How to recognize a true friend, and not become a victim of betrayal

How to recognize a true friend, and not become a victim of betrayal

My little elves and fairies! You probably, like me, it is hard to imagine what our lives would be without friends. Without their support and participation in the difficult moments, and without their warm words and smiles in times of joy. But sometimes, our once strong friendship with the people comes to a standstill, then the question arises whether it is necessary to continue dialogue with those or other person. Therefore, we’ll try to figure out how to find harmony in relationships with friends and learn how to choose them.

I am sure that in your life’s journey across the «friends» that can betray you talk behind your back, draw, or even steal your loved one. And you’re offended, they suffered from the fact that he opened his heart and soul, and in return received a stab in the back. But, in fact, the problem is not in them, and that you’re allowed to do so with him. Of course, we always want to be near us were good friends, but not always we can predict how he dealt with us very close friend. After all, friendship — it is very difficult karmic system, with its experience and profound wisdom. Since friendship is known not just in trouble, but, most importantly, happiness and success.

Think about it, because most of your friends empathize with you when you have a problem, but if they can be happy for you when you are promoted, you will win, or a million, or become a famous person?

It was then, and is shown the true face of friends. Someone begins to dramatically demonstrate your interest to you, someone on the contrary, strangled her with envy, vengeance starts to cry, you conceited. So who are the real one? The first or the second option? It’s simple: neither those nor the other! Why is this happening?

It’s very simple — when you feel happy, you radiate a particular vibration, and the more this feeling, the stronger the vibration! Accordingly, people are subconsciously attracted to you, or like magnets or repelled from you, forgive you your success.

And what is happening to you at this point? You are perplexed, why do people do this to me, why I was discussing, or, conversely, stick and are trying to impose their friendship. It is in this situation and is the shelf life of your friends. So who, then, friends? The answer is very simple. Start as soon as possible to communicate with people with similar vibrations!

Here’s an example. One woman has a friend with whom she communicates since kindergarten. They grew up together, graduated from school even received one university in one specialty. But the trouble is, our heroine after graduation found a fine job, start to realize themselves there, for which he was promoted to the position of Director. But her friend was not so lucky to get a good position failed. And the woman, touched by the problem of his girlfriend, takes her to his work. He gives it a good position, a good salary, and seemingly, everything has to go like clockwork. But there it was, a friend starts to gossip about her, behave poorly, late for work, and begins to cause various troubles. For it is, accordingly, dismisses own girlfriend.

Why is it so happened, because the woman meant well? Well, look at the situation more closely, we see that when the friends were at the same level they were good together, but when one of them raises his vibration, that is to work hard and achieve their goals, vibration dramatically begin to diverge in different directions. There comes to mind the old saying «Fed the hungry, not a friend» -one is ideal for this situation.

Do not pull a people, otherwise the risk themselves fall. Try to feel each other. Do not regret that close people go out of your life, it’s a clear sign that you have raised your vibration. So, always remain in a clear mind, and surround yourself with worthy people! And remember: helping yourself, you help others.

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