Game Open Doors.

Game Open Doors.

In the world of strategy games Acclaim known name is about as bad as, say, Accolade. Father mother countless sports simulations, once good "mochilok «and foggy "Turk «rarely turns his gaze in our direction.

When it does happen, we get at least something unusual: a variation on the theme of Magic the Gathering or simulator superintendent … Soon we get acquainted with another creation Acclaim — Machines. Real-time strategy, and the fact that neither has a full 3D, but perhaps there are options?

Nothing fundamentally new this time is expected. Construction of databases, upgrades, and production of robots — a fascinating process, vaguely familiar from previous installments of the series. The difference is how it will be filed. 3D in the game many, many — and developers are turning to him skillfully, the benefit of vast experience behind him. The action takes place on three levels — "bird’s-eye», "on the floor «and

"inside the robot. » The presence of the latter species does not mean that Machines will turn into action with "elements «as the Uprising or Battlezone. Developers swear allegiance to the strategic genre and first-person introduced to … go inside the buildings. It is interesting!

Images are allowed to shake in all directions, zoom in and out — the image of the game look pretty convincing. Yet Turok, of course, but not shabby Dominant Species. Right "fog of war «slightly blurs the image on the border of visibility, and a large distance makes parts virtually indistinguishable. Numerous special effects reminiscent wonderful Robo Rumble, and if "all «to work quickly to solve claimed 200MMX and Direct3D-compatible accelerator with 4 MB of memory will be just fine.

Command "machines «under your leadership moves from planet to planet, sweeping away everything in its path, he does not want to accept the humanity with open arms. Each planet — a mission order of the missions defined in advance, but in some solar systems offer the player to choose "We start with someone. » Some missions are at night — that is to say in a very limited scope. Here, obviously, will come in handy specialized units, of which the game will be a lot.

Multiplayer part of the game supports up to 4 people on a local area network and the Internet. Like the single missions, multiplayer-merrymaking will take place in an open area, inside buildings or on space platforms a la StarCraft.

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