K R O N E R: merry Farabundo

K R O N E R: merry Farabundo

Kroner undoubtedly belongs to the elite of the Moscow underground. And, frankly, Rock City should have much earlier address to this team. But as it happens, and we correct its mistake. In general, appropriately called Kroner Crow Near, but hardly any of the fans group will break the language, pronouncing it anglicized name. Therefore, I call them simply Kroner …

Musicians Kroner is one distinctive ability (for which they only removes Anton Garcia) very briefly talk about long enough the band’s career. It sounds like this. "Like all formed in 1987". Clear. Two years immediately throwing in the sighting and write on. "Climbed in 1989. » What’s next? And then the next question is about the biggest concerts in the history of the group. The answer is a little lengthy usual. "Monsters of Rock, you probably remember what. Plus all "Iron Marches «. Next Rock City are interested in recording Kroner. "The album was recorded in August last year. And now things are done "Mix Blood «for collection "Iron March «. The perfect proof of the old expression "brevity is the soul of wit".

This interrupt musicians Kroner and something we would add. The founders of the team are two musicians: guitarist / vocalist and bassist Robert Ostrolutsky Alexander Krylov. The first time after the base Kroner not had much luck with drummers. After two or three attempts about two years ago as part finally had a permanent musician Andrew Samples from the group Santa fir.

Here, in principle, the story of a group Kroner. The time has come to turn to more relevant events, such as the debut album "Full Moon Fever". Although the disc was recorded in August of last year, he went on sale a few months ago and is now being actively implemented in all specialized points of the capital.

So, what is the sample of 1992 Kroner? First and foremost -basist Krylov, or more precisely, the technique of his game. This is the first thing that catches the eye and will not part with you throughout the entire album.

The title of the album thing old friend Cyril Nemolyaev Rock City (prompted by the Iron Raspail) has identified as a melodic treshnyak" And it seems that he was right.

But in the following tracks "Just One Night Stand" the band’s sound suddenly appear parallels with American metallers of Faith No More. But this moment does not become dominant in the repertoire Kroner and the group quietly allow themselves to catch up with the sort of minor Smouri Room "Midnight Leader «.

Naturally, there were no-hit stuff. These are things which only a measure. So much so that they can enjoy not only the stubborn metallers, but people are not aware of the existence of such words and names like thrash, Faith No More, or just Smouri. At Kroner representative of this category is the number "Crazy World". But the most fun song album is without doubt "Merry Farabundo". That there is only one refrain: "Nigger, nigger, kill yourself, nigga, nigga, shut up, bitch!". Pretty dangerous banter that is sure to like guards, populyat recently revolver to representatives of African intellectuals in the area of ​​the University of Friendship of Peoples.

Here, perhaps, and everything we wanted to say to Kroner. Or Crow Near-e, that’s what you want.

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