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HOW TO encamp

Remote access for all occasions

Programs for remote access enough. There are free and paid programs, there are programs for different operating systems. Of course, in this article we can not see everything at once, but let’s talk about the most interesting of them, and most importantly — understand that the effectiveness of a given task.


Ten years ago, the most popular program for remote access was Radmin, and now she has ( — nowhere had gone during that time. From it and begin the review.

The program consists of two parts: Server and Viewer. The first run on a remote computer (or remote computers), and the second — on your computer and is used to connect to remote machines that you are going to configure. The site developers can be downloaded as a complete kit or individual components. There is also a portable-version of the Viewer, works without installation, and a version of Radmin Server 3.5 NTI — a special version without an icon in the system tray, ie, the user and the remote computer does not know that it is running Radmin, as long as you do not start to control his computer.

Noting the key features: support for Windows 8, 32/64 bit, support for multiple user sessions in Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 compatibility with Wine (Radmin can arrange remote access to a PC running Linux through Wine), support Telnet, remote PC shutdown Scanner Server Radmin (allows you to find all the PCs that you can manage on your network), file transfer between Server and Viewer.


+ Functionality of the program: here and own authentication, and support for voice chat and file transfer capability. All very convenient.

+ Due to the fact that a computer installed at a remote Server, the user’s presence is not necessary, as in other similar applications. For example, you can administer remote PCs their colleagues when they went to lunch. In other such programs is necessary, or that the user has allowed the connection, or the user has given you a password that is generated automatically for each communication session.

+ Low system requirements, the program does not ship a processor, which is especially important for my old laptop with percents from AMD, which heats up as an iron — he acted as a «remote» computer.

Just run the Server is not enough, you need to also configure it.

Many users do not like TeamViewer for its functionality, but for the fact that it does not require any special port (by default it uses port 80) and does not require firewall settings. Radmin Server uses port 4899, and start it without the firewall settings fail.

No mobile clients.

It does not support other operating systems.


Now, perhaps, of the programs for remote

I Availability of popular TeamViewer. You can download the full version of it and not pay a dime. For non-commercial use free software.

There is also a portable-version of software for Windows, which is very useful for the infrequent use of the program, the portable-version can be run as a «server» and the «client», in contrast to the Radmin, where you can run, only the client (Viewer) without installation, and «server» part of it is necessary to install.

After starting the program you will see the main window of TeamViewer and the window «Computers and contacts.» If you plan to immediately help with all your relatives and colleagues, you can click «Register» to create an account, and then in this window you will see all the many computers that you set up.

Now we see what is what. If you want to connect to your computer, the remote side you have to provide your ID (in this case 969 930 547) and password (8229). How do I report already up to you — you can copy and pass these values ​​on Skype, ICQ, by e-mail, SMS, or simply to dictate over the phone. This password changes every time you start the program. If the program is installed on your computer, you can make a permanent personal password, but I do not recommend: the password can be compromised and then anyone can connect to your computer.

If you want to connect to a remote computer, then you need to enter the remote party ID (in this case 411 108 007) and click «Connect to partner» and the program will ask you to enter the password that you received from the remote side. That’s all — in the window that appears, you can perform remote computer setup.

Perhaps you’ve already noticed a major difference from Radmin: you need to pass a password to the person who sets up the computer, and Radmin password is specified when creating uchetki user. In other words, we need the presence of the user at the computer. To solve the problem, it is necessary to organize the autostart TeamViewer (for example, add to the group «Startup» or to register in the registry key Run) and set «Personal Password». Notice that you can not set a personal password if the program is not installed on your computer and run without installation.

There is another program, which you should know: TeamViewer Host. It runs as a system service and is used to clock access to a remote computer, including logon / logoff. To install TeamViewer Host need admin rights, which are not always there, so still, in most cases you will use the usual TeamViewer.

