Interskol PU — 32/1200

Interskol PU - 32/1200

Vacuum cleaner for wet and dry cleaning in production, woodworking and performing construction and repair work. It can be used for synchronized operation with the power capacity of up to 2.4 kW.

The model is equipped with a 1.2 kW motor in the cooling system — with the help of air through a separate air intake, where not exposed to dust. Thanks to the «Cyclone» large debris flows directly to the bottom of the tank, bypassing the filter and without damaging it. Reusable pleated filter has a system of automatic vibroochistki, comprises, after stopping work.

Two levels of power in the cleaning mode, allow you to select the optimal mode of operation. The vacuum cleaner is able to generate powerful airflow — up to 61 liters per second, which is very important when working with power tools. Note also the 5-meter hose which can be wound on the body of shock-resistant plastic, anti-static, anti-overflow tank water pylezaschischёnny mode switch.

For routine cleaning, you can use garbage bags, but the construction waste and wet waste or water can flow directly into the tank of the vacuum cleaner.

Price: 9780 rubles.

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