Karina Andolenko: «Be open to change»

Karina Andolenko: & quot; Be open to change & quot;

Open smile, energetic gait, feminine white dress sewing …

Looking at the young actress, you know why the directors are so fond of inviting her to retro role. In Karine Andolenko have classic beauty of 40-50-ies.

And in everyday life and in the work it is driven by the incredible interest in everything. For three hours shooting Karina managed to make friends with the team of the magazine and learn the names of plants in the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University, where we held a photo session. This summer day, we enjoyed aromas of flowers and talked about the love of retro, heroism, finding themselves and, of course, beauty.

Ekaterina Fadeeva: If you look filmography, it seems that you are literally pursues a retro theme. «Ash Waltz», «Charlie», «Dragon Syndrome» — these and many other pictures of wartime and post-war era you look organically. And you are very attracted to the story?

Karina Andolenko: Very. The interesting thing is that far from you. And more and more interesting. And it’s not in the costumes and hairstyles, but to try out new images of fun, most importantly — this is the mentality. In those days people had a sense of duty, family, huge faith in their homeland … The fact that many of us are now lost. Perhaps this is what has helped them to win the war.

«To&s «: The film» Ash Waltz «it is just about people.

a. a .: Indeed, the film is based on a true story about teenage girls 15-16 years old, who cleared the field in the post-war period. When the men went to war, and many never came back, someone had to clean up the mine, to risk their lives. Interestingly, in parallel with the film was made documentary film, and we were able to meet those same girls, now elderly women.

I helped it a lot of work. Communication with the living participants of the events are much more valuable than even the most profound artistic films and books because literature and film — in any case, fiction, the author’s thinking on the subject. And the stories of people — life as it is, without embellishment.

Nothing happens for a reason. Sometimes people are found not to pass the way of life together, and to learn something with each other.

«To&s «: In your family were members of the war?

k. a .: Yes, perhaps each. But the experience of my family helped me to see the diversity and ambiguity of that period of our history. We all understand that, as in any war, the Great Patriotic also had no right or wrong and that both among Russian, and among the Germans were good people.

My grandfather found the beginning of the war very small and in the first few days it was left without a father — he died in June 1941 … The situation was desperate: a tiny baby, not yet like the others — grandfather was deaf since childhood — Hope no survival. So the Germans, who were in the village of Romney, fed him and spoiled butter and chocolate. And largely because of them he was still alive …

«To&s’: It is said deaf people, as many deprived of some of the senses, more sensitive and receptive to the other.

k. a. I would not say that my grandfather and grandmother (she also lived with this disease) is somehow different from the others. Yes, they had their own world, their environment, but the feelings and emotions — are the same as everyone else. Also crying also dreamed …

With a grandfather, I was very close. He was a strong and determined man. In spite of everything he had learned to read and write. And always I say: «If I had heard would be a general.» (Laughs.) My grandfather spoiled and much allowed.

«To&s «: What are you most attracted to the military and post-war era?

k. .: a lot. But as a girl, of course, feminine fashion. Today we put on? Jeans, sneakers — and ran. And at that time, imagine a woman does not wear pants. Only the dress, and form-fitting.

As such, you can not slouch or make huge ugly steps. You have to keep your posture, move smoothly, gracefully, and with it she seemed to become softer and kinder.

«To&s «: You often wear jeans or dresses?

k. a. I — the man of moods. I feel comfortable in your favorite sneakers and jeans. And sometimes I become desire for femininity, and then I go to the store and buy a bunch of colorful dresses that did this summer.

«To&s «: And what is your must-have of the season? a. a .: Now I have a passion for scarlet and crimson. One of successful purchases — silk dress with floral ornament and crimson shoes to match.

«To&s «Your desire for retro occurs only in work or in everyday life, too? k. a. I’m not a fan of antiques and collector. For me, antiques — a good way to wake up acting imagination. For example, in «Dragon Syndrome», where we are talking about 50 years, part of the costumes and accessories has been sewn and made in our days, and some jewelry, watches were antique. And after these things I was easier to connect to that time.

«To&s «: What else helps to awaken the imagination of the actor? Smells, music?

a. a .: For me flavors — pure pleasure, relaxation, and I rarely associate with work and their specific roles. I like viscous, sweet smells, light and subtle little appeal to me. But music helps tune. So, in preparation for the role of «Ash Waltz» I listened to a lot of classical pieces. Generally in my playlist mix well. I can start the day with Chopin, and the next morning I pull on contemporary music and rock. I am not a supporter of a certain style of music, the most important criterion — talent or not.

«To&s «: You completed the course Konstantin Raikin at Moscow Art Theater School, and worked for several years in the» Satyricon. » The most important thing they have learned from the master of?

a. A .: Probably workaholism. Konstantin Abramovich does not know how to work vpolnogi. And at the Studio School, and during the release of his performances are always high standard and a clear idea: have time to rest and have time to work. And when rehearse, about the rest just do not think. He honestly to their students and do not stop until you learn this or that. «Let’s do something quickly do» — this from Konstantin Abramovich will not hear you. Of course, not everyone can withstand such difficult conditions. But somehow in this, but perhaps, in any other profession can not. Otherwise, it’s trash.