If your computer is running A TeamViewer (not Host), then it can connect to computers B, C, D (number three is given as an example) for a joint administration. Another thing that you need to coordinate actions of administrators, as keyboard and mouse are common, but one can configure the rest will be watching.

As Radmin, TeamViewer lets you share files, voice and text messaging, as well as remotely reboot.


+ Simplicity.

+ No installation required.

+ Does not require firewall settings.

+ Available versions for other operating systems.

+ The presence of customers for Android, iOS and WP8

+ Ability to organize interactive I conferences (25 participants).

+ Does not require administrator rights for remote access.

Ships processor considerably more than Radmin.

Mobile customers are not very comfortable.


Once upon a time there was such programmulina — mRemote. I do not know what happened there, but the project was closed mRemote and developers took and created another project — Royal TS ( main / home.aspx). On the site you can find versions for Windows, OS X and iOS (you can run with the iPhone and iPad).

The Royal TS before creating the connection you want to create a document that is one connection = one document. Documents Royal TS is very convenient thing, it can be transmitted as normal files, such as another admin. He is able to open the document and immediately connect to a remote computer without having to create the connection manually. At the shareware-version has a limit on the number of open documents — ten. As for me, this is quite enough for non-commercial use of the program, so in practice you will not even notice that you something is missing (unless, of course, you’re not remotely administriruesh huge network of computers).

The program is fundamentally different from and Radmin TeamViewer. Both programs combine the functionality of both the server and the client. In other words, on one of the computers you can install TeamViewer or Radmin Server, and the other to use Radmin Viewer or TeamViewer, respectively, to connect to this remote computer. So, Royal TS — is something like Radmin Viewer, ie program to connect to a remote server, but the server will have to create their own. How you do it — your problem. Royal TS will not help you create the server and will only connect to it.

Royal TS supports protocols RDP, Telnet, SSH, Citrix, VNC. Servers need to configure yourself. Suppose we have a Linux (Ubuntu or its clone) and the need to set up VNC-server. To do this, first install the VNC-server: sudo apt-get install vnc4server

First time run without parameters: sudo vnc4server

You must enter a password that will be used to connect to the server. Himself password will be saved in $ HOME / .vnc / passwd. Now you need to run vnc4server, specifying the number of the screen: sudo vnc4server: 3

Further, the Royal TS is necessary to create a new document (under File), continue to go to the Edit tab and click VNC. In the window that appears, enter a display name (Display Name) — in this case 3, IP-address of the VNC-server and specify the port number (usually 5900). A password will be requested when you connect to the server.


+ Universal client to connect to various protocols.

+ There are versions for Windows, OS X and iOS.

It is impossible to remote access only by means of Royal TS, need additional software. Requires additional configuration on the server.


Let’s analyze the situation. If you do not like TeamViewer, or you can not use it for some reason (including due to the need to buy a license for commercial use) and Radmin is also not suitable for any reason, you have to look for analogues.

One of the unique program is Supremo, which can be downloaded from the website www.

The program was created «in the image and likeness» TeamViewer. It does not require installation, operation principle like TeamViewer, even terminology it uses the same (I mean the partner ID and other text in the interface).

Custom computer and computer support specialist must be running only Windows. It supports different editions of Windows, including Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 on the official website yet nothing is said.

Using a simple algorithm: it is necessary to run the program on both computers, and then ask the remote side of its user ID and password, and then click «Connect.» Before that, the remote party needs to press «Start», otherwise the connection will not be allowed. Perhaps this is the only difference from TeamViewer.

To make the review more complete, go to the program settings (Tools — Options). Under «Security», you can configure autostart program, specify a password for remote connections and indicate the ID can connect to your computer.

In the «Connection» you can specify the proxy server, if it is present in your network.

In addition to its direct purpose, namely, remote management of the computer program can be used to share files. For file sharing (which is possible in two ways — as downloading and downloading) simply use the drag & drop.


+ Easy to use, requires no installation.

