Health Tips

Health Tips

Vexing problem

Until then, I was worn out in childhood and adolescence with warts! And they were in my arms and neck. Feel free to once again go out even. I helped the recipe suggested by a neighbor aunt Dusya. She was already 80 years old, probably, and she knew a lot of recipes from all sorts of misfortunes.

My mother took the root of horseradish, skip it through a meat grinder, squeeze the juice out of the mix, mix it in equal proportions with salt. Then I rubbed the resulting solution into each wart, trying not to fall to a healthy skin. She was treated so every day: first wart dried up. And then all went.

When warts juice of celandine helps good: it must be carefully every day to rub the wart.

CLAY angina

My son often sick, about two months ago, again suffered a sore throat. And he, in addition to pain in the throat, often hurts and submandibular region. We always keep all doctor’s prescription: gargle, squirting the medicine, if necessary, drink tablets. And from pain in the submandibular area, I applied the clay packs.

She took the red clay (we have it in his career, far from home, but you can buy, I think), a little soaked with water (it was dryish). Then crumpling to such an extent as to make tortillas. 2 tortillas wrapped in a cloth, apply on both sides of the patient area, strengthened the top film and tucked up. Compress held

2 hours, then washed off. Clay threw. Repeat this every day for a week.


I know that many women bring considerable inconvenience dark spots on the face. I myself suffered with them for years. What I did not tried. And it helped me to remedy suggested by a friend.

We need to take 1 tbsp. spoonful of hydrogen peroxide and a little ammonia (2 drops). All quickly and thoroughly. Then evenly apply on face. Hold until until tingling. Then wash off the mask with water. Use this mask no more than 1 times a day until complete cleansing.

yellow «doctor»

My mother is 10 years as retirement. Previously, when running, some serious sores did not hurt, I think, just once she was hurt something. When she retired, it has become «cling.» The doctor says that the body is not the same, weakened immunity is lowered.

I became a mother is often too strong for herpes. I advised her to make a tincture of dandelion, read somewhere long ago that it is very good.

It is necessary to collect blooming dandelion umbrellas, they fill a jar, pour the brim with alcohol and leave in a dark place. As soon as herpes, it is necessary to lubricate the tincture sore spot. It can be used for rubbing the sore spot also for acne and leg cramps.



In the summer we live in the country. Children are brought to visit and grandchildren. Of course, cuts, scrapes and bruises — for them a common thing. With scratches and cuts, I quickly mastered, but have to tinker with injuries.

I use wormwood. I wash it, the good, squeeze the juice. The juice moistened wipes and apply it to the affected area — injury. You can make compresses pharmacy tincture of wormwood.

She likewise need to dampen the cloth and apply to the injury. On top of cellophane and tie a bandage fix. Change the compress should be 2 times a day.

by the way

Compress with wormwood not only relieve pain, but also will promote the resorption of bruises and hematomas.

Special Ointment

I want to tell readers the recipe for a miracle ointment. It is very well helps with fever, hemorrhoids, non-healing wounds.

Take an enamel bowl and melt in a water bath in it 200 grams of butter. Add 10 g of crushed propolis, 10 grams of resin of pine and wax. Soak for 1 hour at stirring, then remove from heat. Put 1 tbsp. spoonful of marigold flowers. All newly stir and leave to cool. After that, pour in 1 tbsp. a spoonful of fresh juice of celandine and hold for another 10 minutes in a boiling water bath. Strain. When slightly cooled, add 5 g of the mummy, it is first dissolved in 1 tsp. Of water.

Keep the cream in a cup or piala. If necessary, lubricate the nasal mucosa, and make candles.

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