Fry potatoes cucumber …

Fry potatoes cucumber ...

Chayote in the garden I grow more than 15 years. Today it is a major vegetable crops in my garden. For all these years I have never had while growing chayote face his disease or pests. Fruits chayote grows before our eyes and reach maturity in 7-10 days. On my site Mexican cucumbers grow to 700-800, the Mexican cucumber was grown seedling method I, and planted in the ground directly to the seed. Cutting the cucumber lengthwise, take out the seeds, wrap in a damp cloth, then in plastic and stored in a refrigerator at a temperature of + 3 + 5 degrees. Thus seeds can be stored for several months.

Chayote — a perennial plant, but my experience shows that in our conditions, it is best grown as an annual.

I tried to eat chayote tubers, like they do in Mexico (with one plant you can dig more than a kilogram, and it was a pity that «good is lost»). They are in appearance similar to a potato, elliptical shape, from 50 to 250 g, with white flesh and brown skin. But being cooked in salted water, they were tasteless. But fried in olive oil like.

Chayote can be grown in the room, permitting coverage — in the presence of large windows on the sunny side. To do this, the fruit or seed is placed in a large flower pot, but better — in a wooden tub.

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