Konstantin Abramovich has taught us not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

«To&s «: And what about the principle of Scarlett O’Hara:» I’ll think about it tomorrow «?

a. A .: Scarlett was too many things at once fallen on her. And our bodies, as we would have liked, not able to solve 15 problems at once. If you do something, it is immersed in a whole, and then everything will turn out. And Scarlett, by the way, yulila and still solves all their problems on counterpoint with words. (Laughs.)

«To&s «: Why did you decide to leave the» Satyricon «?

a. A .: I left the «Satyricon», because it formed my life circumstances. Nothing happens for a reason. Sometimes people are found not to pass the way of life together, and to learn something with each other. Life is divided into stages, and, unfortunately, that it’s something new, you need to move on. I love this theater and I consider it one of the best. But to better understand themselves and find out what is closer to me, you have to try different things. Right now I started to rehearse the play by Alexander Ostrovsky. While I will not say where and what kind. My character — a complete opposite of me, but rehearsing the role, I discover a new side — learning to be more rigid, feminine, reckless …

«To&s’: It seems that the desire for a new in your character!

a. .. and I must get rid of what you have outgrown that have expired, to enhance the influx of fresh energy into your life to let something new. This applies both to items of clothing, and other spheres of life. For example, before I had my favorite «happy» dress.

In fact, this is just shifting their responsibilities to the thing. A certain fetishism. So now I try to follow the rule: if you do not wear the thing for over a year, so it is necessary to change it. Of course, it is not always easy, as any woman. But I’m not sorry to part with unnecessary.

«To&s «: So moved from Kharkov to Moscow?

a. a .: Rather, because of the ability to trust yourself, your true desires. I’m with degstva engaged in a theatrical circle, was interested in acting profession, and therefore decided to go to Moscow to enroll. Of course, I had my doubts. Of course, parents do not understand me at once, because it belonged to my passion just as a hobby. But the desire to do things you love was stronger. And at this stage of his life, I think I made the right choice and happy to be doing just that.

«To&s «: Is there something you are missing in Moscow?

a. a .: simplicity. Moscow so overloaded with endless gadgets that stop them sometimes to see people. Recently, I was on the set of one project in Bulgaria, in a place called Sandanski, on the border with Greece, and was amazed at what wonderful people live there! They have TVs and computers, they ride on donkeys, bred sheep, at the same time they are wise, responsive, open and real. Thanks to them and the incredible beauty of nature we have the whole crew fell in love with this place.

«To&s «: What would it be for the film?

k. a. «Wang» — television series about the legendary fortune teller. I’m a close friend of Vanga, noblewoman. She, as a child, after the Revolution had to flee from Russia to Bulgaria. When she grew up, she became a teacher in a boarding house for the blind children. There she met with my character. The film will premiere in the fall.

«To&s «: Since we were talking about Vanga, I can not ask whether you believe in the supernatural and trust you intuition?

k. a. I’m not a mystic, the supernatural do not believe, but I try to trust intuition. Until, of course, just learning this.

Unfortunately, we are often reminded of the voice of our subconscious after the fact, when all is done, and we are blindly driven by reason, appeared to lose. But only worth a closer listen to yourself, and all the events unfolded otherwise.

«To&s «: you easily understand and appreciate the person at first sight?

k. d .: Perhaps, yes. It is important to follow not only the voice of reason, but also inner tips. Sometimes a person’s appearance, his words say one thing and his eyes — something quite different.

«To&h. » Recently I was at a seminar Hollywood acting coach Ivana Chabbak. One of her tricks: Use personal life playing in the scene. In her performance artists present at the site of the actress partner his wife, girlfriend or mother. The task — to bring genuine emotion.

In your professional and personal life, or linked, these two areas do not overlap?

k. and .: Of course, I use my own life experience in the work, but more often happens on the contrary. Thanks to a particular role you start doing accents begin to better see and understand life in similar situations. Perhaps not played it, you would not even notice, but suddenly important details become visible through the lens image. Only here it is important not to go to extremes, and remember that it’s still working.

It is necessary to get rid of what you have outgrown that have expired, to enhance the influx of fresh energy into your life to let something new.

«To&s «: What qualities do you value most in men?

a. A .: Honesty, hard work, and especially a sense of humor. I’m afraid of people who do not have a sense of humor and self-irony. Life is so-vested, ambiguous, and to understand and accept this lack of black and white is possible, only having a sense of humor.

Our life — is a gift given to us at the time, and it is important to treat it with ease, but nebezotvetstvenno.

«To&s «: Which model of development of relations between man and woman do you prefer: a long courtship by a man or a woman can take the first step?

k. and .: I think the relationship can not be built on the scheme, otherwise it would be incredibly boring. If a person is really expensive, then we can take the first step.

And personally I have such an experience, which I am not ashamed. Another issue is that in our time we women do too many steps themselves, when he was in a relationship with a man, removing them completely any responsibility. And then we are surprised why all take on our fragile shoulders. A man must feel like a man, so sometimes you should give him an opportunity to make this move, or at least to pretend that it was his step. (Smiles.) To&s «If not an actress who could even imagine myself?

k. and .: I do not know. I can say that getting new skills I really like.

