summit of such a statement? The fact that hunters need to prepare for the hunt, check weapons, ammunition, their own skills? I doubt it … But the fact that in our country is working on the development of the hunting culture, I am absolutely sure. And the questions raised in this article, editor of our hunting and sports Rimantas Noreika proof.

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