Ironically, the symbol of the sun

Ironically, the symbol of the sun

Kaban has long been considered a production worthy of any hunter. What is there to be surprised? Since ancient times, the nations worshiped the wild boar: the Celts, he symbolized the spiritual power, we can say, the god of intelligence and education, in which, of course, hard to believe. But, most likely, the Celts did not have a choice-not a protein is to appoint such a high «position». Druids called themselves boars, revered as the bearer of this beast forest occult knowledge. In severe Scandinavians and Teutons proud boar was associated with the gods of power struggles and fertility. Hindus and nowadays pray to the goddess of prosperity and the queen of heaven Vajravarahi, epitomized by the, surprisingly, not a sacred cow, and all the same boar. The Japanese identified with the god of war, boar Hatimanom — a model of courage and military victories. In Iran, this animal symbol of the sun, and in China it is responsible, however, is not known to anyone, the wealth of forests. In Siberia, the boar represents the courage, perseverance, achievement and various military prowess …

Scrolling can be very long, just because there is no such country, wherever the beast was driven. His range is wide: the whole of Europe up to Scandinavia, South Siberia, Baikal, the Far East, North and South America. Once the boar lived in North Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Egypt), but, unfortunately, not so long ago was it completely destroyed. Apparently, more Africans mercantile attitude to this animal, romantic than Europeans, Asians, and Siberians.

And the mountains, and deserts

Classic boar can be different sizes and colors. But every one of all hitherto known animals (about three dozen subspecies) has a stocky appearance, polutorametrovogo animal weighing half hundredweight to 200 kilograms, and sometimes more. Except for the fact that the entire body is covered with elastic boar bristles, which in winter becomes long and thick, and the presence of canines in the mother bulls, the «standard» wild boar, in fact, a pig. A coloring is mainly dependent on the environment.

Wild boar is very unpretentious. He easily there in the taiga, and in tropical jungles or deserts. Cabana can be found even in the mountains, so that fans stroll, say through alpine meadows need to take this into account.

My favorite house — a haystack

The exhibit indifference in relation to the choice of food boar has no equal. His diet includes almost everything! There roots, tubers and bulbs of a variety of plants, fruits, nuts, berries and seeds. In winter, eagerly consumed by thin branches and the bark of young trees. Do not hesitate to take the boar and animal food. It includes earthworms, insects and their larvae, shellfish, fish, rodents, insectivores, bird eggs, lizards, snakes, frogs, and, at worst, even carrion.

Plot size animal habitats are directly dependent on the amount of feed and land protection. Interestingly, the lonely boar occupy a fairly large area, and pigs with small piglets content with minimal plot.

Within the place of settlement of wild boar can be found its maturation. In summer, the animals are resting on the ground, slightly to clear it from foreign objects, often in the mountains lie between the large stones or under rocks, in deserts — in a scant shade of some trees or something poluzasohshego bush. And they are hidden so well that they are sometimes very difficult to see. A winter maturation boar farmers often find in their own haystacks.

In contrast to the male the female’s lair, where pigs spend at least the first two weeks of life, it has thick walls, a soft cloth and make sure the roof of twigs or dried grass.

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