Interskol P — 24/700 ER

Trёhrezhimny hammer SDS — Plus

POWER: 220 V, 50 Hz

Power consumption: 720 W

Operating modes: rotary; shock-rotational; shock

SPEED: 0 — 1240 / min

Haste: 0 — 5080 strokes / min

Impact energy: 2.6 J

Drilling capacity (in concrete drills / bits in brick / in steel / wood in, max): 24/68/13/24 mm

CLIP: SDS — Plus

Dimensions: 195 mm 370h84h

Weight (without additional handle, drilling depth and power cord): 2.75 kg

EQUIPMENT: Hammer; removable front handle; drilling depth stop; plastic case

Price: 3540 rubles.

The easiest trёhrezhimny punch in the line «Interskol,» which can cope with almost any work, from making holes for dowels and finishing manufacturing indent or sample slot Escutcheon refers to the manufacturer of professional grade. Simpler dual-mode model is used only for drilling and drilling holes, the third, the impact mode is used when shtrablenii, chipping, breaking concrete and masonry with a variety of peak and bit (to orient the drill bit, the mode switch has a separate position).

Externally, the model resembles an ordinary electric shock, but the interior is much harder puncher. Impact energy at the drills created with the ratchet, while the gun used compression-vacuum mechanism. Hence the difference: the speed of rotation and the frequency of strokes have less punch, and the impact energy is ten times higher. The power cord length 4 m allows you to work at greater distances from the outlet, which is especially useful when drilling on top. Hammer is equipped with a safety clutch, triggered when jamming equipment in drill holes.

An interesting feature — the presence of brush reverse applied in many hammers and drills from «Interskol.» Changing the direction of rotation of the engine is made special rotary brush holder, the levers of which are on the sides of the instrument. The most convenient way to turn the brush holder holding the fingers of the two levers. This construction, at least among the domestic tool is rare, but is considered more reliable than the traditional electronic reverse.

In operation model to try out in all operating modes: drilling, chipping and working with the drill bit. Heat will feel after a long work, but within limits. The mode switch is equipped with a lock, accidentally change the mode on the move will fail. Button locking rotation of the motor is flush with the tide on the body. With such an arrangement reduces the likelihood of incorrect handling controls.

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