Interview with Richard Curtis.

After about five minutes of real time, or 140 words Time magazine, Richard Curtis made a sensational statement. Who is filming «About Time» lunch and EMPIRE talks with writer-director who so deftly holds a plate on her lap, as it is only able to Britain. We sit in a comfortable, shaded corner of the park in the town of St Austell, Cornwall. Not far from us are fried in the midday sun impressive dummy Santa Claus and statues of angels. They had just starred in stage a family celebration.

In the world of Richard Curtis Christmas it is even in the summer.

We take an interview in the middle of shooting period. Therefore, Curtis has not yet started to constantly communicate with the press, is not shy clumsy English title of his movie About Time («It’s time»). We discuss our magazine («I love EMPIRE.

I read it in the car «), an invitation to the major role Rachel McAdams (» I think she should have been given the «Oscar» for «The Notebook,» «) … Finally, it comes to why the director has only recently come to grips with the picture, which was the dream for 12 years.

Curtis: I have long hesitated to write her script. I guess this is my last directorial work.

EMPIRE: Why do you say that?

Curtis: I do not know. But I think so … I think so.

«About Time» from the future «in the conservative countries)

— the third film as a director Richard Curtis. However, the «it» movies began to talk long before he sat in the director’s chair. «Four Weddings and a Funeral,» «Notting Hill» and «Bridget Jones Diary» Curtis entered the inner circle of writers like Neil Simon and Charlie Kaufman, whose author’s handwriting is as easy to learn as the style of famous directors. Nevertheless, he is not eager to superiors.

«It took many years before I found myself quite wise and experienced to undertake the direction, — says Curtis. Many of my favorite comedies of Woody Allen’s films to the troupe «Monty Python» and put them writers. So it was a logical next step. But I stepped into the director only when completely ready for it. «

When Curtis in 2003, stepped into the abyss, he did it for «Love Actually.» A kind of white and fluffy «Nashville» (a musical by Robert Altman and one of the favorite films of Curtis), «Love» was an ambitious debut, in which the director juggled a dozen intersecting storylines from intelligent (Emma Thompson cries the song Joni Mitchell) to the banal ( Kris Marshall feels the Dzhenyueri Jones), from dumb (Andrew Lincoln obsessed with his wife’s best friend) to the charming (Colin Firth wins wordlessly Lucia Moniz). For Curtis film was «the greatest surprise in your career.»

«Reading the script for his roles went like clockwork. Such successful readings I have never been — recalls the director. — I thought that success in my pocket. But when we mounted the film in accordance with the scenario, it turned out that the picture is «not working». Characters long disappeared as soon as the audience tied to them. And when they reappeared, the public, their fate is no longer interested. The film had to completely rewire. So, one of the storylines we have completed in the middle of a tape to show that the picture moves to the end. Installation of «Love Actually» was playing three-dimensional chess. «

The end result will not please everyone. «"Love Actually «is compelling. Only Ebenezer Scrooge is out of the room with a smile, «- he admired the newspaper USA Today. «The most grotesque and perverse manipulation of the spectator senses since the» Triumph of the Will, «Leni Riefenstahl» — indignant writer and columnist Will Self. Nevertheless, the first-born Curtis proud. He likes the film «gives people happiness at Christmas,» and he was very happy when the show «Chorus» (aka «Losers»), a series of «real choir.» Also, the director happy that ten years ago Guess the casting.

«I tried to find an interesting mix of known and unknown persons, — he said. — And now, Martin Freeman in «The Hobbit», Andrew Lincoln — the star of «The Walking Dead», Colin received the «Oscar», Cyrus became a superstar. If my film was released now, it would be considered overly stellar! «

Following the «love» Curtis set «Rock-wave» — ​​a declaration of love to the riotous roots of pirate radio. Pop music director -davnyaya passion, he calls her «Grease my life.» When Curtis was a kid, he and his school friend Richard Griffiths ran a Sunday service to hear the hits Pick of the Pops on BBC radio. Now Griffiths — producer of One Direction. Curtis also expressed his love for such music in «Rock-wave», and the film became his largest financial and artistic failure.

«I can not explain this failure, -rezhisser shrugs. — I remember I once asked myself, ‘Am I removed «Cotton Club»? «That is a film about the music of the 30-year-old, who is still alive for me and for the audience — no. Maybe that’s the case.

Or something else. But I still love «Rock-wave» «.

Tim Bevan, a longtime producer Curtis agrees with the diagnosis: «The current audience for some reason do not like hippies.»

