To say that the game Codename: Eagle focuses on consoles, so — to say nothing. Even in the screenshots visible all the charm of its proprietary «engine», a kind of accelerated-light version Hidden & Dangerous. The plot — an alternative history to the «Russian theme», and indeed, this seriously superproject no one took. So simple rasslabon on the snowy expanses of the vast country, primitive, to give children with head of sugar a bit of sugar.

But life turned out very even nothing. At this point, I have been authorized to make a short statement to the side: Codename: Eagle, apparently, will be the most worthy of knee-oriented shooter of all that has ever come out on the PC. Stupid joke, of course, thank you for this good, we almost relieved. But more serious statement: looks like on consoles and «Eagle» will be the most significant FPS-event since the Golden Eye. Pierce Brosnan scowling glances with a small and dingy shelves with old N65 — a toy in its own way is not bad, sorry, that’s not about us. I must say the product Refraction distinguishes the same spirit of espionage. By starving the moon

See there is not much to see — a harsh but life minimalism by raseyskoy wilderness. Rustic hut peacefully coexist with steel hangars at military bases, to the stars voskurivaetsya smoke from the chimneys of prey soaring beams of searchlights. Barbed wire, bunkers and bridges guarded with barriers in red and white stripes, and in the sky — the star fields, the full moon, the icy eyes northern night.

Somehow they managed to make the moonlight playing on the trunk of a huge revolver uncertain brand that dashing spy in the flying fur hat put forward in shaking little hands. This revolver — a work of art, no joke: there and turn the drum, and a movable trigger, and a reflection of the natural satellite in the trunk and a heavy matte cheeks, persuasive design. The rifle is worse, though with visible red cartridge in the chamber, but no knife at all. There are nice little grenades with markings … Oh! All promised alternative music is available: double-headed eagles on the technique characteristic Shishaki portrait of Nicholas II, and gold watch on a chain-Breguet. Tsarism as the tsarist government, and we are doubly pleased: we respected, shvedy …

Fighters in dress uniforms and pointy helmets with some even bearing guards properly run and roll. Spectacular shots and flash it to the enemy: zhutchayshim German accent Nizhny Novgorod; accurate return fire leaves disheveled black figurine lying in the snow. In the melee in contact with Russian uniform like balloon explodes with blood — tiny dark spray. It is a pity that the lifeless bodies of soon leaving only round pools of blood.

Movies about the war

I sincerely surprised to find that «first look» at Codename: Eagle migrated to BB favorite cell «materials that had to pass the day before yesterday.» Frank entity with the sole mission to seamlessly uplel a lot of time, all the hurdy-gurdy playing, playing and playing, but I’m not complaining, because every hour ugrohali was extremely interesting. In fact, we have a very successful stylized jingoistic militarist pathetic fighter, rather in the spirit of «Guns of Navarone», rather than «Dirty Dozen.» The brave commando parachutes, a revolver makes a dozen enemies with rifles and captures the motorcycle. He rushes to the goal, skipping bridges, rattled punching red and white barriers and sweeping security. The director’s formula of wild, but lovely — no one even outraged, that the heir Mallory was still alive, although the bike under him so beautiful blown, crashing into the goal. Life without the vehicle impossible: beat queues of bunker guards shouting rushing on the trail — only speed can save a fugitive.

It has fallen to brake the truck off the road, blinded by headlights and fool-driver took us for her. Dismantled, he grabbed his rifle, shot in the face but quickly reassured him. Ho, ho, now we have a shotgun! Because of him and shoot. Then — the usual diversantskaya jobs opened the boxes, took the equipment, set fire to the car and retreated to the mountains.

Etc. in the same glorious spirit — shooting spotlights, general alarm, the defeat of the base with machine guns captured tank. Dying with a plaintive yelp Dobermans and grenades thrown into the snow. Aimed at London ballistic missile ripped five seconds before the start, and the miraculous rescue comer «Fokker». In general, correct kinoshka very good result achieved with minimal means — just what you need for consoles …

We saw at least there the brilliant hit Metal Gear Solid? In vain. We need to look.

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