Intelligent crooks

Intelligent crooks

Undoubtedly, once, at the beginning of education, children’s diverse supply of information was a progressive phenomenon. Since then much water has flowed, science and technology far ahead. Now education has become another world religion based on faith.

Children and students, for centuries, hammered in the head information, in the best case, extracted from written sources, calling it a «knowledge» and could not prove it.

The information read from the pulpit, professional «The Reader», calling themselves lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor, candidate and «professor». The trouble is compounded by the fact that these «The Reader», themselves, were once students of other readers. Thus from generation to generation, by type of dynasty, formed a kind of caste of high school «elite,» which supposedly gives knowledge.

«The Reader», in fact, nothing of the ancient priests is no different. If the priest his words and spell «proved» waving «magic stick» — a wand, so does the «professor», sending students to the books to the students further secured its information cramming.

If the clown, reading from the scene, we laugh, the «Reader», doing the same thing, in most cases spread boredom.

In fact, schools have turned into a kind of pagan temples, led by people with zero scientific knowledge, requiring instead the evidence faith in the authority of science, who also did not know. It seems like forever gone are the days when students were classics to science: Faraday, Lomonosov, Shukhov, wings, Mendeleev and a few others.

From university experiment «in perpetuity» expelled. He expelled from Russia. The list of Nobel laureates Russians are long gone, and perhaps in the near future.

For humanity it carries extreme, deadly danger. The fact that the information consists of three parts: a lie, and the truth of the hypothesis. The human head, ie, brain, using only written sources, in principle not in a position to sort these concepts. Whatever genius brain, he said, «digesting» information provides only a hypothesis, with a very low probability of truth. And in other cases, where the truth lies outside the data field, the probability of truth equal to absolute zero. For example, the law of electromagnetic induction FARA-Day No combination of already known information could not be formulated. Such is the nature, she knows only a single language — the language of the experiment. Only a fundamental experiment of Faraday gave us the basic law of electricity.

If there is no experiment — then came the stagnation of science and civilization ceased to evolve.

No experiment — there is no knowledge.

No knowledge — no skill.

No skills — there is no conversation with nature, because it opens up its secrets only knowledgeable people, not stuffed with information, «smart guy» and other sorts lzhegeniyam, product massive propaganda.

Before we all Nature: and microbes and humans and gods alike are equal, and all she speaks one language. The highest civilization, just as the people, the knowledge mined by experiment.

Do you want to know anything — do an experiment that is a matter to Nature, and it also serves as her answer. The nature of the question of truth is always responsible. To deceive or defraud can only intelligent beings misunderstanding nature. This is their problem, nature has nothing to do with it. Disrespectful, arrogant attitude to it is the quality of people, short-sighted for the mind, the complex «know-alls», caused by the «cockroaches» in their heads.

Students who are under stress, under pressure, «omniscient» guru -CHTETSA have to believe him, or «professor» put it «unsatisfactory».

On the other hand, any information because of its ambiguity, at least, has two or more treatments. Which of them will be remembered in the mind of the student, knows only the theory of probability. Thus, the same information, depending on the previous experience of life, different people remembered in different ways, creating a mess in the minds of non-synchronous, most accurately describes the situation proverb: «Everyone in the head are the cockroaches.»

Thus, modern training in universities is a way of growing different herds «Tarakanov» in the minds of students. As a result, every student in the brain creates a model of a virtual world, which has nothing to do with nature. With the development of science and technology, such people become deadly to all civilization.

For example not far to seek. Russian Empire in 1917, was destroyed ignorant, do not know moral monsters, huge «cockroaches» in the head. These people are different categorical assurance of the owner «the only true doctrine» that feeds them crazy fanaticism. Their leader, Lenin, is a prime example of a politician without any knowledge, «cockroaches» who claimed the «genius.» He even did not have a formal education, passed to an external law degree. Lawyers are the most uninformed people in the universe. In fact, they have not listened to lectures on physics, chemistry, mathematics, automation, electronics, biology, and other sciences. On any knowledge of lawyers to speak in general not necessary. They simply do not, for the life they have not made a single experiment. Do not have the knowledge or even owning a variety of information, such people are not able to make an informed, even approximately correct, control solution, because under the influence of evil «puppet masters».

All they knew Lenin and the Bolsheviks, is the ability to shoot in the head of political opponents, rob banks, wreak mass terror. This taught them the worst enemies of Russia abroad.

It’s the same thing we see in the Arab world, where the majority of people with zero knowledge, using false information are subject to a hostile neurolinguistic programming. Zombie in a way people go down to the level of monkeys and destroy your own «home», not knowing how to rebuild. Center of Satan, the United States, namely, and achieves this.

As they say reasonable people, the killing of only one butterfly can change the course of history. A killing Genius, Evil is always changing history in their favor. It is a standard technology from Satan, adjusted for millennia. Therefore, all nations of the world are obliged to protect their geniuses. Only the self-defense of the peoples of crazy murderers Center Satan is able to protect the Earth’s gene pool.

As you can see, between science and education institutions formed a moat. Somewhere, over the moat, a few scientists are moving science. And here, on our side, we are all under the authority of The Reader — the priests, the only proof of which is their own language.

The universities have become highly dangerous enterprises, thread-producing, intellectual fraud, the same crooks.

The debate about which one is better universities, is fruitless. They are dangerously bad. You can choose between a university and a bad — very bad. They differ only reader, more or less endowed with an artistic gift.

Modern Russian universities actually have the right, instead of issuing a diploma certificate course of lectures, no more. None of the graduate, in fact, not a specialist. Presenting his graduate degree in their souls creates a false, baseless illusion of self-worth brought against the Company’s excessive demands. Allegedly, the Company shall provide them prestigious, «clean» work, corresponding to the pack «cockroaches» in their heads. Working as a janitor, cleaning lady, a lathe, a milling machine, builder, etc. — Above their dignity, because «Cockroaches» Hal always require an explicit activity of the parasite.

Therefore, the reform of educational institutions of Russia and is the main priority. Without the merger of education and science, we are never out of the pit, where we drove smart crooks do not get.

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