About how the capital of Azerbaijan has become one of the most «green» cities in the world, he said in an interview with our correspondent L. Gerchikova first secretary of the Party Committee of Baku Vagif Huseynov Aliev.

From Moscow to Baku — fly a little less than three hours. But in front of me during that time flew nearly six decades. Deciding to better prepare for the upcoming interview, I stocked up quite a lot of reference material and as soon as the plane took off, opened one of them — faded from time to time «Guide to the Caucasus» published yet, as they say, «when it is.» Author anxiously warn future travelers: «Baku Beach — the lack of greenery, bad water, tropical heat in the summer and cruel» Nord «in the winter …» And, apparently, not relying on the fact that his own opinion may seem quite authoritative, it reinforces his authority Anton Chekhov, who visited here at the end of the last century: «Over a million would not agree to live in Baku. How do people live there? «

I save the old guide and open today. «During the Soviet period the volume of industrial production in Baku increased by 152 times … The population has increased by 12 times … For every ten thousand inhabitants (as it is in a» population «of an industrial city! — LG) account for almost 50 people, centenarians … «And here’s another note:» In each of Baku account for 20 square meters of green — much more than in London or Paris. » To more visualize a «green sea», multiply 20 square meters and a half million — the number of inhabitants, and then I think you will agree with the words of Henri Barbusse, «If I were asked what the most surprising, affects not only her friends, but the enemies of Soviet power made I would say: look at Baku! For nowhere as in Baku, can not see the gap between Striking lawlessness, slavery and poverty of yesterday and today’s happiness. «

…Imperceptibly passed two and a half hours. The plane comes in to land. The neighbor — my old friend, the famous oilman, Hero of Socialist Labor, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Israfil Huseynov — are not detached from the window.

— What’s this really interesting? — Sprashivayu.- you are in fact the forest of oil derricks every day you can see …

— Uh, my dear — a sly smile Huseynov — behind you in life, you see, for a long time we did not. Now the «forest of towers» just off the plane and you can see. And I’m on the ground for these trees sometimes do not immediately find the drill.

— Kidding? ..

— What kid? — Huseynov rejected in his chair. — Look yourself…

I moved up to the porthole. Black peak oil rigs under the wing of the aircraft rapidly masked strokes green cypresses, poplars, pines …

Quite true. These are the years of the most characteristic scale and intensity of operations. But also characterized by the fact that now we can not, and do not want to stop there.

Speaking recently at the 44th Party Conference Baku, a candidate member of the Politburo, the first secretary of the Central Committee of Azerbaijan Communist Party comrade Geidar Aliev said: «For ten years, the green areas in the city have expanded by 3.4 times and reached 9.6 thousand hectares . Created green areas throughout the city. At all stages of this work we took an active part in excess of 5 million people. We, comrades, have overturned their job forecasts of our experts, which provided for the year 2000 to bring the area of ​​green space public in Baku up to 23 square meters per inhabitant. Today we already have 20 square meters of forests per capita, while in 1970 the figure was only 6.5 square meters. Thus, the need to make new calculations to the year two thousand. As for the eleventh five-year plan, there is, I believe, need to have an approach that everything that was created at the tenth five-year plan, it is necessary to adopt the plan and put the plan to perform the task for three years. «

— It turns out that in the «green calendar Baku» 2000 was a year?

— No. In 2000, the main indicator — the amount of green space per inhabitant of the city — is to come to 30 square meters. But the day tomorrow, as you know, it laid today. And with regard to green areas it is true in a literal sense. For the tree to grow, we need more than one year. And in our case — even more so.

— Vagif Aliyev, it may be wise to do here-not a great retreat, at least for those readers whose representation in Baku — still southernmost city on the sea?

— Of course, the sea. Yet not only the district of Baku, but also the entire territory of the Absheron Peninsula — typical of the semi-desert of Eastern Transcaucasia! And besides, even very densely «populated» the oil companies, oil refining, chemical industry. And they are even equipped with the most modern means of treatment of industrial waste, as yet, alas, are the sources of pollution and soil and water, and air. Add to that the natural conditions in the semi-desert water scarcity, and it becomes clear how difficult it is, we put, and most importantly, to grow, to save the tree.

And here I am particularly pleased to note that to overcome these difficulties have helped themselves from Baku. They are so enthusiastic and dedication have taken for the implementation of the slogan «turn Baku into a garden city!», Which for several years literally «clothe» the center in a green outfit. A planting of oil fields and at all is beyond description. After all these places from time immemorial been a black stamp on the body of the city and were virtually lost. Even the most optimistic dubiously shook their heads when we started planting here Eldar pine, Spanish broom, oriental plane tree, evergreen shrubs. And it took root, and grow up! You have seen from the plane, «forest» of oil rigs almost drowned in this forest.

