How was hit?

How was hit?

Track: «We together» Artist: Valery Music by Sergey Galoyan Lyrics by Vladimir Adarichev

The story of the song told us by Vladimir Adarichev:

— With Joseph Prigogine and Valeria we met in 2005, it was in the Kremlin, at the graduation ceremony on the television festival «New songs about the main thing.» Andrei and Pokutny were then awarded first Canal for the song Amy Svetikova — «Do not together.» After that, we occasionally Joseph somewhere in something crossed, but cooperation is somehow not reached. Until one day, in the winter of 2007 to us with Andrew Pokutny we not asked our friends Sergey Galoyan, author of the hit duo «t.AT.u» and his (then) wife Sasha Tityanko. Sasha called me and said that Prigogine Valeria Sergei ordered a new album, and in this regard there is an option to write the words for ten songs from the new album Valeria. He later came out under the name of «uncontrollable» and its English version called «Out of control». Of course, I immediately agreed! Sergey has sent me some of their demo songs in English and said that it is necessary to write texts in Russian exactly their tunes. It is in any case should not have been a completely new translation of the author’s text, taking into account the fact that it will fulfill Valeria. The whole week I listened to all the songs of Valeria from her previous records, to understand her as a person, immerse yourself in her world until to feel like it. First I wrote the lyrics «Destroy love» and «Snow.» Third in a row was a demo song in English titled «Romantic». We must pay tribute to Valerie, she told me that for a long time wanted a song about family, thus gave me the idea that I embodied in the text of the song «We are together.» The most interesting part of the song that was written on the beach in Spain, part of the airport and part of the house in the kitchen. By spelling words took, in total, a carton of cigarettes, a few packs of coffee and a couple of weeks time, taking into account all corrections and resurfacing. Pleased with the result, I sent the text. Galoyan. The next day he called and Prigogine, do not skimp on flattering words, praising me for a long time. In March 2007, the song was recorded in the studio in Moscow Anatoli Lopatin and Dima Muratovskogo and in April 2007, he has played on all radio stations, including Radio and Russian.

According to the portal — «We are together,» one of the ten most rotated out of all the songs of Valeria. According to the portal song only in the period 2007-2008 has sounded on radio stations in Russia and abroad about three hundred thousand times. The composition of «We Are Together» Valerie received the «Golden Gramophone» and we was awarded «Song of the Year.» In general, I am proud of this song!

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