The most important fur-bearing animals, mined in Kyrgyzstan, is a groundhog. According to long-term data, the country gives up to 43% of the all-Union pieces of fur-bearing animals. On the territory of Kyrgyzstan, home to three species of marmots: gray or Tien Shan, long-tailed, or red, and marmot Menebira. The largest trade value has gray marmot.

To increase productivity in Surcin fishery is very important transport. When traveling by car, motorcycle or horse, hunter spends less time and physical energy for transportation, placement and testing traps. He can arrange the traps over a larger area, check them often and rearrange. In this connection it is necessary to resolve the issue of providing hunters with contracts for the delivery of furs, vehicles and organize the sale of them for cash vehicles, mainly motorcycles with sidecars.

Term fishing marmots installed in Kyrgyzstan from 15 July to the occurrence of animals in hibernation. In marmots that live high in the mountains, molt ends later than animals noryaschihsya on the lower mountain areas. The colonies of marmots, which are at a height of more than 3 thousand. Meters above sea level, the hunters start to earn one only at the beginning of August.

In the years of the average number of marmots when you install 40- 50 hunter traps daily catches of 10-15 animals.

Extracted from the skins of marmots shoot formation, acid-salt canned manner and placed in the pack. With carcasses cut external and internal fat. In a special boiler trim the fat drips out and peretoplenny poured into a clean container. With a marmot on average, 0.5 liters of fat.

Procurement organizations marmot fat does not take, in connection with which the hunters sell it on the market. Sale of fat gives hunters a major part of the income received from the marmot hunting. In addition to fat, from every Groundhog receive an average of about 2 kg of meat, which can be used as food or as feed to fur animals on fur farms. Unfortunately, the meat of marmots often no use.

In the Kirghiz SSR Surcin all lands reserved for Kirgizpotrebsoyuzom. It distributes procuring land between district offices. Every year before the start of meetings of regional fisheries hunters and hunting organizers. They adjusted the plan set for the coming season, and clarify the boundaries of designated wetlands. Then Drill district office on the transport delivers full-time and seasonal hunters who have signed contracts for the delivery of furs in the tract reserved for fishing. During fishing hunters usually live in tents or in nearby towns.

Fishing marmots better to together, but many hunters prefer to deal with them individually. Some hunters apply to the fisheries division of labor. Most skilled hunter catches marmots, and his assistant, often a member of his family is engaged in processing harvested animals and ancillary works. This increases productivity and improves the living conditions during harvesting. At the end of the season harvesting the district office of export from the land of hunters, gear and fishing products.

Employees of hunting is necessary to better promote the trap fishery marmots, as it has distinct advantages over shooting the animals with firearms. When a trap method of extraction provides a higher productivity, the skins are of better quality, there is no aimless destruction of marmots. Catching traps you can take from a population of individuals with the best cloth, which is particularly important at the beginning of the fishery, when ingested part neperelinyavshih animals.

Until now, the country is permitted and widely practiced shooting small-caliber rifles of marmots, which leads to the death of a significant amount of wasted injured animals. As long as there is not enough reliable data on how many percent of marmot dies from injuries sustained in burrows. According to poll information received from hunters, the figure is more than half of shot animals. After all, in order to kill a marmot small-bore rifle, you need to get it right on the head, the only part of the brain, where the motor and respiratory centers. Contact in the front part of the head or the body does not lead to instant death, groundhog time to hide in a hole.

For a more rational use of marmots in the coming years need to switch completely to the trap fishery, providing new high-quality hunting traps. Again, it is important to address the issue of hunting vehicles.

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