How to choose a modern driving school?

The boom in consumer lending, income growth and saturation of the secondary market did so to buy a car today is not difficult. Much more difficult to learn to drive so as not to feel a hindrance on the road, do not guess that means this or that street sign, and not «collect» in the address of strong words. From driving skills depend not only on our money (and the fun is not cheap though), but the life of the driver, passengers, pedestrians and others. «Auto» decided to find out from the experts what aspects of training in driving schools need to pay special attention to expend time and money wisely and usefully.

First of all, look around for one driving school, which stopped your choice. This can be done through the Internet and through a friend. If the school is popular, it’s easy turns. The bad reputation — is also not a good view of the popularity, so if the school a lot of negative reviews, they do not will hide from your attention, and conclusions of such a school is obvious. However, the driving school can be arranged recently and it is difficult to make inquiries, because it does not have any reputation yet. Then — as lucky. If you do not mind the time, you can go to the driving school itself, wait until there come cadets and porassprashivat them. Experience shows that they are quite frank.

It is worth paying close attention to the location of the school, and a race track. Often it happens that racing takes to rent or leave a good distance in order to teach the students. Accordingly, the time spent on training insanely much. And if so, then you need to find a driving school, equipped with its own platform for practical training, preferably in the center of the city. What should be in it? Marking, asphalt, rack, rack. Oh, and do not forget to look at the fleet — ride a battered old cars very few people will like.

Further attention should be paid to the provision of classroom equipment. Given the pace at which technological progress is, the modern school should have, along with the classic drawings and charts, multimedia equipment, the main parts of vehicles «live», in the context of engines. The most important condition for successful learning — professional teachers of the theory that can answer any question. Their qualification is better to ask the leadership of a driving school before training. And we talk about the need for high quality teaching staff during practical training, ie about the instructors, it is not necessary. They are your moms and dads car all rolled into one. You can even, before taking a final decision, had the audacity to pass on the training ground and get to know them personally. Maybe you are not able to draw conclusions about their professional qualities, but a general impression is quite real.

Today, much attention is given to computerized avtotrenazheram. Everyone wants a little more practice before the exams. Previously, we took the car and rode with relatives in a remote location, which is not recommended to do. Today, come to the aid of such simulators. It helps to feel the real situation and real conditions to work some things. For example, rotation of the steering wheel, gear change transmissions. All this is done to ensure that student still at an early stage developed the automatic skills that will be useful to him on the road.

Most importantly, in driving school we had all of the criteria. After all, if you have a good driving school car, but no new trainers or classes are not equipped with projection equipment, the maximum amount of knowledge and skills necessary for the driver, so the school can not give. From what kind of knowledge you get on the very first stage of the training depends largely on it, what would be your first kilometers on the road. So go, inquire, compare, before making a choice.

One frequently asked question is: what percentage of the exam in the traffic police the first time in your driving school? Undoubtedly, the answer is all interesting. And that is why, perhaps most positive online reviews written about the successful delivery of the first half. The statistics of this, by the way, can be found in the examination department of the traffic police, and another thing how reliably it reflects the real situation. Therefore, the question there is only one honest answer: just like in school, college, technical school or institute more chances to pass the exam at that who is always well attended.

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