Kamsky Lift gaining momentum

Kamsky Lift gaining momentum

Earlier, we wrote about the creation of lift building plant in Naberezhnye Chelny. Organization of new production has been made possible through the combined efforts of the two companies: the leader of the domestic lift business of «Scherbinsky lift building plant» and LLC «Chelnylift.» For a time of crisis such agreements — a responsible and unusual step. How it all began and how is the working life of the newborn enterprise?

We provide technical director Kama Elevator Plant Oleg V. Gusev.

We Oleg V., the decision to establish a new enterprise, and even in such a difficult economic situation, certainly not suddenly matured?

OV Gusev: The decision to create a joint venture was mutual. Both companies are well known among liftovikov. In Scherbinsky plant deserved reputation leader of the Russian lift business — good management, advanced manufacturing, high-quality products, which is in great demand and has the highest recommendation in the market of materials handling equipment. In Tatarstan products SCHLZ long been well known. Many of those who are in the country engaged in the maintenance and installation of lifts, perfectly speak about cars Sherbinskaya manufacturers. I myself am 25 years old engaged in elevators and all these years, no stranger to product SCHLZ.

To date, only in Naberezhnye Chelny 20% comes from Shcherbinka elevators.

We are: The company «Chelnylift» is also an excellent business reputation.

OV Gusev: That’s right, thank you. For five years, «Chelnylift» is considered one of the best enterprises of Russia for maintenance of elevators. The main areas in which concentrated the attention of management and the entire personnel of the enterprise, — ensuring the safe operation of elevators. Our goal — to provide customers a full range of services: from the choice of equipment, its installation and prior to operation. And we successfully cope with it.

We: How did you manage to achieve such good results?

OV Gusev: Thanks to the team! The company employs nearly 500 people, now we serve more than 2,900 elevators. He supervises a team of Mikhail hooking. Move up with the progress, to be ahead of their peers from other cities and regions — it has become the norm of our team. And appreciation of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev, who expressed his sincere pleasure, having familiarized with the state of our elevators, we have on many inspiring and great responsibility.

We will: Indeed, this is a high rate of your work. Tell me, how long can stand the failed lift?

OV Gusev: Time depends on the cause of downtime elevator. If this is not due to fire, flood, during the work shift, it repaired and put into operation.

We: It is known that the company «Chelnylift» has its own production base.

OV Gusev: Yes, it is. As part of the production base of «Chelnylift» site repair of large elevator components and assemblies, beautiful machine park, which includes milling and turning machines group, sheet bending equipment, line of powder-polymer coloring area for rewinding electric motors. All this allows us to organize the smooth operation of the installation and maintenance of elevators.

We are: What products the plant produces on their own?

OV Gusev: Spare parts for elevators. The range is very large: sets coupe cabins (vandal-resistant), wing landing doors, ceiling, baseboards, calling and clerks positions traction sheave mounting brackets guide the cab and counterweight, leverage, fences pulleys, counterweights, and much more, is needed by any company served by an elevator.

Even in the crisis year 1998, we are faced with the fact that the cost of spare parts grew, and their deliveries are made from plants located in Naberezhnye Chelny from thousands of kilometers away. Here, in order to ensure safe operation of our elevators, we decided to establish its own production. Now «KamLZ» about 30 — 35% of components produces independently. Winches, control stations, the basic units of the security we deliver Scherbinsky Elevator Plant.

We: Your collaboration with Scherbinsk lift has its own history?

OV Gusev: On the way to the creation of a joint Sherbinskaya colleagues Kama Elevator Plant we were moving, albeit slowly, but surely — step by step. In 2007 and 2008 we already had experience of cooperation with JSC «SCHLZ.» In 2009 a joint decision on the establishment of a production base of «Chelnylift» joint venture «Kama Elevator Plant.»

By the way I say, at the opening ceremony of «KamLZ» Representatives of the elevator companies and organizations from all over Russia. We have specially invited partners and friends to share our joy. And almost all of the guests noted: the creation of its own assembly plant — a natural, expected step in the activities of such companies as LLC «Chelnylift.»

We: What other factors were decisive in the decision on the establishment of «KamLZ»?