— All of this is worthy of wonder. However, I think that the mere enthusiasm of all of this would not be able to raise. After all, the enthusiasm, as we know, brings good results when resting on a solid foundation of calculation, knowledge, finally, the ability to direct it in the right direction, is not it? I want to say that, probably, it was not enough simply to plant trees, it was necessary to know exactly what kind of rock where the plant is?

not all the republics of our multinational country.

Take, for example, parks, a ring that Baku is now virtually surrounded. The design of this «environment» was developed at our request by experts of the Institute «Soyuzgiproleskhoz.» And everything has been done considering it apsheronskih problems that we have mentioned.

Parks are divided into three categories: sanitary protection, suburban and resort. The first group of parks were created ten years ago and today has formed a sort of first green circle. And in the second and third green ring with time closes its suburban and resort parks.

And not so long ago learned that the park by the lake Djeiran Bata gather mushrooms. The uninitiated say: eka wonder ?! But this is the lake was salty savory. Around — the desert salt flats. We desalinate the lake. And next — a beautiful park is divided into 800 hectares. Here in this forest park and collect mushrooms buckets of Baku today.

And we rejoiced when the lake Chaplygel first caught carp. Imagine: the lake is not only full of salt, but also in the waste oil. The work here has done a lot, but the fact is that in the forest park Chaplygel is now crowded, and on the shore — fishermen with fishing rods …

— Vagif Aliyev, now you say all the time: desalinate the lake, built in the park pond, broken park. And all this — with a certain water deficit. Where did the water come from? That version of the old wells, which I’ve heard so amazing that looks like a fairy tale …

— Well, if it’s a fairy tale, that’s just one of those that we are destined to do come true. Although the story — really not quite normal. One of the difficulties of gardening, as you rightly pointed out, the lack of fresh water. Especially this is so hot southern city. And here at the suggestion of the Office of green farming Bakgorispolkoma unusual raid was launched. Employees management made a detailed list of old-timers Baku, those who have come under a hundred years … And they went to these people with one question: whether they remember about the famous hand-wells, of which before, when there was no running water in Baku, to draw water? It turned out — remember! So a summary map of these wells, and after some time we spent their certification. Then we put the pumps and «earned» wells-timers. Now they are only in the town of about 150. Moreover, all the cars are filled watering just at the wells, the water is also passed to the builders, the enterprises of the city. In addition to the water, «connected» full nursery Office of green economy, a number of greenhouses. And the work of scouts wells continues to this day: only in 1981 entered into operation another 130 such water «filling stations».

— I was told about another reserve irrigation: experience of use for these purposes of sea water …

— Imagine an ordinary garden: growing here and grenades and Eldar pine and olive. Immediately plot with tomatoes, maize, sorghum … just poured all the water of the Caspian Sea. All of this — a reality. We in Baku has a garden. He was five years old, summarized the first experiences. For example, Eldar pine and sorghum perfectly respond to the water of the sea. Conducted an experiment on the mixed water — a «cocktail» willingly accept Oleaceae Trees categorically «reject» Caspian water in its purest form. Experiments are ongoing, planned to put into operation another 15 thousand hectares.

— Surprise — so surprising! It is time to even mention the Baku recreation area, specifically — a herbal medicine.

— What is herbal medicine? Treatment of smells of flowers and plants. Founder of the Zone of health, her genuine enthusiast Professor Shukur Hasanov has allocated half a dozen plants … healing the sick. Among them — such vysokotselebnye as santomin, rosemary, bay laurel … Santomin, for example, used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, rosemary — respiratory diseases, it helps with sclerosis Laurel, geranium — treats insomnia, «fighting» high blood pressure. But we must not think that by putting home geraniums, you can force it to «remove» insomnia. The health zone controlled plants: a special mineral dressings, biostimulants, even conventional medicine. And they, the plants, and then to help people. So it turns out — instead of pills — smell the flowers …

— Well, the last question, Vagif Aliev. The challenge facing the city — run Eleventh Five-Year for three years — is very difficult. How is it decided?

— The task is indeed difficult, but it is said: together business disputes. Green five years Baku creates all population of half a million of our city. And so now planted almost all districts of Baku, preparatory works on the vast slopes near the village Bilajari. More than 30 hectares of land on the slopes take Yasamalinskoy valley, they enter into the green motorway leading from Baku to the airport in Buzovna, Mardakan. Planting material is delivered from the regions of the republic, from many cities of the country.

This year we have a special — the country prepares to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the glorious Soviet Union. And we gladly show guests of the beautiful park named symbolically — «Friendship of Peoples.» It is noteworthy that the park was built in the days when we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the USSR. All areas of the city have here the sponsored areas: to land, take care of them. Each Union Republic is represented alley — there are trees and flowers literally from all over the Soviet Union. Today, the park of Friendship — true, of flowers and trees, a monument. Monument unity of the people, their eternal brotherhood.

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