How to make a million things?

How to make a million things?

To do everything you need to put all on the shelves

Simplifies and win!

Many of you, dear hostess, know firsthand what a good plan — already half the battle. And when worries a great deal, without clear regulations simply can not do. Therefore, in order to have time to redo all our plans for the day, you make a list of tasks and plan how to realize it. But what if your list is to be so long that my head is spinning? Arrange the shelves on the task and successfully deal with them!

DO NOT drive themselves Framed!

Find your own most convenient and effective way to plan and allocate business to keep up with everything.

We plan!

For starters take a look at your to-do list today. To do a lot! For example:

• carpet attributed to the dry cleaners;

• Find online recipe sashimi;

• Call furniture store;

• sign up for an appointment with the doctor;

• call a plumber;

• recover mother grinder;

• darn socks;

• to send a letter;

• buy cat litter.

Group up!

Do not rush to grab his head and in a panic thinking: «And for that to take?» We must avoid a situation where you start with a single, then proceed to the second, then recalls his third, and eventually you get three unfinished business and twenty-five, even Not Started. Let us try to group your tasks. Sorting options a few cases, choose the most convenient for you.

■ Option 1 situation

The bottom line is that you group things according to the situation in which you can meet them. For example:

• the phone;

• on the way to;

• at the computer;

• watching the show.

You plant in its audit log separate pages for each situation and recorded to appropriate tasks. And your list will look like this:

The phone:

· Call the furniture store;

· to make an appointment with a doctor;

· Call the locksmith.

On the way to :

· Pick up a carpet of dry cleaning;

· Return mother grinder;

· to send a letter;

· Buy cat litter.

The computer:

· Found online recipe sashimi;

· Complete the report;

· Find an online store that sells monitors.

Per-view series:

· Sew an apron;

· Darn socks;

Now that the next time you get comfortable on the couch to watch your favorite show, open your list of «watching the show,» and perform tasks from it.

■ Option 2: the number of consumed energy

In order to sort out daily activities according to this principle, you have to watch yourself. At what time of day you work, like Energizer, and when feeling sleepy fly? Based on this, group all cases requiring maximum power consumption in a single list «mode: Energizer» but those things for which performance does not need to exert too much — the other list «mode: sleepy fly.»

■ Option 3: In the amount of time

Write down all of its business in three columns: Express tasks that require less than half an hour, the next case, which will take you from several hours to several days, and large-scale Task- their decision could be delayed for a week. Now think where you would be most convenient to carry out tasks of each column. For example, a small express task best left for the evening, when the tired mind and body just do not cope with the serious business. Even after a tiring day at work there a couple of minutes to darn a sock or sharpen a pencil. Starting the day should be, of course, with regular cases that require the most time. But the most ambitious tasks that are likely to scare you with its immense size, becoming a regular nestrashnye case, dividing them into groups, and small steps go to the goal.

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