How to breathe apples?

How to breathe apples?

After lying a few months in a special gas environment, fruit as if just from the tree: the control over their safety automated.

In the center of Chisinau has a shop, originally designed for the old Moldovan market. Vegetables and fruit piled up there on the stand in the middle of the hall the peasant carts. However, the contents of carts is not shocking: potatoes, onions, radishes … And before the new year in the same Chisinau I was treated pears, grapes, plums, fresh as if just ripped off, despite the fact that they have lain for several months in storage. Fruits are herein in special chambers with a special gas atmosphere (low oxygen and high carbon dioxide). The method is known for a long time and for storage of fruits and vegetables is recognized as one of the most reliable. However, experience has shown that in this environment the fruit in some sectors camera deteriorate.

In Chisinau Agricultural Institute conducted an experiment. Laid apples in an ordinary box, and after some time they are measured in different parts temperature. It turned out — different. And the enormous storage and say no: apples a living, breathing, and different varieties — different. Therefore, the temperature in the chambers of height and volume changes in the degree-half a meter. The differences and the composition of the atmosphere. By controlling ventilation and changing the temperature, all this can be corrected, but in fact often have to go to the store, measure the temperature there, check the composition of the atmosphere, to examine and select the research on fruit. This violates the integrity, distorts the composition of the gaseous medium.

Young scientists — Ph.D. Hitron Ya, B. and B. Tsutsuk Dogotar ‘decided to install cameras around the small cell modeling, hoses connecting them with various sectors of storage. Putting in a cell the same fruits as in connection therewith the storage sector, you can be sure that here and there the conditions are the same. If the fruit cell port — an alarm, then the port and storage — to take action. Later I realized that the metal can be replaced by a conventional cell polyethylene bag — the same effect.

But these cells did not give permanent objective data on the state of storage. Then they enter the temperature sensors, analyzers gaseous medium, humidity, all this combined with the automatic programming device recorders and, at regular intervals automatically interrogates all sensors. The cells are combined in a cassette, and the operator has a full picture of the fruit in the store without disturbing its integrity.

During their work, the inventors were awarded gold and silver medals of ENEA, and it is hoped that soon their work from the experimental camera moves in the industry, helping to diversify the contents of shopping carts.

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