Acceleration, kick, and the ball is sent to the penalty box leader of the USSR national team on motorcycle Tsarev, flies wide teams of Germany …

So in the final penalty shoot-out it was decided the fate of first place at the European Championships on motorcycle, which took place in the vicinity of West German city of Karlsruhe. Again, as three years ago, the victory is celebrated masters competitions. At the request of the correspondent of the AMC on the European championship in 1990 said deserved coach of the USSR Valery Mosin, coach of the country on motorcycle — three times European champion.

It is now, and I do not remember who was the first player said on the eve of the finals, «something painfully all seem to have one previous championship in Germany. And part of the same, and a calendar … «And our way to the final, became almost an exact copy of what eventually led to the» silver «in 1987.

First qualifying turnir- three games with three players. And the first of them — the home team. I must say that the current composition of the national team of Germany, in my opinion, the strongest in recent years. As for the selection of the powerful, athletic players are going through a West German team, perhaps the peak of his athletic career. In combination with high emotional mood of their undoubted skills acquired on the field colorful fresh paint. And though we won the match 4: 2, illusions about the weakness of the opponent did not feed.

Unfortunately, in the first game injured both of our goalkeeper. Kotov first injured his hand at the wrist, and then landed awkwardly Ionov after throwing the ball and sent a joint on the little finger of the hand. However, Ionov finish the match and then went on the field in the remaining matches. While he is speaking with a bandaged hand.

In the next match against the outsider of the championship — the Dutch national team, we need to score as much as possible to guarantee a place in the finals regardless of the outcome of the last qualifying match against France.

Curiously, the Dutch came to Germany from the neighboring German Democratic Republic in the rank of winners of the tournament in Group B, although there … took second place. The fact that the results of the East team, which was the first to be canceled. Contrary to the specifications of the GDR athletes use a cross tires on their bikes.

The Dutch seem to have not figured out how they act against our best players. They are less mobile and do not respond well to the transfer. Unexpected pasami confuse the opponent in front of defenders and in front of goal, motobolisty Soviet team achieved convincing of Victory 16: 2. The score speaks for itself.

At the same time match in another city in a meeting of Germany — France essentially decided the fate of one of the two trips to the final. According to my colleagues and Nifanteva Tolokonnikova who went to watch the game, the match took place in a very tough, sometimes brutal struggle. French injured captain of the home team, Rolf Burger, and for him the championship ended. The victory was on the side of the German national team, although it is only at the end of the match was able to take the lead.

The French team is going through a painful process of change of generations. Gone are the leaders — and Marazhino Patinon. The main goalkeeper of time long past the heyday of sports. In short, this defeat was quite natural. Yes, and our fight with the French, formed for the Soviet team is easier than the match against the home team.

The opportunity to relax, look back as if from the outside to assess the chances in the decisive match for the title neither we nor the West German athletes were not. Final — the day after the final pre-tournament games.

The same field, the same opponent that three years ago and, alas, the same score in the second period — 0: 2 in favor of the Federal Republic of Germany, who then brought her victory. Then our guys seem leaped pride, a desire to change the course of the match, despite the sad analogy. The national team of the Soviet Union fell upon all the power of protective bastions rivals. First Shiryaev wins back one goal, and then pulls out a draw Tsarev.

It seemed that forces opponents at the end. But apparently, neither one nor the other did not want to entrust their fate in the hands of the case — to determine the champion on penalties. Athletes of both teams in extra time made a real fireworks inventive games. In the first ten-minute with some great goalkeeping Shiryaev scored the third goal. And then again Tsar sends the ball into the net gate of the home team. However, the Chief Justice, after consulting with the linesman, has not included this goal.

But the main judicial surprises started seven minutes before the final whistle. During this time, the match referee Dutchman Myers deleted for no apparent reason at five minutes Tsarev, appointed in our favor four 16 meter-O penalties and one penalty, which the Germans failed to realize. Such a severe punishment has been defined for allegedly goalkeeper yield both legs of the goalkeeper area. In its decision it incredibly surprised everyone present. After an international code does not provide for punishment for such actions. The more that the players of Germany confirmed — no way out of the zone was not.

By the end of the game was no more than two minutes when an unforgivable mistake committed Chasovskikh. He lost the ball in a harmless situation, and rivals were quick to take advantage of this courtesy. They spent an acute attack and managed to get the ball into the goal ions but a clear violation of the rules — footed striker has crossed the line goalie area, which is strictly prohibited. However, the referee did not notice it.

A further penalty. In my opinion, pure lottery. Well, tell me, who could have imagined that the Tsar — the best player in Europe in recent years, has a powerful and accurate shot, promazhet.

And yet I would not have all the blame for the defeat blamed on blind chance and errors in judging. Especially on Tsarev. It has long been known that the decision of the arbitrators, whatever they may be, no one has the right to be canceled. And not the first time we are faced with biased refereeing. But earlier, our players were mentally prepared for such an eventuality. There was even some special courage — say, two of our goals are not counted, we will score the third. And score. At this time we lacked the will and strength of nerve to deal with bias.

«Your veterans are beginning to take» — he told me the famous French motobolist Marazhino. Well, I think, in these words there is truth. Youth — not eternal. But in our country it still has no equal.

Experienced players, of course, got a bit tired in the final. There would have to release them to the aid of fresh motobolistov. Say Danilina or Pogodin. I’m sure the result would be a showdown different. Alas, in this part of the Soviet sports delegation was a place only eight players. Meanwhile, other teams put on a match ten athletes. Narrow composition paralyzed and freedom of tactical maneuver in the course of the match. Especially when the motorcycle broke down Kovrov plant. And this, unfortunately, is not uncommon in our team. Thus, in the first game with Germany we jammed four engines! However, technical problems — is a topic for special discussion.

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