OV Gusev: Everyone knows that now, according to the 185th federal law «About the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services», implementing a program of replacing old elevators. In particular, Naberezhnye Chelny This year we have already replaced the 144 lift served a 25-year lifespan. And, we did it ahead: The program will last until December, and we have almost finished it in early August. Now all the main lifts are installed, the equipment replaced.

We: How to do it?

OV Gusev: Through collaboration with Scherbinsk lift the plant: in December 2008 organized an uninterrupted supply of elevator equipment necessary accessories to our address. We are satisfied and completeness, and quality. Sherbinskaya colleagues went to meet us and against payment — provided certain discounts and deferred payment.

Dignified and timely completion of the implementation of the federal program in the city, we are ready to render necessary assistance to colleagues as carrying out any work on the installation and supply of modern, high-quality lifting equipment.

We Do Naberezhnye Chelny city with a reputation for high rates of construction.

OV Gusev: Indeed, Naberezhnye Chelny — the young modern city, the Autostadt. There is active youth housing mortgage program, and in the Republic of rapidly implementing a program of liquidation of dilapidated housing. And as a consequence, increased shortage of quality lifting equipment. Keeping in mind that you need to think not only about today but also about tomorrow, we decided to create Lift venture as close as possible to the region. This is another argument in favor of the Kama Lift.

We: Do you think that the market of lifting equipment production plant Scherbinsky distinguished quality performance?

OV Gusev: For liftovikov is a known fact. And all that is good in the SCHLZ, we would like to implement at home. First of all, a responsible attitude to quality, complete and accurate compliance with delivery dates. Therefore, the basic credo of the Kama Elevator Plant — the quality of our products and the work should be as high as that of the parent company — JSC «SCHLZ.»

We have: So, what is today the new Kama Elevator Plant?

OV Gusev: This assembly line of modern high-quality lifting equipment on the production base of «Chelnylift» of components of «SCHLZ» and agreed components of the own production. But not only. It is very important that in the face of the Kama Elevator Plant customer gets the company that accompanies the supply of lifting equipment complex services ranging from installation and commissioning to maintenance, warranty, post-warranty and service — that is, the organization full production cycle.

We Assembling of elevator equipment will be carried out at «KamLZ»?

OV Gusev: Today we take orders completely on the entire line of products Scherbinsky Elevator Plant. The priority, of course, for passenger and cargo elevators that will be needed in connection with the implementation of the federal program. We have customers and business class elevators brand «wellmaks». This model is very interesting for their quality and modern design, as well as a huge range of options.

We: What else do you think, will benefit from strong demand in the market?

OV Gusev: In recent years, radically changed attitudes towards people with reduced mobility, the government always raises this question. More and more construction of residential and public buildings equipped with lifts and elevators for passengers in wheelchairs. At the presentation of the Kama Elevator Plant a lot of attention attracted a sample of lift for the disabled. For Naberezhnye Chelny mobility problems wheelchair users are particularly relevant. We have a city of modern formation — with wide avenues, spacious squares and numerous underground passages. Constructed many residential buildings, shopping centers, hypermarkets, where during commissioning should take into account the installation of lifts for people with disabilities.

We will produce two models: SP-2015 gated and PPO-2008 open-ended. The lifting platform model PP-2015 is installed with the purpose of transporting persons with disabilities in wheelchairs from sidewalk level to the first (landing) floor, serviced by a passenger lift. Lifting platform middleware model 2008 is designed to move the wheelchair to the floor at the entrance to the level of the floor area. Both models are safe, reliable and very easy to use. We are confident that they will be in great demand.

In Naberezhnye Chelny there was an urgent need for a multi-story garages. The city throughout the 25 km home to about 500 000 people, is a dense construction of residential areas, hence — lack of free space. We are ready to supply the city car lifts for multilevel parking. Naturally, they are designed and manufactured according to individual order taking into account the construction of the garage complex.

I think that their customers will find and small cargo lift capacity of 100 and 250 kg. Service lifts virtually noiseless, consume little power, they are indispensable for shops, restaurants and more.

We have: At this stage, you aim to provide elevator equipment, first of all, Naberezhnye Chelny?

