Healing love

Healing love

15 reasons to have sex as often as possible

You doubt? Let’s try to convince you. Have you come to the doctor complaining of deterioration of the skin (abscesses, acne), or «chronic fatigue,» or frequent headaches, high blood pressure and irritability, and he wondered what about the sex lives. Anyway, thoughtful and considerate doctor must take an interest. The fact that it is firmly connected.

After a quick survey of doctors of different specialties, we have compiled a list of healthy (beneficial) advantages of having sex. So enjoy the health, feeling full of fun. Here are some effect on the body has a sex:

1 Reduce Stress

If you often feel nervous overload and relax all the efforts, including auditory training and breathing exercises, do not allow you to get rid of nervousness and anxiety, come to the aid of sex — the best way to take the stress nature has not yet been invented! How does this happen? Sexual pleasure brings not only physical but also emotional satisfaction, significantly raising the mood that, undoubtedly, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Sexual stimulation activates the production of dopamine, a substance that is produced in the brain and compete with stress hormones, blocking them. But that’s not all! At the peak of sexual satisfaction pituitary secretes endorphins, the so-called hormones of joy, and oxytocin released into the blood during orgasm. This valuable substance is also known as the hormone of love and desire.

In a study published in the journal Science («Science») The results of tests on rats. The team found that sexually active rats were less anxious than rats not interested in the opposite sex. But humans, unlike animals, in addition to sexual desire and passion during sex have a feeling of tenderness and love. This not only emotional but also on the physiological plane is very useful for all functions.

2 keep fit

Sex is a good and enjoyable substitute for sports exercises. Making love can be fully considered as a form of physical activity. During intercourse, certain changes in your body that are similar to those during fitness training. You’ve probably noticed that your breathing quickens, and then a sense of light physical fatigue. If you have sex three times a week for at least 15 minutes, while you expend about 7,500 calories a year. This is equivalent to running at a distance of 120 km! Heavy and deep breathing during the same 15 minutes, increases the amount of oxygen in the cells, and testosterone, which is actively produced during sex helps to strengthen muscles and bones.

3 normalizes blood pressure

Hugs, sensual touch and the sexual act itself have a beneficial effect on blood pressure.

4 Strengthens the immune system

Trying to protect yourself from seasonal colds? Sex is a response to fight colds and other health problems, sex can boost your immune system. The level of immunoglobulin A, which is able to protect against colds and other viral infections, is activated when you have sex often.

5 Rejuvenates

Making love three times a week, you’ll look at least 10 years younger, say researchers from Scotland. «If you have sex with a partner of a harmonious, satisfying, it can be compared to the anti-aging therapy,» — says David Weeks, a neuropsychiatrist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, who has studied and described beneficial, rejuvenating influence of sex in his book «Secrets supermolodosti.» Making love a beneficial effect on the digestive system (yes, oddly enough), improve the color and elasticity of the skin.

6 Supports the heart muscle

Did you know that sex is good for the heart? On one condition: when it comes to intimacy with your partner, whom you know well and trust. And this applies both to women and to men. So sex can be recommended even for the purpose of training the heart muscle. Of course, provided that permits physician. Research carried out by British experts, showed that between the frequency of sex, and likely to get a heart attack in men, which after a certain age, they usually fear was not due.

7 eases the pain

You often have a stomach ache for PMS, suffers from headaches or joint pain? Sex can act as a pain reliever, again through the action of oxytocin. Studies show that sexual pleasure reduces pain. Oxytocin activates the opdorfinov which, in turn, send signals, «I have not hurt» in the relevant centers in the brain. But if you are experiencing back pain, it is best to consult a doctor.

8 reduces the risk of prostate cancer

Regular ejaculation (ejaculation) significantly reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer. The results of studies of Australian experts suggest that men have an orgasm 2-3 times a week, much less been cases of cancer. This is reinforced by the next set of independent studies.

9 strengthens the pelvic floor muscles

During sex loaded several muscle groups, but is especially important for women that regular sexual life helps them to develop and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. After all, these muscles support and strengthen the walls of the bladder. In addition, trained «lower» muscles improve the quality of intimate relationships and serve as prevention of uterine prolapse. You can train the muscles of the pelvic and further — with the help of Kegel exercises.

10 Protects prostate

The basic amount of seminal fluid produced by the prostate gland. If the liquid is not consumed, it remains in the gland, it may swell and thicken causing many problems. A regular intimate relations contribute to the volume and quality of sperm. The fact is that regular sex promotes a more intensive development of ejaculate and sperm renewal. In the reverse situation — when we can speak of stagnation — an increased risk of DNA damage.

11 It is the release of certain hormones is due to the feeling of calm and relaxation that occurs after sexual intercourse — what experts call post-coital relaxation.

12 normalizes cycle

It has long been proved that the measured and active sex life has beneficial effects on the menstrual cycle. This kind of «esprit de corps»: regulates sex hormone production, which, in turn, regulate the menstrual cycle. A harmonious sexual relations, as mentioned above, help neutralize the stress and strain that a devastating effect on the reproductive function of the body. In addition, better and safer sex than tablets.

13 serves the prevention of erectile dysfunction

About half of men over 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction. And almost all young men with fear thinking about the occurrence of the moment when any physical difficulties at the thought of having sex «first demand». Did you know that the best way of treatment at the first signs of developing impotence — is sex? Doctors compared the sexual possibilities with sports reflex: the more you train, the more successful you are able to achieve.

It extends the life of 14 years

A healthy heart, strong muscles, increased circulation of oxygen and positive emotions are an important factor that added years of life to us. Together, these factors provide a tangible impact, they are closely intertwined.

15 Increases confidence and strengthens proximity

The hormone oxytocin affects our senses. Thanks to him, the partners are experiencing not only physical pleasure, but also a sense of special closeness and trust. By the way, as shown by experiments of German psychologists, such a «oxytocin» reaction occurs mainly in long-term partners, involving long-term relationship.

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