In 1903, engineer aviator Samuel Cody designed a kite that can levitate humans. Attach it to a small boat, the inventor successfully crossed the English Channel.

The modern wing of the two-arch «father»: the French brothers Bruno and Dominique LEGANYU (BRUNO ET DOMINIQUE).

Noteworthy is the fact that the analog in nature ‘curved wing with inflatable structure «- this kite has been named in a patent application — does not matter.

The brothers have come up with an interesting design Leganyu themselves, which, however, is not surprising, as the inhabitants of Brittany, the boys from childhood knew how to handle the sails and even regularly participated in competitions.

Leganyu brothers, however, were not pioneers, and inspired the invention of his countryman Roland Le Bail (Roland Le Bail), who invented the design called «bird sail» (angl.bird sail) — similarity of the glider, which the athlete had to hold in their hands. Bruno and Dominique have decided to go ahead and start the sail into the sky like a kite.

All experimental design (there were many) brothers constructed themselves to yield to the 1984 wing with inflatable dvuhstropnoy control system, the prototype of a modern kite.

Since the beginning of the 1970s, craftsmen tried with varying success to priladit kite skates, roller skates, water skiing. German paraglider DIETER STRAZILLA (DIETER STRASILLA) decided, for example, try to ride with the breeze on skis — a makeshift kite behind him, is nothing other than a paraglider wing. The attempt was so successful that today, 40 years later, many countries, including in Russia, annually held competitions on snowkiting.

SIZE WING — from 0.7 to 21 kiters IVP- chosen depending on the wind strength: the stronger it is, the smaller the «snake». If the kite is too big, there is the threat of loss of control, which could cost the life of an athlete.

TERM AIR TIME refers to the time spent in the air at the time of the jump. Usually an athlete is «in limbo» for 5-10 seconds, but there are craftsmen that can «freeze» more than half a minute!

The maximum distance covered per day under the kite, was 369 KM.

The record was set in 2010 by Phillip McCoy (PHILLIP MCCOY).

The world’s largest kite produces the German company SKYSAILS — they are installed on bulk carriers and tankers for fuel economy.

In English the word «kite» means «kite flying».

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