HOW TO vaccinate

HOW TO vaccinate

When it comes to vaccinations, many fold, and believe that it can only do experts. But it is not.

What plants should be taught? The fact that the vaccine helps to reduce the timing of plant growth to the standard seedlings. This is due to the fact that grafted onto rootstocks, which already have well-developed roots, that is a good strong plant.

Moreover, if the spring to instill a little twig with flower buds, then sometimes the same autumn can see the fruits of grafted plants. But if the same plant to plant, you have to wait much longer.

So, the stock — a plant to which the grafted scion — a sprig of plants, flowers and fruits of which we want to get. Sprigs of graft harvested in late autumn or early winter before frost to sap flow in the tree stopped, but to no beat frost buds and wood. Sprigs scion keep winter in a cellar in moist sand or just in a plastic bag.

Here we are now the easiest way to graft plants. Branch graft (graft) and graft rootstock selected approximately the same diameter.

First make the cut on the rootstock, because it is the root of the movement of juice, and it reduces the rate of drying of the cut. Now there are special pruners for vaccinations. With their help, you can make cuts in the scion and the rootstock of the same shape (in the scion is cut in the form of an inverted V, and the on the stock in a conventional V). Thanks to this scion and rootstock perfectly into each other, touching the living layers of cadmium, which will provide a good survival rate.

Wrapped graft grafting tape is stretched with increasing vaccination and for two months under the influence of the sun itself is eliminated. The upper section of the scion smeared garden pitch, sometimes covered with a bag to reduce evaporation from bare wood.

We remind you that plant trees begin in the spring, as soon as the sap flow and wake up the kidneys. Period vaccination lasts until the end of May.

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