«To&s’: Do you really actively try yourself in different guises. And dancing and rides, and sing. Which obtained during filming skills are particularly important to you?

a. A. All important and interesting. But, probably, I would single out horse riding. I’m afraid of horses, and ironically my movies always had to interact with them: then ride trot, then a gallop to race, just to sit in the saddle. So I see it as a struggle with their inner fears.

«To&s «: Now that you master the?

a. a .: the English language. And I am doing a choreographer and vocal coach. I’m preparing for the next historical picture, which will start shooting in August.

«To&h. » Are there any desire something out on the set earned pursue for themselves? k. and .: I have many desires. But, unfortunately, no matter what I do not have time. For example, I hope to go back to a regular gym. So many attempts have been. I buy a club card, start to do it, but then I’m quitting, because these will start shooting the rehearsal, time and again, no matter what is missing.

«To&s «: What attracted you to fitness? What would be involved in all the time, if allowed shooting schedule?

k. .: Judo and engaged not dream. (Laughs.) I think it would be a soft load: stretching, swimming pool, perhaps some simple exercises on simulators …

to&s «: what to do when suddenly an urgent need to lose weight?

k. a. Just limit yourself to the amount of food that our schedule in general is not a problem. On a diet I never sit down. I have a body and character that once in my life there is a taboo, he immediately wants to disturb. In general, I try as much as possible to enrich your diet with vitamins in the form of fruits and vegetables.

While living in Moscow, we are all intoxicated, all suffer from a lack of oxygen, and it is necessary to compensate us accessible methods. Fresh juices and oxygen cocktails — such a simple way. And of course, I drink a lot of water, the body is half of it.

«To&s «: If you need to get better roles, agree?

a. A .: Yes, I’m an actress, not a model. But then, of course, throw off all typed.

«To&s «: You have Ukrainian roots, certain culinary preferences are also associated with this hospitable country?

k. a. When I come home, always eat your favorite dishes — borscht, dumplings, cakes. Only without fanaticism, of course. At home, I arrange a culinary party for friends. I nagotovlyu them all and invites!

«To&s «: Even that bring from home?

k. a .: Med. My mother regularly supplies me with this tasty and healthy product. However, I do not eat it, but for home use cria-procedures. To make a face mask, honey should be mixed with a drop of lemon juice and add a little base oil: almond, jojoba or olive. To make caring for the hair, add a little honey burdock oil. A handful of coarse sea salt in combination with honey — an excellent body scrub.

The only condition: the honey must always be proven, high-quality, otherwise you can imagine navredit.Na diet never sazhus.U me this body and character that once in my life there is a taboo, he immediately wants to disturb.

«By&s «: long blond hair require special care. Besides honey masks what else to do?

k. and .: I use all kinds of cosmetic ampoule with concentrated elixir for hair. I do not forget about the balm. When resting, try new mask and rinse hair decoction of herbs. For example, chamomile gives my hair a beautiful golden hue. In my spare time I try to do without pilings, ploek and clamps — this is enough for me at work. And of course, eat. Oddly care of hair and skin, without a balanced diet all of our efforts will be in vain. Therefore, include in your diet beauty products: fish, olives, nuts, avocados, beans.

«To&s «: Work associated with the make-up of the actress. How are struggling with its negative consequences for the skin?

k. and .: I’m passionate about organic cosmetics. I like creams on the basis of ozone — they perfectly nourish the skin. Every morning I start washing with ice. For the preparation of cosmetic ice using camomile tea or green tea. If the skin retain moisture, I first reviewing their diet and mode of consumption of water, and only then run to the store for cream. In general, the best rehabilitation for the skin — a dream.

It’s no secret that from ten o’clock to four o’clock in the morning the skin is updated. In addition, the body produces serotonin and many other useful substances for our beauty. Therefore, if there is no filming and performances, I go to bed early. Of course, I do it very rarely, usually only on vacation, but the result of such a high-grade dream is noticeable immediately.

«To&s «: What else is on vacation to engage in love?

k. and .: I try to communicate more with friends and family. Operating voltage and I, unfortunately, I can not see loved ones frequently. I am watching movies, movies and choose spontaneously: on the state of the soul. So my favorite directors are so different: Jim Jarmusch, Aare von Trier, David Lynch. For me the main thing that the painting was done with talent, let alone what I want — a light ironic movie, fairy magic or terrible — depends on my mood.

«To&s «How to choose the direction for the rest?

a. A .: Spontaneously, the day before departure. I can not plan a vacation for six months. At the last moment I may see a sharp desire to go in the opposite direction.

I just wake up and realize that I wanted to go somewhere, and leaving. I recently returned from Kharkov. One fine morning, had a desire to go home to see my mother. I collect and went.

«To&s «: You do a spontaneous person?

a. A .: I am spontaneous, but not always. In me there is a quality times. Sometimes it manifests itself acutely.

I do not exclude that in a couple years, I’ll love the organization and clear plans, but so far it’s not mine. I like not knowing that he was preparing the coming day. Be ready for adventure!

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