Keane will not?

Keane will not?

Film critic Yuri Gladilschikov on duty is interested in everything that is connected with the movie, including Internet piracy. However, it can be considered DISTRIBUTION Torrent SIMPLE theft and lies DOES NOT fight them something else, much worse?

The country enacted a law that protects the rights of creators of film and video on the Internet. As far as I understand, it could not take after Russia’s WTO accession. With the need to fight piracy. France was the first in the world have criminalized not only distribution, but also for illegal downloading on the Internet. It joined France, Germany, Japan. In Russia, the nightmare of those who download movies torrents, is not going to like. But sites that posted pirated product, can now to face down.

There are, however, two doubts. First. If the country limit access to the torrents, where even take and watch a good movie? Feel the difference: France, Germany, Japan are investing millions in a museum, cinema and the Cinematheque in cinemas showing films unformatted. In one of Paris more than a hundred cinemas, and in all of France — and a half thousand. French — cinephiles, Sure thing. In Canada, there are large multiplexes. where from morning to evening twist von Trier films, Haneke, Zvyagintsev, Sokurov.

In Moscow, count, killed Film Museum, located to the mid-2000s the family rooms for daily display of classic and arthouse. Cinemas advanced cinephiles one-two and miscalculated. And it’s not just my opinion: The recently discovered that this position is shared by a master, Yuri Arabs (screenwriter of films Sokurov and not only). He said that «rutrekere» now — the main distributor of film production, and the value of it is that it is addressed specifically to moviegoers. If he strangled, he said the Arabs, then the author’s cinema in Russia there are no prospects.

I note, incidentally, that the owners of torrent sites behave very scrupulously. If the film is new and someone in Russia owns the rights to it, it will not find on a torrent.

I pass to the question №2. It is worse: a piracy if we butt or the independence of the Internet? Torrent or, for example, social networks? Now, to start the repression against any site, it is enough to throw him pirated content. Make it easy. It employs special people employed by different structures, whose work — keep the page under fake names and nicknames, comment, to promote certain products or ideas. Experts say that mnogostanochnik manage to serve in the social networks of two or three hundred counterfeit Nicoya.

Antipiracy law anyone we did not alerted — at least among my friends. Not spawned waves on facebook — unlike two other recent notorious laws to protect the feelings of believers and banning propaganda of homosexuality. Meanwhile, it seems no coincidence that all three laws were adopted quickly, one after another, in May and June, the curtain of the political season. They logically complement one another: a sort of trilogy prohibitive vexatious. All three of the law somehow restrict personal freedom. Allows the state to monitor your office, your computer, your bedroom, your way of thinking. I blurted out not in the social network — gets. And at the same time and receive a social network. It begins a new politsezon — and we did not notice that suddenly appeared this summer «under the hood Müller.»

Perhaps I too became interested in conspiracy theories. But I sit and ask the question: can anyone top do not care about the fight against piracy and protection of intellectual property in the name of the WTO? Perhaps the authorities are simply required legal basis to eliminate the social networks?

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