How to choose the right outsourcing partner?

How to choose the right outsourcing partner?

The first step is to perform a detailed comparative analysis of all the advantages and disadvantages of achieving a certain result when used with the company’s own resources in the case of involvement of third-party contractors.

For some, the most important impetus to the application of a new model of business organization may be a need to reduce costs, while the other — to save time or energy, release additional productive resources.

But anyway outsourcing "auxiliary" services should help the company to eliminate unnecessary burdens and to focus on mainly the profile of activity.

Only after the company came to the conclusion about the necessity of using a professional outsourcing should consider in detail the proposals taken separately.

Fortunately, on the market today are many of them. Of course, there are "niche-tions" leaders nevertheless choice at least of several options are always available.

You should start with an analysis of companies and their activities.

Assess the reliability of a company providing services to help its reputation in the market, its experience of completed projects and the availability of positive evaluations from customers. It should define a minimum of two or three possible partners.

In practice, you are likely to encounter a situation where different companies offer different models and evaluate their relationship is difficult.

To effectively identify opportunities for potential partners and the definition of quality criteria in the process of comparison should first make the technical project, which will be reflected mainly interested in is your selection criteria (number of employees, their qualifications, the time frame of work, procedure and form of payment, the required form of reporting and etc.).

We should remember one very important respect — do not forget to assess the level of readiness of the future partner to adjust to the peculiarities and specifics of your business.

In other words, the outsourcer should be able to maximize the insight into the specifics of the business and, if necessary, be able to provide additional services or expand existing ones.

For example, the outsourcer can solve the problems of IT-outsourcing services in a large geographical distribution of assets in which the most important stage of the procedure is the inventory of the assets, the maximum "Synchronized" the rules and regulations of the budgetary account of the customer.

For this purpose, you can create a software algorithm to develop the provision of services and implement business processes that fully meet the original task.

Index "flexibility" service, in my opinion, should be one of the most important aspects when choosing an outsourcing company.

He (the index) will be crucial in matters to do with development outsourcing partner approach to the formation of standard SLA, will establish cooperation with the service provider, to evaluate the quality of these services and to organize reporting.

This evaluation system will most accurately reflect the current state of affairs in the company.

Equally important, the system should help to establish control mechanisms: prompt, clear and comfortable. Only in this service model will operate in such a way that each request will be considered, and any measure of service — measured.

As the last, but not least, the conditions certainly favor the study of professionalism employees. Their expertise must be confirmed by certificates and checked periodically during appraisals.

I am confident that adherence to such a selection algorithm outsourcing company, as well as the most thorough study of all conditions of the agreement and help business and government customers to get the maximum return on invested funds in outsourcing projects.

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