Although I am not a great expert on quests, and do not belong to the club of predictors of the future, I have one unfortunate property that appeals to dream, as well as calls to share their concerns and ideas irresistibly attract me to respond, especially if the subject of grace.

Quizzed (see. Y3’97 .EXE, p.82), what should and what should not be kvest’97. I think if you go beyond the minimum requirements for graphics and sound, and are not limited to banal statements that the game should be skillfully conceived and skillfully made, it will complete mess opinions. Now a favorite of many genres which just can not be found! If earlier it was possible to be indignant together an abundance of silly and unmotivated actions that we had to make, along with their heroes, now almost in most games illogic elevated to the basic principle. And, you know, sometimes it turns out very cool and funny. There is no consensus about the level and complexity of the puzzles Someone annoys them over-easy, others more like quests as interactive cartoons, But I really like to dig into their own game and basically do not recognize solutions. And very upset when I see that without them is not fully reached, to say nothing of consensus, even if the very foundation of the genre — the plot — and he has been repeatedly flouted the games, rather than consisting of the adventures, and a series of clever puzzles. But these games are not bad, and they also have an army of fans.

The only thing, perhaps, that still somehow unites lovers of quests. is the desire to dissolve in the new game world is akin to his hero and not very distracted by the scuffle, firing and picking up bonuses. In this regard, I would not swear on the roll of a process of new games. This is good if you can more realistically convey the spirit of the game, and judging by your review, it has turned out not so bad. And the fact that the play is not interesting, so that, I think, the developers of these games will soon learn to avoid. Maybe I’m too optimistic, but talented people in the world are not yet extinct. Will us a great story, and new puzzles. But that’s how many of them will be? Quests — creating tender. This is a rare genre in which our private observations bring the best fruits of modest means. If the strategy or arcades can and must be joint efforts to crystallize some new concepts and rules, the quest more like a canvas of the artist, which can be good or bad, but it is impossible to organize, sort through, and based on some generalizations say how it is necessary to draw on. If desired, and trite plot moves so beat that captures the spirit, but you can ruin the original findings on the vine. In other genres, by and large subject to the same laws of art are difficult to explain, but here it is especially noticeable,

Just a couple of words, I would say about the game on the network. More than once expressed regret that the quests difficult to go to the expanses of Internet. And a remarkable fact, regret these express not only inveterate fans of the genre. Especially though longing for some storyline fans gnawing network RPG, where traditionally more strongly desire to create a harmonious world of games, not just a scene of hostilities. Many veterans of various MUD complain that, say, tired of sword hewing so raise your ranking, it’s time to something more interesting to do. For example, to found a party of beer lovers "Orc special" and place all the magical forest respective stalls. Fantasy players missing, but the lack of truly effective adventure elements felt strongly, and perhaps go and will go active search of a way out of this situation,

Some experience has been gained. Impressive as the game Creatures (RS 1997), which, although not a KBE-Stom, or RPG, but is able to breathe new life into the genre by introducing many new games and stereotyped thinking of the characters. 6 Overall, I would say, the future of the World Wide Web quests though vague, but inspires optimism. I am personally very attracted

Delicate creation of KBE

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