How to protect the child from the cold.

How to protect the child from the cold.

In September, children who have reached a certain age, are located on a large adult world. That is in kindergarten or school.

But most kids, it is worth it to be in the children’s collective, the problem starts with health. The scheme, familiar to many parents to tears: a runny nose, throat, cough, cure, small break s repeated all over again.

A common occurrence?

According to the 003 young children (under 3 years) is transferred 6-8 respiratory infections per year.

Of course, those who attend child care centers (kindergartens, schools), the first time, get sick more often than the «home» as a team the possibility of contact with viral infections increases. This period usually lasts 6-12 months.

Runny nose and a cough is a serious?

The child has a stuffy nose? A sore throat? He coughed at night? By the cold, many parents are quite lightly — think self-will. And are becoming ill baby to kindergarten or school.

Meanwhile running catarrhal disease can lead to complications such as otitis media, bronchitis, pneumonia and even,

Cold or illness?

In fact, a cold — is not a distinct disease. If the immune defense is weakened, hypothermia only stimulates the activity of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Here wet feet or stay in the cold wind and become the trigger for disease development. The child is not ill

Do you want your kids were sick less often, they serve an example and change your lifestyle! The child must be:

* Fresh air, active exercises and walks. Physical activity should deliver the child to the joy and in any case do not overdo it.

* Get enough sleep every tribute — a dream should ideally be strong and quite long.

* Stress — the main enemy of the immune system. And children are no less nervous breakdown adult, do not forget about it. Try to ensure that your child more positive emotions.

* A balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals.

* Properly selected antiviral prophylaxis and treatment. And better to take action, not only at the first sign of the disease, but in the period of mass outbreaks of SARS and influenza.

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