I do not take inno Nehep 2 as a continuation of a fairly successful, but still slightly epigone series «Heretic-Hexen». Although it is known by an effort on the game and you can take a look at this — far-fetched — plane: obsessive interest in the ups and downs can be a lively quite traditional, even the ritual of the plot, the sick nostalgia for 2,5D and 320×200, but I think kamlat is only a tiny part of the public . However, I admit, all the shortcomings of the car that once hid DOOM’a people from the above mentioned games available, is still here. Except, perhaps, the most important problems of the projects, but more on that below …

Let me remind you: the game Raven never achieved the success of how the public dispensed id-game. Or rather, in comparison with the works of Romero-Karmakov ravenovskie projects simply failed. Because all polls dissecting id on the «Ferrari", A Raven’bi — at best mediocre "Fords’. But the fact of the matter is that the biggest mistake is corrected past — and our friends from Raven, perhaps. it is already possible to look into the prestigious automotive catalogs.

Great Information doping

As a final lengthy introduction will tell you a story about how to pay disadvantages into advantages, and the last — in cash and nestydno fat bank accounts. Main focus: Heretic came AFTER DOOM, and

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