+ The ability to transfer files.

+ The ability to chat.

+ Does not require firewall settings (used by HTTPS / SSL).

No support for other operating systems than Windows.

No mobile clients.

LOGMEIN (FREEWARE) Consider one more useful program — LogMeIn. The purpose of this program is the same as all the others, discussed in this article, — remote access. The site you will find several similar products, we also primarily interested in the product LogMeIn Free. Its capacity is sufficient for most purposes: access to a computer running Windows or OS X, remote management and viewing of desktop copying and pasting of data between computers, the function of the restart, chat, support for multiple monitors, intrusion detection protocol SSL / TLS, do not requires firewall settings, does not require administrator rights to the remote computer.

Personally, I liked the copying and pasting of data between computers and restart function: in computer settings sometimes required to reboot, after which will be automatically restored to the remote session, which is very convenient.

The method of operation of this program is a little different from the TeamViewer and similar programs. In the main window, select «with a Mac or a PC,» and then you see a sequence of actions to be performed in order to give another user access to this computer. Without registration not do it, though free, but completely superfluous.

True, there is an easier way — anonymous access through a browser. The bottom line is this: the user who wants you to set up his computer, creates a link to an invitation, and then sends it to you in any convenient way (by email, skype and so on). Link invitation is valid a certain time (time assigns a remote user), even if the link someone podsmotrit, he will hardly be able to use it after the expiration date.

Let’s look at how to create an invitation, and how to use it. In the «Share Desktop» shows the current invitation. By clicking «Send invitation», you can generate that same link. Invitations wizard allows you to define the duration of the invitation and the way to send the invitation (you can e-mail the link or get the link and send it manually). Then you need to send a link to this guest. When he will copy it into your browser and open, you will see the welcome screen. Guests can either completely control your computer, or just view the desktop.


+ Does not require administrator rights.

+ Does not require firewall settings.

+ Remote access via a browser.

+ Mobile customers.

— Several unusual principle.

In Windows Server can be raised in UltraVNC ( or RealVNC ( Programs similar, so only consider UltraVNC.

When you install You can install VNC-server and client. On your computer if

I to him do not need remote access, VNC-server can be omitted. When installing the server, you can set it to run as a system service, but you need administrator rights. Protocol RFB, which uses VNC, usually involves the use of ports 5900-5906. Consequently, the compounds of the VNC you need to configure the firewall, otherwise it will «slaughter» connection.

To connect to the VNC-server software is used UltraVNC Viewer. The program is universal and you can use it to connect to any VNC-server, not just to running the UltraVNC Server. Similarly to the server, create a program UltraVNC Server, you can connect RoyalTS program or any other VNC-client. A few words about how it all works. First, we start the program UltraVNC Edit Settings on the Security tab, and set a password for access

I to the VNC-server, then you need to run the UltraVNC Server. After a run on another computer UltraVNC Viewer and enter the IP

ANYWHERETS (FREEWARE) AnywhereTS ( allows you to convert computers into thin clients. The main purpose of this program is by no means remote access for reasons of technical support, as in all previously described programs, although it can also be used for this purpose. AnywareTS allows us to give a second life to old computer to be used as thin clients — connect to the server, and already on it will run the program, which is physically impossible to run on older PCs.


On the «server» (that is on the computer to which you plan to remotely access), perform the following steps:

Start SystemPropertiesRemote.exe.

Turn on the check box «Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer.»

Turn the switch «Allow remote connections to this computer» and click «Apply».

If you use a power saving mode, you need to configure the computer so that it does not go into sleep mode.

On his computer use applications «Connecting Remote Desktop» to connect to a remote computer.

Instead of conclusion

Programs for remote access very much. As I have hopefully demonstrated, the most familiar tools are not always the most effective. We must start from the conditions of a specific task, target platforms and other factors. I hope that now I have finally clarified the whole picture of the remote access in your head. All suggestions and comments can be sent to

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