OV Gusev: Again. Our city was built very rapidly. It commissioned the 100 elevators a year, so now only in Naberezhnye Chelny replacement shall be 1 380 units. Federal program (185 th FL) 2009 we have already carried out — replaced 144 older machines, it is planned to increase the annual number of elevators to be replaced as the used standard life.

In the current year it is planned to produce 40 lifts per month. It certainly does not compare with the 1200 elevators are able to produce SCHLZ, but even this pace, we are able to provide custom-made for the city. The plans — the supply of elevator equipment such major cities of the country as Nizhnekamsk, Almetyevsk, and perhaps the whole of Tatarstan. Features the assembly plant is much higher, and we are confident that, being located geographically in the center of Russia, at the intersection of the main road and rail traffic flows will be in demand as a producer and supplier not only for the Republic of Tatarstan, but also for Udmurtia, Chuvashia, Perm Krai, Republic of Bashkortostan and other regions.

We: Do Kama Lift perspectives on the state order?

OV Gusev: It is clear that the crisis in any competent leader has the desire, first of all, to support their local producers. Firstly, the creation of the Kama Lift — is jobs. Secondly, when we offer our products, then, of course, we lay certain discounts. And these additional discounts — besides the money that remains in the country. Timely delivery of elevators requires additional jobs in the construction industry, new apartments for young families. Everything is interconnected. The city and the country a new serious production, of course, profitable. Therefore, I believe that the Kama Elevator Plant program of mortgage and construction of the youth and by the need to fulfill the federal law big enough prospects on the state order. My words — is not just a naked optimism. I think the determining factors in the distribution of the state order will be competent organization of production, high product quality, adherence to the exact delivery time. And LLC «KamLZ» is ready to meet these requirements.

We are: The press was made that the administration of Naberezhnye Chelny and personally the mayor of the city took a big part in the creation of new businesses Lift

OV Gusev: Construction of the plant was carried out under the direct patronage of the mayor I.Sh. Khalikov, he showed great interest, for which he thanks a lot. For his part sounded clear, sensible comments and suggestions. He gave us a real support. Generally, the care of the city administration in preparation for the presentation of the new plant can not be overestimated. We dealt with this problem in two months.

We are: The presentation of the mayor of Naberezhnye Chelny expressed a wish to change the design a little elevator cabs, that is to work on the corporate identity of «KamLZ.»

OV Gusev: Yes, Ildar Shafkatovich believes that the elevators that will be collected in the Motor City, must have their own corporate identity. Naberezhnye Chelny — the city, though young, but already with his interesting biography everyone knows KamAZ and his victories, such as the rally «Paris — Dakar» and others.

We have: Already taken any concrete steps?

OV Gusev: We, together with colleagues Sherbinskaya select the color of finishing materials, shape lamps. The cabins will be installed elevators necessarily mirror.

We: Not afraid of vandalism?

OV Gusev: We should not be afraid of «vandalism» and bring up a negative attitude to it. According to one study concluded: is when a person sees himself in the mirror, he is not inclined to ruin something, break.

Therefore, mirrors reduce the level of vandalism. I think that now people have to some extent changed attitude to the entrance, they know that the money for the repairs paid out of their own pocket, and aspire to comply with the order.

Therefore, we intend to install elevators, good quality, with a comfortable and beautiful cabins.

We are: What are the main objectives of the Kama lift building plant in the near future?

OV Gusev: Now our main task — active involvement of customers. We guarantee the timely and proper execution of work and, moreover, are taking unprecedented steps to provide the best possible discounts. Before LLC «KamLZ» has a specific goal: three years to declare itself on the market of Tatarstan and perfectly prove itself.

For us the organization of assembly production — a new type of activity, and we have a great desire to stand firmly on its feet. Sherbinskaya partners have very good support: provide the necessary documentation, consulting, providing all possible assistance. We aim to avoid mistakes that may have affected other businesses. The future plans of the plant — to increase the proportion of its own components from 30% to 45 — 50%.

The crisis of crisis, but we firmly believe that if our company will move forward, work hard, strive for mutually beneficial cooperation, especially with such a good partner as Scherbinsky Elevator Plant, our wonderful plans implemented, and as a result will benefit all.

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