Few filmmakers with childish enthusiasm shown as the main stages of the relationship (ecstasy of new love, the agony of the gap), and prose of life between them (chained party, international press conference). Something Curtis films inspired by personal experience.

«I also often suffered in search of love, like most people, — says the director. — Once I almost wrote a script called «42 times.» It would be about a girl who two years, went with me to the 42 visits, and then convincingly explained why does not lie with me in bed. I would like to include in our movie date.

In work with Spielberg («This is an incredibly intelligent and wise man. He can directly in front of you to come up with a hefty piece of the picture») — except for one video conference, during which Curtis was in an awkward position and he felt his own character.

«Video conferencing — an imperfect art, — he laughs. — First, it set up the 15 minutes, and then, three minutes after the start, Stephen hung in a threatening pose. He just started laughing, and it was slightly similar to Gollum. I do not want to tell him: «Stephen, a picture hung» because it was, in fact, had a telephone conversation. But when I looked at his distorted face, it was hard to concentrate on what he was saying. I always thought he was mad. It was my worst conversation with Spielberg. «

Six months after our conversation in Cornwall (Christmas, Curtis noted that summer has finally arrived) the director is sitting in his office in Notting Hill. His office is hung with evidence Curtis contribution to the art and life. French giant poster «Four Weddings» is adjacent to the newspaper clippings on the impressive achievements of the «relaxation laugh.» To dilute the pathos of the situation, the director hung on a wall calendar with funny cats on the hind legs. Curtis in a good mood. «About Time» is almost finished, and the director is now conducting preliminary screenings for ordinary spectators.

«I love to read the comments of the public,

— he says. — When my brother was working on the film «Spice World», he showed me a piece of paper where he was the answer to the question «What did you like the movie?» «Victoria’s face. Tits Victoria. Victoria’s ass. » And in answer to the question «What do you not like about the movie?» Was written: «Everything else.» We have almost the same sheet with the view «boyfriend.» Only there instead of the body of Victoria landscapes of Cornwall. «

After two films with a variety of characters and intersecting narratives «About Time» — a modest, focused production, work on which Curtis liked it more than over its predecessors. The first half of the painting describes a funny and tender novel Tim (Domnoll Gleeson) and Mary (McAdams), a complicated guy skills to travel through time. «Romantic Movies often» break «character to create a problem for the solution in the climax — explains Curtis. — At the same tape of my plot problems arise because of the time travel, not because of the shortcomings of the characters.

And I love it. «

«Boyfriend» may remind you of «The World of Curtis’ (a timid character, American character), but it’s a different movie in spirit and style. London believable in the film (the characters live in a tiny apartment and go on the subway), the colors are muted (picture filmed operator sandensovskoy drama «Like Crazy» John Guleseryan), and the plot is expressed in Curtis’ intricately arranged. » If ordinary romkomy end wedding, the heroes of «boyfriends» are getting married in the middle of the film. This has allowed the director to explore the experiences that his favorite genre usually leaves behind the scenes. «At the time, few people noticed that» Love Actually «greatly expand the list of those that I have studied the screen. When I started writing the script, I was particularly interested in the lonely characters who are looking for love.

I wrote about what he had just experienced. Now I’m older, and I care about many other issues — the lives of my parents, the lives of my brothers and sisters, my children’s lives. The «boyfriend» has it all.

That is why the «boyfriend» can become a swan song, directed by Curtis. «For me this film — summing up,

— admits director. — Let’s see what will happen next». Over the years, Curtis thought about painting, he has lost both parents. «It’s much more thoughtful film, — says Tim Bevan. — «Boyfriend» — the creation of a mature artist, and that’s fine. «

If in the previous films Curtis actual family heroes were their friends, the «Boyfriend» is devoted to the actual blood ties. Its second half is built around Tim’s unsuccessful attempts to use time travel to help the young wife, father (Bill Nighy), his mother (Lindsay Duncan), and increasingly unstable sister, Kit-Kat (Lydia Wilson). Plunging into the depths of family problems, the hero learns to appreciate its existence is brightened joy of everyday life and the beauty of the hills of Cornwall (song Ron Sekssmita Gold In Them Hills for Curtis became one of the main sources of inspiration). However, despite its philosophical depth, it is still 100% film by Richard Curtis. Years director made over, but not change it.

«Everyone has his own style of the creator. As a young man I was amused when I read an interview with The Beatles, and they were told: «This is our song in the style of Marvin Gaye,» or «This is our song in the style of Bob Dylan.» For me all of their songs are in the style of The Beatles. From myself I can not escape

— even when you’re trying to do something in a new way. » Pause. «Do not misunderstand me

— I do not compare myself to The Beatles ».

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